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Intern in Qingdao! Qingdao has become an elevated city over the few years and now counted as one of the hot destination for internship in China. If you have been wondering where Qingdao is, and what the city is known for—wonder no longer!  East China’s coastal city in Shandong province, bridging Korea by boat, has in recent years become internationally popular for vacationing, living, and working.  Now, it has finally been recognized for more than its Tsingtao beer festival, and has been ranked the most livable city in China.

In a recent China Livable Cities Research Report created by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Qingdao ranked first as the most livable Chinese city!  The report compared and contrasted 40 of the developed Chinese cities, consisting mostly of provincial capitals. The research looked at a total of 29 indicators under six categories:

  1. Safety
  2. Public services
  3. Natural environment
  4. Social and humanistic environment
  5. Public transportation
  6. Environmental health hazards


Qingdao has been a summer vacation spot since the German administration of Qingdao (hence the German beer), so let’s look at what makes Qingdao so livable:


Intern in Qingdao


  1. A mild climate, making it the perfect summer destination, yet not too cold in the winter


Qingdao from the shore


  1. Not just a vacation spot, but a developing city with stunning city skyscrapers


Qingdao City View


  1. Natural scenery with resorts for relaxation


Internship in Qingdao


  1. Outdoor attractions with beaches, the sea for water sports, as well as mountains for hiking


Accommodation in Qingdao


  1. A coastal city with sailing options, cruise boats to South Korea, and other farther destinations


Qingdao Visa


  1. Low cost of living compared to other growing cities


Low Cost Living


  1. Fast-growing economy, especially Korean investment


Beaitful Building


  1. Excellent city planning thanks to early German administration


Qingdao Sea Food


  1. Home of a large variety of seafood and authentic Korean food


Qingdao Beer Museum


  1. Home of Tsingtao beer—did we mention the Tsingtao October Beer Festival?

Where the Northern coastal city of Qingdao ranked first, Beijing city ranked last due to its heavy pollution and time-stopping traffic.  The top five most livable cities include the other popular coastal cities on the West coast: Kunming in Yunnan province and Sanya in Hainan province (island). On the east coast, we have Dalian in Liaoning Province and Weihai in Shandong province.  Shenzhen ranks about ninth in the list where Guangzhou ranks at the bottom.

Looking for a smaller, quiet yet livable city for your China Internship? Consider interning in Qingdao and you will not regret it. It has all the features you should expect from living in Beijing and Shanghai with extra!


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