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2022 Guide to Studying Chinese at Fudan University Shanghai

There is no better place to learn Chinese than in China, and if you’re going to China then a good choice of city is Shanghai. Shanghai isn’t just one of the biggest cities with good universities. It’s also an incredibly modern city that is wonderful to discover. One university that is popular among foreign students studying Chinese in China, is Fudan University. Together we’ll walk through what Fudan university is and if they’re the place where you want to study Chinese while being in China.

About  Fudan University Shanghai

Fudan university has a good reputation within China and has a history of a hundred years. They are a prominent member of ” 21 University” and have been incredibly focused on academic research and success during the past century. This would mean that you can expect quality education when you go to Fudan university to study Chinese.

The university has become incredibly multicultural over the past decades and nowadays there are over 45 000 students studying one of the 22 disciplines or one of the 134 sub-disciplines. The multiculturalism is evident when you hear that there are 7 000 international students each year, coming from 120 different countries. This way you’ll at least not be the only foreign student on the campus

Obviously, you can come here to follow intensive Chinese classes in Shanghai, but there are other options for international students as well. For example, Chinese History or the Chinese economy. We’ll get into this in more depth later.

Advantages of Learning Chinese at Fudan University Shanghai

Studying Chinese and thus following intensive Chinese classes in Shanghai at Fudan University has several advantages, in comparison to following Chinese courses in Beijing for example.

The first is that Shanghai is a beautiful, modern and busy city which makes a great place to live in while you’re learning Chinese at Fudan University. You will be living in a beautiful cosmopolitan city – the dream of many young people. Shanghai is a great place to learn about Chinese culture without having to live in some remote mountainous area. Discovering Shanghai is going to give you an unexpected experience. Here are some reasons Fudan University should be your destination when choosing a university in Shanghai.

The Cultural Diversity

The multiculturalism of Fudan University is a big plus for studying there. You’ll find your fields of interest a lot faster and easier when there are plenty of foreign students from different cultures. As I mentioned, there will be around 7000 other international students at the campus, from 120 different countries. This means you won’t only feel more at home, but you’ll also be able to learn from all these different cultures.

The Good Academic Reputation

Another advantage is that the Fudan University of Shanghai is a prestigious university with a good academic reputation, the university has enough successful alumni to prove for this. This means that you can count on receiving education from high-quality professors.

Along with providing good quality education, there is also a wide variety of courses in the Mandarin language, in such a way there is a course for everyone. Not everyone who wants to learn Chinese in China has the same goals in mind. This is why at Fudan University, all of these different people will be able to find a course with intensive Chinese classes in Shanghai that fits their needs.

An example is the summer school that anyone from 16 years onwards can follow during the summer holiday. Such a course takes four weeks and it even includes cultural activities and excursions to make a complete experience out of it.

Fudan University Shanghai

A Good Place for Networking

The benefit of Fudan university being such a prestigious university is that many of the brightest students from the country study here, and you’ll have the chance to meet them. This makes Fudan university a good place for networking to create a network of China’s brightest minds. This will definitely help you along when you’ve got more plans in China.

Campus Accommodation

Another benefit is the accommodation that is available for students at the campus. On this campus, you’ll be able to truly connect with your other students and help each other with language programs. Besides, being useful that you can see other students each day, it’s also a lot of fun. You can share a room with another international student and really get to know each other. The campus on Fudan University is a place to make friends for life.

A drawback when it comes to accommodation is that Fudan University campus is not near the city center, so it will take you some time when you want to travel from the campus to the city center. This means that going out on the weekends will require you to take a taxi back. This is not the handiest of things, but the beautiful campus may be worth the traveling time.

The Study Programs Available

So you’ve seen why Fudan University is a good university for taking your intensive Chinese courses in Shanghai, but what are the options when it comes to studying Chinese?

Summer Chinese Language Programs at Fudan University

SCI, Summer Chinese Language Program is a four-week program for international students. You can apply to either of the plans – July term and August term. The program is open to non-Chinese citizens over 18. The application is open for university students, post-graduates or professionals who want to learn Chinese.

The level of Chinese courses varies from beginner to advanced. You are going to have an interview test which will determine which level is the best for you. Once you register, you will be able to see the schedule.

The teaching environment is comfortable for studying and recreation. ICES is located in the center of Handan Campus where transportation and accommodation are convenient.

One-Year Chinese language programs

Since a couple of years, there is the option of following a full-time language program at Fudan University, and it has been recently successful so far. You can start with this language program at 9 different levels, so it’s up to you to figure out which level you’re at. You might not know what sort of level you’re at in the beginning, but by following a couple of different classes you’ll be able to find out. The language program also consists of different courses like speaking, intensive reading and writing, to name a few.

Obviously, Fudan University offers more courses than just this language program, which you can also explore. Their law campus is supposed to be very impressive for example. Aside from your regular bachelor, you’ll also be able to follow Masters and even a Ph.D. if you’ve really mastered Chinese or when you choose to follow it in the English language.

The Mandarin Course Application Process

Spring in Fudan University Shanghai

Now you know that you want to study the Chinese language at Fudan University, so it’s time to start the application process. To be allowed to apply to Fudan University, you need to be at least 18 years of age and you should be in good enough health to complete your studies. Of course, you should also have proof of the current study you are doing or the studies that you have completed, even if it is just high school. 

If you want to apply for a bachelor, a master’s degree or a Ph.D., then obviously you’ll need a little more applications than just high school. The application deadline for the course starting in the fall is 25 May of 2018, so make sure to meet the deadline.

The Documentation

For the application process, you need to have a couple of documents, the first being a copy of your passport. Any documents that have to be with proficiency in any language should also be included. Transcripts of all your academic records should be included.

Another part of the application you shouldn’t forget is getting your student visa in order. This can be an extensive process when you need to get a visa for China, as they are quite thorough with making sure that everything is in order. You might even need to undergo a medical exam before you can get your visa. Thus, it’s important to start on time.

The Tuition

The entire application process can be completed via the internet. You can also pay tuition via the internet. This way you don’t have to travel to China to complete the application and you can simply do everything from the comfort of your own home. On top of this, you can complete the application very fast and it won’t take a lot of time. The payment can’t be refunded and you can pay the tuition via the internet with a VISA or Mastercard.


Applying Through an Agency

Want to Study Chinese in Shanghai and get the best of your stay? The smartest strategy is to achieve as uch exposure as possible while in China. The bad news is that universities are just there to provide language lessons and deliver academic classes, the Good News is that there are Language Schools and Agencies that can help you get the best of China. Why you should also consider using the services of an agency when applying to study Chinese in China

  • They deal with the placement process with qualified and Multi-lingual staff
  • You get speedy admission offers and able to cross the queue
  • With Agencies, you are able to combine Language lessons with internships and volunteering opportunities without paying extra
  • You get customized package eliminating stress and anxiety. Sometimes its difficult communicating with admission officers at the university but agencies provide quality and quick guidance
  • You also get great support systems from admission, airport pickup, and settlement packages


Final Words

When you’ve decided what you want to do at Fudan University, and you’ve completed your application, you can start preparing for the experience of a lifetime. How many people can say they studied Chinese in the beautiful city of Shanghai? That is not a lot of people.

Not only will this experience enrich your mind and your experiences, but it will also add a lot of value to your resume and appeal to future employers. Traveling to China in order to study Chinese is a choice that you won’t regret. I can assure you of this. Therefore, it’s time to get everything in order and start planning for your trip to Shanghai. Here, you’ll be attending intensive Chinese classes in Shanghai, whether this is for four weeks or an entire year. From now on it’s up to you to design the best time of your life


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