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How to earn extra money while Traveling or Learning Mandarin in china

Now that you secure an experience enhnacement internship in China or enroled to learn Chinese Mandarin, you may be wondering how you are going to save while on internship or how you are going to recoup all that you just spend trying to land the perfect placement. Your mind is now running wild and you are asking yourself 

How am I going to pay for my daily life necessities?

You may as well be considering the wage rate in China but wait a minute! That’s not an option either as interns do not earn salaries. Hey! Fret not, I have some solutions for you.

How am I going to balance social life spending with the must-have life spending? 

Well if you are lucky enough some internships provide a monthly stipend. But you need to put into consideration that even though you are getting a monthly stipend, the cash flow would be limited based on your internship location, Transportation, food/utilities and accommodation would be your most important concern when you’re interning in China than in your home country.

Some of these may not define your worries especially if you have chosen to go abroad China through the services of an internship Agency.

To sum it up being overseas for an internship whether it’s paid or unpaid, there are always ways to earn money in a fast-growing economy like China. If you are a bit confused and need help, here are some tips on how to make extra bucks while on internship in china

Pretty female DJ playing music at the nightclub- China

Choose a part-time Job that would fit your schedule

Apply for a part-time that would allow you to work flexibly with your placement. China has a large job market so you would be able to find temporary jobs and there is always something to do. You may find for yourself some gigs like DJ-ing, Modelling, Bar performance or even short video shooting gigs I have seen several Summer China interns who promote bars to friends and earn a right amount of money

cover your cost interning in China

Use your photography skills for money.

If you enjoy taking pictures and you’re very good at it, then you can consider using your photo taking skills to make some cash. If you have ever had a small portfolio of quality pictures, assemble later on a website or blog. Gather some of your takes and advertise yourself on Chinese apps like we-chat, weibo, etc. as a photographer. Offer to photograph small events in your area for a reasonable fee. You can also make money via photography online. Websites like and  would allow you to upload your photos and attract views.

internship in China

Use your Entrepreneurial Skills

Finding access to a computer and the internet or getting one in your possession is very easy in this modern day. Start a travel website or blog and set a fee for people to pay to advertise on your site. Inscript a small summary of how to tour different cities around Beijing, Shanghai or major cities you have been and why go to these areas for vacations. You can also Advertise lessons for a skill or talent, and you are not far from scooping a cool deal to teach a Chinese kid how to be perfect at it. I am sure there would be interested persons out there who would be more than willing to pay for lessons. Be creative because that spirit can go a long way while living in China. Your small business could turn into a large company.


Teach English when you are free

Teaching English in China is a good call as you could be paid more that $1000 per month.  You do not need a special skill to grab this opportunity. Be willing to play with Chinese kids and you may earn over $25 per hour. An excellent way best to earning money is tutoring other students that may be struggling in a class that you are excelling in for a small fee depending upon your field of study. Assisting struggling students is a great way to utilize your English and other academic skills you can even find students who are looking to practice their second language just by communicating

Teach to cover your internship abroad

Sell All Unnecessary Items

Sell all your unnecessary or un-used stuff to people for a reasonable fee. You can even ask friends and acquaintances if they would be interested in purchasing anything from you.


What about Freelance Translation Services

Depending on your language proficiency you can sign up to be a translator and offer your services where ever it is needed. you can put your information on sites like the   and social media  groups around China

Affordable Internship in China

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