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Shanghai! This is what people exclaim when they hear this name. With mouth wide open and broadened eyes they try to imagine what the city must look like. Frantic, bustling fast-paced life and big office buildings with awesome architecture, this city is a dream place for many in the world, especially the job seekers. Shanghai can safely be termed the New York of China, being the economic capital and local-foreign coordination point. From a job and internship perspective too this is one of the best places in the world as vacancies come up every moment and everywhere, you just need to find the right placement company to get a quick deserved job or internship in China. So, why is life in Shanghai the best for you? These 10 points will assure you that life in Shanghai will be even better than you can imagine!

1. Creative zone

It is the city where you can find new upcoming skilled workers polishing their skills as if they are polishing an expensive diamond. From budding web developer to a stylish fashion designer, from cool interior designer to perfectly genius architect all the new talents are here and many companies find a good place to scout the perfect ones suitable for the internships and jobs. So, if you are skilled enough and are in touch with the perfect placement company then it should be noted again that getting a job or internship in Shanghai is never that hard and its average salary is also a nice reward. Actually if you believe in yourself, with a little time and effort you will find a job or internship in China soon arriving at your door step. So, your creativity has met proper skills? If yes then life in Shanghai is waiting for you. Wait, do not start packing your bags now! This article has more inspiring things to tell you. Moreover, you need to plan properly and China Internship Placements is more than ready to help you with this and you are just an email away.

2. Entrepreneurs! Oh! Yes, Shanghai is the city for entrepreneurs!

Who says Silicon Valley is the only place to build a start-up and sell your technologies? Well if anyone told you that then they have never known what Shanghai has to offer you. Build a start-up from scratch or be a part of an astonishing start-up via job or internship in Shanghai programs and be welcomed to the hustling innovative life of Shanghai. Shanghai not only encourages you to make technological innovations but also encourages productions of classical old art in a modern way to reach people all over the world. There is no shortage of various entrepreneurial events, programs and meet ups. These events not only help entrepreneurs network but also help develop prospective ideas, projects, deals and customers which helps the company progress, not only in China but globally too. This kind of exposure is concentrated in just a few cities in the world.

3. Pearl Tower: Always reminding you the sky is the limit!




If you are going to Shanghai never imagine its skyline without that tall Pearl Tower reaching up into the clouds as a reminder that the sky is the limit for you. It is a source of inspiration so your ambitions never get old or die out. This tower is just one of the few reasons why Shanghai is known globally and is very popular nowadays. This tower, being one of the tallest and most beautiful towers attracts many visitors across the world who praise it’s design as a symbol of modern success and architecture.

4. This city is made for me- This is what everyone thinks!

From street dwellers to high profile offices workers, from stay-out-all-night lovers to early-to-bed and early-risers, when they all experience life in Shanghai they think that this city is tailor made just for them. This city has something different to offer people of different taste and styles and looks typically the way they look at it. Whether you want to live the modern city life, imagine you are still in old-time China, or the colonial European days, all can be found here. So, yes Shanghai is just tailor made just for you!

5. Expensive? No!

Shanghai according to many is extremely expensive but this is a complete misperception. It is not like Sydney or Melbourne, it is really budget friendly if you are budget conscious. You just need to know where to look. There are always expensive options, but there are still many cheap local options around. Come to the city be one of the locals and you will learn how easy it is to manage your budget while you enjoy your life in Shanghai.

6. Living in Shanghai

Shanghai is not all cars and busy roads, it has many beautiful streets which are not busy and good for strolling around. There are areas of greenery too. It is up to you to choose which area you wish to live in. Here it can still be easy to get rent for expats at a pretty reasonable price. This is one of those Chinese cities where 2nd or 3rd generation Chinese comeback from abroad to buy a nice and property. You can get lease contracts available for 6 months to 1 year. So, a beautiful home at a reasonable rent and in an area of your choice is just like a dream come true for many. So, you need not be anxious about finding a living space in this Chinese city.

8. Nightlife! Just perfect!


life in shanghai


Want to have a peaceful night’s sleep? Or go to a club and pass the night away dancing and enjoying the vibes? If it’s the latter, this city has everything for you! That is why it is said that the life in Shanghai is better than life in heaven. With many quality clubs and bars, awesome DJs, dancers, singers and of course the growing popularity of craft beers wait to welcome you to have a perfect freaking out night life with them, dancing to the tunes of the music while you enjoy every sip of your drink. Nothing gets better than this when you know some pubs have free entry for foreigners! Though Beijing has this too, in terms of nightlife life in Shanghai is better than life in Beijing.

9. Looking for some awesome trips?

If you love to travel then Shanghai is conveniently located with many worthwhile destinations nearby. Traveling in other parts of China may not be so convenient due to the construction of roads, pollution, and jam of vehicles but the broad roads of Shanghai and fewer vehicles outside of the city makes it easy for travelers to have an awesome and an enjoyable experience. The historic city of Hangzhou is a popular weekend getaway only 45 minutes from Shanghai on the high-speed train. The area near the city’s famous West Lake was made a Unesco World Heritage site in June. Another popular spot for weekend trips, especially in the summer, is Moganshan in the mountains, with its bamboo groves and once-grand villas of the foreigners who went there to escape the Shanghai summers a century ago. For city breaks, flights from Shanghai to Tokyo are under three hours and to Seoul are under two, while other Asian destinations such as Thailand’s Phuket and Bali are around five or six hours. So, you can even plan short international trips and have lots of fun with proper planning. These destinations though international are not that expensive and are amazing tourist destinations to visit.

10. Part-time jobs and internships for students

Do you want to support yourself while you study in one of the best universities in Shanghai? You need not worry it could not get easier than this with the best and big companies having their offices here, you can always apply for skill based internship opportunities via the right placement agencies and get your dream internship and who knows it may later get converted to job and your valuable skills and experience will be well sought after throughout the world of recruiters. Undoubtedly, internships in Shanghai are one of the best and most highly regarded all over the world for the cross-cultural skills you pick-up whilst being able to earn some pocket money to survive as you study. So, coming to this city is always a win-win situation for students and you need not be anxious as China Internship Placements can help you with every opportunity you seek. It does not have to be hard for students to land part-time jobs and internships in China especially Shanghai.


After reading these 10 points one can easily understand Shanghai is not just another city on the global map but a city of opportunities which welcomes you to have a comfortable life without being too expensive. It is a city for everyone to have everything they are looking for. It has something to offer someone from any part of the world, making it the perfect place for you and me or anybody. It has not only the busy streets and city feel but also beautiful areas of green scenery to enjoy. Life in Shanghai is a dream life, you cannot find the same blend of east and West in other cities of the world. If you are planning to come here for summer internship, learning Chinese or any other internships  then you are always welcome to the New York of China!

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