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How to get on the Internship Abroad interview list of fortune 500 companies

Accenture’s latest research into job recruitment processes of about 300 fortune 500 organizations proved that 90% of applicants do not get pass the application submission stage. Very disappointing right? especially for entry level and internship abroad applicants who desperately need this experience

 Even with the brains of Einstein, you will rot at home of you cannot make it through to the interview stage and demonstrate to prospective employers, what you got to offer

Nailing that job after graduation is paramount but there are procedures you must endure to earn the ticket into any serious organization. The ultimate for every job applicant is to get through the first stage of the recruitment and then have the opportunity to attend an interview. But the multi-billion questions have always been how?

HR managers have the answer to this. It ‘s nice to observe from their point of view

This article attempts to outline techniques young graduates should employ to get their dream jobs. These are based on recommendations of the research.

Haven followed the guidelines of what to include on your Resume/ CV, and the following six simple techniques will increase your chances astronomically of securing the next interview, and consequently getting a job.

  1. One-Take Watson!

The content every recruiter looks for on a resume is the ability to lead independently corporate agenda. It’s absurd and could sound unmeasurable on a single piece of paper but wait! With our experience of placing over thousands of interns, I can say for a fact that it is easy to measure the “One-take Watson” qualities of an applicant right on a CV with ease.

They can detect courage, awareness, experience and mental strength while they read through your CV. Most HR Managers use language tone to access that. That is why it is relevant to have your CV critiqued by experts. There will be a follow-up article on this to shed light on how to work on language tones that must dominate CV and resumes

  1. Blogging your way out

CVs are too small to tell your story! Remember?

It takes half the effort to place blogging interns into our partner companies than it takes to place  non–blogging ones. This scenario a living testimony of how blogs could effectively affect the speed of job placement.

Also, due to blogging, an engineering student was able to switch his career from a typical Engineer to Financial Engineering just because he found a relationship between finance and his Engineering skills. He ended up getting a Job placement into one of our partner organizations in the area of Mutual Funds and Wealth Management.

HR managers love to meet people who are passionate about their career. Passion is an indication of how far employees can go to rescue a sinking boat and it has been the driving force for most organizations.

At CIP, we coach and mentor our interns to take advantage of selecting topic niche around their career ambitions and blogging to their advantage.

  1. You and social media: Social and passion

Though we lay so much emphasis on the importance of CVs and Resumes, they are usually too little to tell the entire story. Do you know that HR managers stalk on applicant profile most times? It is even easier with the advent of technology and software.

There is this growing school of thought that status updates and sharing feeds could predict identity and passion. Nowadays, personal branding is a new doing business, the cult of the new generation. It is no more only a businesses practice but also Young graduates do employ this unique tool to sell themselves. You must brand yourself in order depict your values, skill sets and as well as career ambitions. Career coaches resort to this to enhance the employability of their clients. An active social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In helps connect friends, colleagues, and hooking companies to talents. As part of conducting background checks, recruiters visit profile pages to gather your passion. So if you are tweeting only your bikini pictures and sharing designs of Victoria Secret and wanted to be a corporate executive, then you should think twice. It is good to have other passions but make a perfect mix of casual updates with very professional ones.

  1. Incredible CV:

Amazing Resumes do not guarantee jobs but then plays a vital role in ensuring a ticket to speak with corporate representatives. Your resume serves as your initial introduction, and you have one chance to grab attention. Simple advice is to pick a template which is related to your major, do a small research on other resumes as well, and receive advice from specialists before sending any formal document for an application. Keep in mind that your resume should be presentable, since it is like your work passport.

  1. The right skills and experience:

In this cost-cutting business world, it’s difficult to find a good organization willing to hire an employee that needs to be trained from the scratch to deliver. Though there are orientation times, it is not to groom talents. Companies like readily cooked employees with right skills sets. Every job placement hung a quite an amount of experience on applicants. This has come to be the new normal and job applicants must make sure there are no questions regarding their skill sets and abilities.

Having the right skills and experience is more important than ever and unfortunately not something you can work on overnight. Take internships very specific to your career ambitions and don’t miss working while on campus.


  1. Open up to learn stuff: Spread your tentacles

Be sure to have acquired adequate skill sets relevant to your industry and don’t miss the opportunity to learn something new while studying. I will advise young graduates to take opportunity of intra semester breaks to grab internships whether paid or unpaid. It goes a long way to help during Job search.

With advent of technology, most jobs have technology development and software designs intended to aid productivity and job seekers must be savvy with these.

Be curious in every point of the work, it will motivate you to do the best. Moreover, it is an indication to managers that you are curious, hard working and motivated employee to be promoted to a higher position.


  1. Spread positive vibes:

It does not take too much energy to smile, why don’t you smile now to test this fact? Are you still smiling? Ok hold it for now, keep practicing till it becomes part of you. A squeezed face sends dozens of negative signals and opened to translations you are not available to defend

After submitting your application, you will be able to lift the moods of HR managers by way of charisma; some funny jokes or any other magic does it. Follow ups and company visitations to get familiar with your prospective company. This sound unusual but it works, you need to spend the time to get what you want. You have a better chance of being considered for the next round if you try to get familiar. By staying positive and spreading positive vibes, it sure you will make an impact on other in the office setting, and it makes you more valuable material for promotion.

In conclusion, I would like to say that these six main points are necessarily important for getting your foot into the interview room.

This is not a straight bullet approach to being invited to an interview, but then if you follow most of these strategies, it helps ease job search process. You don’t need to distribute 1000 CVs before being successful. Get efficient at Job search and don’t mess it up.

Let us know other strategies that are also helpful. Kindly leave some comments beneath and we will keep updating this article from time to time. Don’t read alone share with friends.

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