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Summer is not always a time to sit in a room and switch on the AC or hide from the hot sunny weather. Sleeping may not be a good option either especially given that you have very little or no time to develop yourself and get ready for the Job Market. If you are waiting till you graduate, then you are already late because you are not emotionally and psychologically prepared. Do you know that your colleagues are not resting? Do you also know that you will be competing for same Jobs as them? You should be the judge! Why not an internship in China? 🙂

More than 60% of international internships are happening in China; simply put, all roads lead to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other major cities. An exceptional destination where you may enjoy life in Shanghai, an intern in Beijing and many other bubbling Chinese towns. This will grant you an opportunity to experience work in Multinational organizations, build a profile that you will look back and be proud about and also explore future jobs in China! Planning to covert an internship into work in China may seem a wild dream but Hey!

Working in China is not a bad idea considering the growth of average salary growth over the past decade. Summer is the best time for an internship experience and building the foundation blocks of your career.  Sumer Internship Programs have become more of a necessity than a luxury in our competitive professional world. I will explain why a summer Internship Abroad can be the Game Changer

The plain truth is that China may not be the most friendly environment to intern, but that’s where the challenge lies. It only appeals to young folks because they want a different experience that comes with real responsibilities and global exposure and employers love it.  If you want to push the limits and get experiences that will enhance your career, then you are better off applying into a summer internship in China else, other destinations are equally fun

So you may ask, why should I intern in China? I will tell you why 🙂

With China progressing rapidly and establishing itself as a global powerhouse, it is reasonable to try an International summer internship in China. It does not only reward you with an opportunity to experience another culture, but it also adds extra layers of value to your profile. You can apply for a summer internships in Shanghai, Beijing or any other place you wish to explore. Hand in your final semester coursework to your professor and pack your bags while you go through this extensive article giving you compelling reasons why your ultimate destination for a summer internship abroad, should be an internship in China! So here are a few reasons why summer in China is something which you should seriously ponder-

Interns with Supervisor at work

1. Enhancing your CV

There is no better time to fulfill your Career Development and Travel agenda than Summer. Since you are free from coursework, assignments, and lectures, you can commit to an extensive full day work from Monday to Friday. Summer internship abroad is one of the best travel itineraries you should seriously to think through.

Regarding gaining experience, summer internships in China present the opportunity to experience life in a corporate world performing tasks related to your career. China Internship Placements has fascinating programs for students to get their dream summer internship in China. The programs run all year round but also Summer.

Many think it is challenging for foreigners to assimilate and easily get established into the Chinese Society especially with the language barrier, but according to The Global Times, there are about 988,812 estimated foreign residents in China as 2017. In addition to this data, according to the official Data released by the Public Safety Bureau, “foreign visitors” to China in 2016 totaled up 130,000,000 foreigners.

This settles the misconception regarding foreigners’ willingness to visit. But then comes another misconception, most graduates and university students are not comfortable taking an internship in China because of the language barrier. Well, CIP hosts over 500 Participants each year from western countries, and they can complete their experiences without any hassle. There are several Multinational Organizations in China including the fact that Beijing City has the highest presence of over 150 fortune 500 companies, way ahead of Washington DC, London, etc. China Internship Placements not only confirms that you get an internship in English speaking company but also ensures that you get the opportunity to work in a big multinational company. The city you selected is not relevant, and you can choose to do an internship in Beijing, Shanghai or any other Internship Cities.

Summer internship in china resume

Next crucial question which comes to the mind is, will I get a valuable internship in China with real job experience? Well, pretty frankly the answer to this is that you will get value for money interning in China than any other destination. Its been proven that a China internship experience on the CV carries more weight than any other destination. China experience is multi-faceted;

  1. 1. You will learn about the Chinese Culture which is relevant to understanding how they do Business. Most companies are considering 2. breaking into the Chinese Market, but because they lack the understanding of the people, these decisions are hard to make. This is why you will be relevant
  2. 3. You will also gain experiences in sectors you may not find in your country. No room for coffee preparations and photocopies. You will be in charge of technical duties that will grow your skill set
  3. 4. During your summer in China, you will travel length and breadth of the country
  4. 5. It will improve your conversation, and when it comes to laying down facts, you are more an authority

China Internship Placements take care of the entire placement process such that you will beget a proper opportunity to develop their skills. Your Program coordinator will liaise regularly with the host company, collecting feedback from your supervisor and advising you regarding how you can improve. This takes you from the comfort zone and positions you for personal development. Considering the scopes and opportunities associated with a Summer in China, you will are assured value for money. China internship program with the help of a proper placement company reinforces your experience without a pinch of doubt.

2. Learning a different and progressive language

summer internship in china language

China is slowly a global powerhouse, and Beijing and Shanghai are standing at a nearly same level as Washington and New York. Economically speaking Chinese industries especially the manufacturing sector is having increasing positive influence in the GDP of the country and Alibaba and Tencent are somewhat glaring examples of the growing software industry. Interestingly with more than one billion speakers, the Chinese language is the most spoken language in the world with English trailing in third place with just 335 million speakers.

It means nearly 16.6 percentage of the population of the world speaks Chinese whereas surprisingly just 4.7 percent of the world population speaks English. It’s absolutely no doubt that Young Graduate and Students should learn Chinese language and a valuable feature of your linguistic profile. While interning in China, you will explore like a local, immerse into the culture, and travel. Though the summer internship in China may last as long as only 2 to 3 months, there is so much more can achieve within this timeline. You will be equipped with survival Mandarin skills which put you in front of taking complete control of necessary mandarin conversations

Though it may seem intimidating, a trip to China will always give you a chance to learn Chinese language via various means. You do not need to apply for Chinese language program or take a Chinese language class, and your worker-mates will be more than happy to help you to learn the basics of Chinese language. The distinct advantage is that when in future you are faced with the task of dealing with Chinese Speakers in a business environment, you can close deals quicker because you speak their language. Chinese has a relatively uncomplicated grammar, and Unlike French, German or English, Chinese has no verb conjugation (no need to memorize verb tenses!) and no noun declension (e.g., gender and number distinctions).

For example, while someone learning English has to learn different verb forms like “see/saw/seen,” all you need to do in Chinese is just to remember one word: kan. While in English you have to distinguish between “cat” and “cats,” in Chinese there is only one form: mao. The underlying word order of Chinese is subject — verb — object, exactly as in English. A large number of the critical terms of Mandarin Chinese (such as the terms for a state, health, science, party, inflation, and even literature) have been formed as translations of English concepts.

Also, note that CIP provides part-time Chinese language lessons to help you speed your language skills. You will have access to 4 classes every week. It is flexible, so you decide when to take them. Though You are entering a different culture, the content of many of the modern vital concepts is familiar, so it is not a lost land, and not all who wander are lost. It is worth learning something in Chinese in the modern world and why not start with Nihao? I mean Hello! Learning Chinese can be an icing on the cake of your summer internship in China.

3. Help to understand your career path

Having a scholarly enthusiasm for a subject is well and great. However, that does not convert into having an excitement and job satisfaction for jobs associated with it.

Consistency is very critical to a successful Career Path. It is difficult to achieve when you often have to make career Changes in your prime working days. An internship, therefore, accords you the opportunity to try as many job roles and identify which relates to your personality.

As a University student, you are free to take as many internships as possible in all related sectors as you deem fit.

Do not avoid an internship and a proper career guidance during early years of personal development. Starting a career with a valuable internship during the summer is an opportunity to first hand study your industry, gain hands-on experience and above all accords you the opportunity to pursue or disengage one particular career dream. In addition to the experience, reputable placement companies may also help you with career coaching and mentoring sessions. China Internship Placements is not an exception we provide proper counseling sessions whenever required. On our platform, you will be matched with Career Coaches from the Silicon Valley and wall street who have in-depth knowledge of your industry. They will guide you, with very relevant information to position you correctly for the Journey ahead.

 A China temporary job tells any organizations that you take chances, adaptable, and ready to realize totally new possibilities.

How will a summer Internship help clarify your career path?

If you need to characterize your professional objectives, several temporary job positions, internships and apprenticeships can be the best approach. For example, in case you’re majored in Political Studies and started a related Job, however, you figured it was a bad fit and later looking to change career. It is not easy to switch career because of it emotionally exhausting. The scenario could be prevented by taking several Summer internships for 2-3 months and then understudying the relationship between your satisfaction rates and the Job role

As I said above, there is such an excessive number of attorneys who detest what they do, yet they didn’t understand it until AFTER they had effectively moved on from graduate school. This implies that having a pure thought of what you need to do before starting a job is critical. That is superbly typical! So make a plunge and get your feet wet, and recollect there is continuously next summer to take a stab at something new. If you are a Marketing Major and yet debating between going into advertising or publicizing, endeavor to intern in the two territories and then decide. Even you can have college credits for your internship experience while you polish your working skill for future. With China Internship Placements landing a summer internship in China has just got more comfortable than you can ever imagine!

4. Volunteer experience

summer intership in china volunteer

Volunteering Experiences in the summer makes the experience in China worth a lifetime experience. Participating in volunteering opportunities also adds more value to your CV. CIP organizes summer camp in China during weekends including traveling to beautiful and amazing places, to volunteer and contribute your quota to society. Our Volunteering projects include teaching Migrant Children, Caring for the aged, helping with traffic control, healthcare to the vulnerable and spending time at the orphanage. We also allow Summer Program participants to take full-time job roles with NGOs and other Community-based organizations.

Volunteering develops a sense of social responsibility, and empathy. You will appreciate how fortunate you are and appreciate what you have. There is nothing profoundly satisfying than service to Mankind. This unique summer internship program in China will transform you.

5. Getting Chance to Work with More Reputable Companies in China

As indicated by a current positioning of the world’s most trustworthy organizations by Reputation Institute (RI), several Chinese companies are becoming the world best. Innovation, Leadership, Career Development, scale, PE ratio, and client satisfaction indicators are increasing. Chinese organizations are positioned in the best 100 in the world on the Fortune 500 list. China Merchants Bank (fifteenth), Alibaba (30th), Tsingtao Brewery (31st), Air China (56th), Lenovo Group (75th), Hutchinson Whampoa (77th), China Construction Bank (80th), Bank of Communications (91st), Tasly (93rd) and Bank of China (98th). The list goes on an on

Those with ‘solid’ reputation saw 76% of respondents say they would purchase their items. Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner at RI, says, “this is demonstrating to us that notoriety is a road to enhance the proposals you get from customers.” Looking at these and different angle added by Chinese culture you get to work with the companies whom customers prefer due to high reputation advantages.

You will be working with organizations that have the highest tendency to become Global Companies, and this is an experience you cannot discount. It will look great on your CV and comes with several merits.

Aside from these reputable Chinese Companies, we also have Multinational organizations with Headquarters located in America, Canada, Germany, France, etc. You will be provided three different options, and you decide to select which is ideal for you.

summer internship in china companies and vacancies

Can you land summer internships in China? Ready for the Challenge?

Let’s say that you are daring and like escaping your usual range of familiarity, at that point; you may be considering working in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. There are many places on the planet that are simpler to go in than China. English still isn’t broadly received, particularly outside of real Tier 1 urban communities, and the previous century in China has been about unbelievably turbulent, with the Cultural Revolution, Mao’s Great Leap Forward, and the quick and to a great extent unregulated change into the world’s second-biggest economy. China is dynamic, and on account of its shut off history still holds a feeling of exoticism that numerous nations never again have in this time of extensive correspondence. As they build and gather momentum to get to the top of the world, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience first hand.

For a Summer treat, It additionally helps that China has world-class vacationer destinations, and great sites to catch up with history. Obviously The Great Wall and also the Terracotta Warriors, Summer Palace, etc

What’s more, the dialect isn’t just incredibly fascinating to learn, yet additionally a useful asset in doing business. That is the social part of China’s allure. One thing you are sure to gain is the energy, revitalized exctiment about your career and a clear path to being a global citizen

Apparently, if you are perusing this, you are presumably not entirely sure of the steps, processes, and procedures, yet you are convinced this is the way to go! You are likely wondering why you should spend so much just for the experience, but the opportunity to stand out and be competitive by working in a fast-paced, multicultural environment is worth the resource compared to the alternatives back home.

Amid an entry-level position, for instance, you may be entrusted with obligations that you would not get with local internships. A temporary job position in China likewise emerges pleasantly on your resume. We have had Alumni joining our internships and served temporary positions within our host companies, attest that the experience in China had gotten them great offers.

Preparing your resume? We can help!

When sending your resume to an organization you’d like to intern with this summer, it’s essential that you customize it to meet the industry. This implies as opposed to presenting similar format for every one of your applications; it’s enormously prescribed that you consider composing particular introductory letters that reflect entirely what the Company should know about you. It’s critical to include an individual touch for every application, and the ideal approach to do that is to investigate the organization in question.

Remember this! Much of the time, interning for three to four months will look significantly more engaging in your resume than interning for only fourteen days. While submitting for a more drawn out timeframe, it’s not just you that gets the opportunity to secure the position, but your Host company will also appreciate the fact that you are willing to learn. Even if you are not sure about how to prepare your resume, the internet is a good friend just “google Resume formats” and bingo! If you want to secure great Internship opportunities in China, CIP’s Program Consultants are always here to help you obtain a summer internship with a highly reputed multinational company.

A summer spent in China on an internship can be a right call for you if you want to take your experience to a whole new level on a continent far from home. For everything related to an internship in China including summer experiences, you can always take help from highly skilled mentors and advisors of China Internship Placements. So, what are you waiting for? We do provide free Program Consultations, Free information segment without any charge. Looking for a Summer internship in China? We are here to help

Spice Up your Summer Learning Mandarin or Interning in the Largest Economy

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