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What is an internship - students abroad on internship

What is an internship, and why do I need it

At China Internship Placements, we help place you in an internship—but what is an internship?  An internship is an opportunity for work practice, usually given to students or new graduates.  In some countries, an “internship” is always non-paid, while a “work practice” is the paid version, but in both cases, it is an opportunity given to potential employees to work at a company in the industry of their choice for a certain period of time.

What is an Internship?

An internship or work practice length of employment is normally fixed to a relatively short period, starting from one month to one year. In order to break into their chosen industry, interns are often willing to complete menial tasks for little to no salary for the sake of building their resumes.  After all, it can be difficult for new graduates to find employment after completing their studies, and in today’s competitive world students are undertaking internships already prior to graduation, often working full time while still in school.

For example, you might be studying writing and would like to try your hand at journalism.  You might look for an editorial internship to attain “real-world experience” and an opportunity to publish your own writing. However, without prior publications and a lack of industry experience in general, it can seem almost impossible to find a position.  That’s where internship placement agencies sweep in to help! Internships could be local, international, paid or unpaid

China Interns at a Networking Event

Why do I need and Internship?

It’s not just that the job market has deteriorated over the years and even seasoned professionals struggle to find work within their industries, but students have been participating in internships for a long time.  Work practice, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training are tried and tested methods of teaching young budding workers a new trade or profession.  In recent years, colleges and universities have admitted that education alone is not enough to prepare new grads for work-life, and have been more proactive in encouraging students to complete internships. Some majors even require an internship or two to graduate, while others offer structured programs post-graduation or for the summers.

Today, more and more expect graduates to have real work experience where they can learn from doing practical work and gain valuable experience.  In fact, a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that nearly half of all employers would like to see an internship on a recent graduate’s resume. Another survey by NACE showed that 36% of companies prefer hiring existing interns who have proven their abilities and values rather than interviewing for outsiders. An example would be IBM, which hires up to 50% of its interns, according to Matthew Zinman from the Internship Institute.

Finally, an internship gives you, the intern, an opportunity to “taste” the requirements and workflow of the position and company before committing to the industry, career, company, or job long-term.  From a business perspective, you’re “auditioning” and being “tested”, but you can turn the tables and think of it as your “work practice” where you decide whether you like the industry, whether the work suits you, and whether the company has the right cultural fit for you.

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