China is the Best Destination for Marketing Internships

With over 800 Million Middle class, greater than the entire population of USA, your experience is not complete without a marketing Internship in China. The purchasing power is HUGE and the market is diverse. Understanding the Chinese market strategies, culture, people, demand pattern is priceless and becomes a Bargaining Chip for your Life Long Career.

Marketing Internship with Multinational Companies

Our China Internship Program offers International Internship opportunities for graduates into numerous sectors including Marketing. CIP’s Marketing Internships in China are the sure ways to launch a professional career in the field of PR Media and Marketing. There is a huge demand for very aggressive and innovative marketing assistants in China for the very obvious reasons. We are properly resourced into securing multinational organizations and properly scheduled job roles. Our Internship Program in China combines Internship Job placement, Chinese Language Study, and Business Seminars to equip participants with analytical skills, Personal branding skills, and Entrepreneurial skills to start up in China. We are vastly differentiated in the market with solid professional program contents.

Our Marketing Internship in China places you into very good international companies. You will work on Branding, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, SEO

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Kassandra Reviews Marketing Internship in Shanghai

She Completed 3 months on our Summer Marketing Internship in Shanghai with a fitness and lifestyle Company. With Hard work, Kassandra was able to convert her internship into a Full-time job. She will return to Shanghai after graduation.

Paid Marketing Internship Program Components

Get the best combination of components that maximize your resources and experience while on an internship in China. Its Internship and Career strategy on the same platform. Get ahead of your peers with our Mentoring and Coaching, and stay safe with our Insurance worth $100,000 health expenditure and emergency evacuation

Guaranteed China Internship your selected Sector
Personalized Career Coaching with Top Experts
Business Seminars, Networking & Social Events, Including Fun Trips to Historical Sites
Accommodation, Visa & Insurance
Chinese Language Lessons and CulturalImmersion
24/7 China Support, Orientation, Airport Pickup, dropoff. SIM, Transport Card & Phone

Marketing Internship In China : Get The Best

Over the last decades, China evolved as the second-largest advertising market in the world with revenue for the Advertising Agency industry growing steadily at 16.6% annually. Recent industry reports indicate industry generated $79.6 billion in 2014 with a recorded growth of 13.3% from previous year.

China is the largest Manufacturing Nation in the world and obviously the largest industry base. It has a huge domestic and international market designed around it to get the end products properly distributed in the value chain. Also due to strong economic growth and large business market, the demand for marketing services has been rising over the recent past. Numerous Marketing, PR, Media and its related consultancy companies have been on the rise to provide robust solutions to market penetration strategies and research to their clients. There are over 4000 of these companies in China with more than 60% based in Shanghai alone. There is also a rapid emergence of specialized research enterprises and the fast-paced expansion of foreign capital and the extensive implementation of technology applications to marketing roles. The evolving social media is becoming very relevant for marketing in modern day china.

There is a stiff rising competition between domestic and International brands for customers and this requires that all companies step up their marketing game in order to survive. This requests a huge demand for innovative and critical thinking interns to assist Marketing managers in brainstorming to come out with solutions to stay ahead of the competition.


Our partner organizations in Marketing Sector in China has 70% possibility of hiring excellent talents.

The industry has an annual Revenue of $4bn for marketing research and $80billion for advertising agencies

Currently growing at 14.8% annual growth

It has over 101,108 businesses formed around it with 1.9 million employees

Every day, an average of 10 PR, marketing, and media company is formed in Beijing and Shanghai alone

Experience the feel of practicing strategies used in international marketing.

Due to the need for quality marketing resources, our interns are handed challenging roles and job descriptions.

Our Marketing Interns get the opportunity to work with marketing executives with in-depth knowledge about the terrain

Also, our Internship program presents opportunities for our interns to be mentored professionally

Enrolling into a Marketing internship In China exposes participants to opportunity to know more about industry and policy regulations

Possibility of being maintained or handed a future contract

Supply Chain Players

Internet Services

Magazine and Periodical Publishing

Market Research

Newspaper Publishing

TV & Radio Broadcasting

Boutique Consulting Firms

Public Relations Companies

Branding and Event Companies

Government Communication Strategists

Sample Positions

Consulting & Marketing Associate Internship

Brand Marketing and Communication Assistant

Assistant Business Development Manager

Event Management Manager- Assistant

Website design and SEO Interns

Datamining/ Quantitative researcher

Digital Marketing Intern

Assistant to PR Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Media and Publishing Intern

Internship Tasks

Interns and entry-level employees support cutting-edge integrated marketing strategies while learning fundamental marketing skills.  You will be working in an incredibly fast moving business, and have the opportunity to make valuable contributions.  Included your Job descriptions could be:

Prospecting Fortune 500 and International Clients
Provide competitive research and analysis support.
Help with collection and synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data from client marketing campaigns.
Assist with advertising and marketing promotional activities including social media, mobile, mail, e-mail, web, telemarketing, and print.
Assist with search engine optimization strategies.
Work with various databases.
Draft client communications, content for blogs, website, and social media.
Write advertising copy for use by publication, broadcast or internet media to promote the sale of goods and services.
Position text and art elements from a variety of databases in a visually appealing way to design print or web pages, using knowledge of type styles and size and layout patterns.
Write concise articles, bulletins, sales letters, speeches, and other related informative, marketing and promotional material.
Consult with sales, media and marketing representatives to obtain information on product or service and discuss style and length of advertising copy.

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7 Cities in China

CIP’s Engineering Internshisp in China is hosted in a variety of locations and cities across China.  Come study Chinese in some of the most culturally aware cities in China, combine fun and experience.

Other Sectors

Visa Process / CIP Provides Comprehensive Visa Support

Internship and Study Visas for our Participants 

In order to Intern in China legally, you will need a student visa which is an X Chinese Visa category. Though it costs CIP so much money to get these documents, we do not want to put you into legal brawls while in China. The Chinese Government is very serious about this.
CIP Partners with the right government organizations to provide these visas. Check out our Visa Description Page
Learning Chinese in China, CIP will provide a student visa for your trip to China. We have a Dedicated Support Team standing by to help you with filling visa application forms, submission procedures etc.

Our Internship Locations in China


Our Marketing Internships in China is hosted in a variety of locations and cities across China.  Acquire Creative skills, explore China like a Local and launch your international career.

Study in Beijing

Marketing Internship Beijing

Marketing internship hosted in China is an exciting opportunity to gain extra. It is a great opportunity to combine an internship with the Chinese language. Interning in Beijing is your best decision

Study in Shanghai

Marketing Internship – Shanghai

CIP’s Marketing internship in Shanghai places participants into multinational companies with lots of career prospects. Customize your experience in China. Inquire now!

Study in Beijing

Marketing Internship Guangzhou

These internships in China program is always ahead of the industry in terms of benefits. Apply now for our Guangzhou internship program !

Study in Shenzhen

Internship in Shenzhen – Marketing

China Internship in Shenzhen could be an eye opener to the development of China in perspective. Secure an international experience with an internship abroad all year round 2, to 12 months

Study in Nanjing

Hangzhou,   杭州

Coming Soon! Our Hangzhou Internship is designed to give participants first-hand experience into a tech city with lots of opportunities for startups and business

Study in Beijing

Chengdu – 成都

Chengdu Internship is one of our latest programs. The city has lots of opportunities to offer College Students on an International internship mission. Inquire Now!

Study in Beijing

Qingdao – 青岛

Qingdao is one of the destinations for our China Internship and happens to be a heavy industrial center. Participants will combine internship and language

Industry Requirements

Marketing Internship Requirements

  • Good knowledge about theories of marketing
  • Must have studied Marketing or related disciplines
  • Must have completed the second year before program starts
  • Must have some research skills
  • Fluent in English Speaking and Willingness to learn

CIP Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it directly from past program participants across a range f fields. Have questions? Read more review on the popular sites linked below.

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