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Are you worried that you’ll have no friends or companions to accompany you in China? Don’t want to join a sketchy tour for RMB 50-100? You’re right to avoid them! They will take you on a shopping tour and keep you in overpriced souvenir stores longer than the actual sights!

Fret not! Summer Internship in China packed with a lot of fun. CIP schedules group outings, especially during the summer, so you can make friends with fellow interns and get to know your mentors! Joining  Summer Internships and Language Programs in China just got better.

During the just ended summer, CIP gathered up our China interns and went on a joint trip to one of the seven new wonders of the world: the Great Wall. We covered everyone’s admission, transportation fee, and even ordered a round of fish!

As you know, the Great Wall took centuries to build, and although it has been proven that it cannot be seen from outer space, it is still a significant part of Chinese history and a top tourist spot. The wall is currently under threat of vanishing such that an online crowdfunding campaign is being raised $1.6 million by the China Foundation for Culture Heritage Conservation to save it. Meet history in perspective, hurry to see this magnificent monument while it is still intact.


In Beijing, the Great Wall can be visited in four different spots, of which two of the best maintained are most popular: Mutianyu and Badaling. We visited Mutianyu Great Wall, which is located in Huairou District, 79 kilometers northeast of Beijing city. According to history, Mutianyu Great Wall was built in the mid-sixth century (Ming dynasty) by General Xu Da. It is actually older than Badaling as it was built on the relic of Northern Qi. The wall is seven to eight meters high and four to five meters long with 22 watchtowers spaced over its three kilometer length.


Recent additions to Mutianyu include scary cable cars that will take you up to the top if you’re not fit enough for the hike, and a long dragon-shaped tube for you to slide down so you don’t have to zhōu huī tòulù (return the same way you came).  Please note that the weather outside Beijing is different from the city and to dress/pack accordingly. Also, even though Mutianyu is a tourist spot, it’s still a hike, so bring a snack and water to keep up your energy. Water and souvenirs are available at the wall but at tourist prices!

Famous people who have visited the Great Wall include Michelle Obama, William Jefferson Clinton, and Sir John Major.



Application for our 2019 Summer Internships in China is opened for all. If you are willing to experience an internships in China, this is a window to get on board! In order to enjoy your summer Abroad either interning, studying or volunteering, you need to plan adequately and plan ahead of time. Summer 2017 is getting close and you may be wondering how to plan or start it all. CIP’s content team had put together an ultimate guide for planning. The brochure includes budgeting and raising funds, how to convince your parents and so much more. From our content team with love, Click the picture below to download.


Summer Internship in China

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