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Improved Mandarin

Credit Transfer

High School Study Abroad Program in China

CIP provides immersive High School Programs in China exposing High School students to global and critical thinking. The China High School Study abroad Program is based in Beijing and Shanghai.  As part of immersion, Participants will learn with their colleagues in High Schools and also Chinese Languages. Depending on your expectation, we combine Internship, Volunteering, Intensive Chinese language, and Travel Packages.  Our High School program has been adequately researched to give participants the head start and exposure to global thinking as well as preparing them to accept challenges which are vital for their future.  High School abroad in China programs score highest with the potential of global convergence and cultural integration in our recent research.  We give participants the opportunity to interact with the different Chinese cultural facets and values and also an insight into the Business environment in China. Studying abroad isn’t just for college students!  Come, learn, discover and understand the world for yourself with China Internship Placements’ High School in China Programs in China!

Program Introduction Video

Want Summer Camp for High School Students? 

We have a Summer Chinese Language Programs for Teenagers between 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

Reasons why our High School Programs in China appeal to most participants is the extra level of enhanced experience and immersion. Joining Our High School Study Abroad and Immersion Program in China, you can enroll into a local Chinese High School to learn with other Chinese Students or combine Intensive Chinese Language lessons with immersion, Internships, and experience enhancements, travel, fulfilling volunteering projects and so much more. Join other participants to a self-discovery and learn so much about China. You will be attending our business seminar and networking events with other participants.

Real Immersion for High School Students Starts here!

We have Comprehensive Programs for Teenagers and K-12 Programs. Request for Extra information, Brochure and Book appointment to speak with us

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High School in China Program Review

Teen High School Program Options

Looking for Programs in China for your High School Child or Teenager? CIP has programs designed for real high school study abroad program in China. For semester or year-long programs, participants are enrolled in local high schools in China and they learn with their Chinese counterparts. Modules like History, Sciences, Mathematics, and Intensive Language is studied. We also have short-term Intensive Chinese Language Summer camps for Teenagers who can only travel to China during the summer or other short-term holidays

Semester / Year

Enroll in a Local High School Program in China

Want to experience school life and learn with other Chinese students? This program is right for you. We will enroll you in our partner local High school to study at a High School in order to speed your Mandarin skills and speak fluent Chinese Language. You will be making friends, and experience a semester or year in China full of life-changing experiences and adventure. We will prepare you for the experience with Intensive Chinese language programs which adequately equips you before the start of Chinese High School Program

Program Highlights

  • We are one of the first licensed high School Program providers for a Year or Semester Education in China
  • You will experience great Chinese Education with a well established local high school
  • Participants get the best of Both worlds combining Chinese and Western Education styles
  • Attain Native Mandarin fluency level within the shortest possible time
  • Our Program Director acts as your guardian and helps you just like your family will do
  • Programs are packed with activities and experiences such that you will not miss home
  • We have seasoned program advisors and caretakers
  • Learn other arts like Music, Art, Sports, Calligraphy
  • Transfer Credit to your high school back home
  • Must be at least 14 Years old
  • We also are able to provide a visa for Parents to visit while their Children
  • Aside from Learning in the classroom, we also provide optional weekend Chinese Language lessons at our language center

High School in China Subjects

  • History
  • Politics
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Mathematics


We will fix participants to a homestay accommodation. These Chinese families are carefully selected by CIP and we have worked with several of them over the years and they understand the concept of Cultural immersion. These are well-established families with social reputation

Start Dates and Application Deadline

Fall Semester High School Program – Deadline May – Classes Start in September

Spring Semester High School Program- Deadline October – Classes Start in February

1 Year  High School Enrollment in China- Deadline May – Classes start in September

Program Components

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • 3x Meals
  • School Uniform
  • Homestay Accommodation
  • 24/7 Support and Local Guardian from CIP –
  • Visa Documentation and Support
  • Social Activities and Trips

Program Fee $18,980 – 1 Academic Year  /$15,000 Per Semester 

High School Internship

Internship For High School Students in China

Getting an International Work Experience at this stage positions you in a very advantageous position to make quality Career Decisions. Our Business Internships for High School students in China is designed to place high school students or graduates into international organizations in Beijing and Shanghai. You will be mentored on the job and shadow an industry expert. Participants do not need Chinese Language in order to be placed as high school intern.


  • A business internship Placement
  • Combine Chinese Language study with an internship
  • Be part of a large Intern community and make new friends of similar background
  • Attend Cultural and Business Seminar to immerse deep into the Culture
  • You will also be visiting interesting sites.
  • We provide 24/7 support for participants

Apply soon and plan ahead of time. We accept only limited number of applicants into our Business Internship for High School Students. There are only few spots because of the care and attention that participants require. Be part of this interesting opportunity.


Summer Camp

Chinese Language Summer Camp Programs for High School Students

The Chinese Language Summer camp in Beijing and Shanghai is a great opportunity to immerse into Chinese Culture. Its a combination of classroom lessons, field exposure and learning methods that make Mandarin Learning easier and smarter. There is so much fun and Teamwork, as you join our other participants from other parts of the world. We have programs ranging from 2 weeks to 12 weeks starting every Monday from June till September every year.


  • Expose participants to immersive Chinese Language
  • You will learn Chinese in and out of the classroom. You will be put into a practical scenario to practice and speak Chinese
  • You have the opportunity to combine your summer Camp with Internships
  • Build Confidence, independent thinking, and Team Spirit
  • Give in-depth exposure to Chinese culture, people, and history
  • Activities will include visits to various historical sites
  • Live with well established Chinese families whom we have vetted and certified
It’s a combination of the modern approach to learning Chinese whilst having fun and exploring one of the most ancient culture of the world.
Some Insights
Activities: Kung Fu lessons, Chinese Cooking Segments, Dinner, Evening at the Silk Street,
Placed we will be visiting: The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Tech Zone,


Study Tour




Summer Chinese Language Programs for High School Students

 CIP’s Summer Chinese Language Programs for High School Students helps participants improve their Mandarin Skills and also sustain their interest in Chinese Culture and Business.
We have summer camp programs for students between ages of 15 and 17 years from Europe, United States, Canada and other parts of the world.
The program’s goal is to:
  • Expose participants to fundamental Chinese Language
  • Build Confidence, independent thinking, and Team Spirit
  • Give in-depth exposure to Chinese culture, people, and history
  • Activities will include visits to various historical sites
  • Live with well established Chinese families whom we have vetted and certified
  • You will also learn more about Chinese Business Ethics by Joining Business Events and Seminars.
  • Smart and deserving High School students can join our Internship Programs
It’s a combination of the modern approach to learning Chinese whilst having fun and exploring one of the most ancient cultures of the world.
Some Insights
Activities: Kung Fu lessons, Chinese Cooking Segments, Dinner, Evening at the Silk Street,
Placed we will be visiting: The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Beijing Tech Zone,


High School Program Components

Components of our Chinese language and Immersion programs are rich and exhaustive, to give our participants the best exposure, inducing a complete understanding of Chinese Culture (Including Language) and its diverse people. We make thorough research and expert consultations to vary them with, for the purpose of Participant satisfaction. Speed up your mandarin skills with intensive Chinese language arrangements, and stay safe with our Insurance worth $100,000 health expenditure and emergency evacuation.

Admission into any of our Programs
Extra Value:- Combined with Internship / Volunteer
Discover China:- Business Seminars, Networking & Social Events, Including Fun Trips to Historical Sites
Accommodation, Homestay, Visa & Insurance
All Learning Materials Provided / HSK Preparation
24/7 China Support, Orientation, Airport Pickup, dropoff. SIM, Transport Card & Phone

Application Process

Due to the volume of applications received on a daily basis, we have built a standard application procedure that all applications should go through. Due to the structured nature of this Program, we require that all applicants adhere to dates

Submit Application and Book Appointment

After submitting your application, you will be allocated to a personal program consultant who will help you book an appointment to speak with the team. Your expectations will be collected and the program processed detailed out.

Planning Phase

After an appointment with our team, we will use information gathered to design a complete program. Final Program draft will be submitted to you in a form of proposal. You reserve the right to demand corrections and additions.

Approval and Admission

You have to approve the content, price and all details. Then CIP will create a profile for you and submit your application to our partner High School. At this point, applicants have to Pay Program Processing fee and then we proceed with generating Admission details and Class Losgistics. Admission letters will be issued thereafter

Execution and Delivery

At this Point, the program is well matured and you will go through orientations and pre arrival preparations including visa etc Bingo! You are welcome to China and we will treat you to a professional study abroad Program

Life Style

7 Cities in China

CIP’s High School Programs in China is hosted in a variety of locations and cities across China.  Come study Abroad and Chinese in some of the most culturally aware cities in China, combine fun and experience.

Language Cities and Locations


List of the best Cities to Learn Chinese language in China. Learn Chinese Language in the most culturally aware Cities, gain the right accent and increase your vocabulary.Whether you are studying Mandarin in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, you are assured the right arrangement and quality tutors.

Study in Beijing

High School in Beijing – 北京

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Study in Shanghai

High School Programs in Shanghai - 上海

CIP’s Study Abroad program in Shanghai sharpens participants’ Mandarin language skills, while held in one of the most dynamic, fast-paced developing cities in the world.

Study in Beijing

High School Study Abroad in Guangzhou – 广州

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Study in Shenzhen

Best High School Programs Shenzhen – 深圳

Our Study Abroad in Shenzhen program immerses participants in the Chinese language through a combination  of intensive Chinese language Studies, immersion programs and cultural trips.

Study in Nanjing

Teen Programs in Nanjing – 南京

Our Study Abroad in Nanjing Program combines structured, intensive, university-level Chinese lessons with Internship programs, immersion and mentoring.

Study in Beijing

Intensive Chinese Language Chengdu – 成都

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Study in Beijing

Mandarin Programs Qingdao – 青岛

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Dates and Fees

Program Prices and Start Dates – Estimated

We have several programs running on the CIP platform and each vary with Prices and dates For extra and detailed information, kindly visit our Language price page for extra details. SPeak with our Program Consultants for the right prices and confirmed dates


Standard Program Price (USD$)

2 weeks 2246
1 Month 3342
6 weeks 4688
2 Months 5334
3 Months 7276
4 Months 8862
5 Months 10740
6 Months 12598
9 Months 17722
10 Months 19530



Summer Start Months

Location / Dates


June  2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 weeks
July   2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 weeks
August  2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 weeks
September  2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 weeks



Semester / Year High School Study Abroad

Application Deadline

Class Starts

Spring Semester November 30th February 25th
Fall Semester  May Ending August 25th
Year Abroad May Ending August 25th



Visa Process / CIP Provides Comprehensive Visa Support

Internship and Study Visas for our Participants 

In order to Intern in China legally, you will need a student visa which is an X Chinese Visa category. Though it costs CIP so much money to get these documents, we do not want to put you into legal brawls while in China. The Chinese Government is very serious about this.
CIP Partners with the right government organizations to provide these visas. Check out our Visa Description Page
Learning Chinese in China, CIP will provide a student visa for your trip to China. We have a Dedicated Support Team standing by to help you with filling visa application forms, submission procedures etc.

How to Customize your Experience

Want a complete Experience?Make the best of your study in China and engage in other services for free
Our Programs can be combined and customized at all levels. Studying Chinese Language in China? you are allowed to combine it with internships, volunteering and part-time Teaching. These are possible options available but there are limitless combinations you can make and Our staff is experienced enough to help you realize the maximum benefits in Coming to China.
  • Learn Chinese and Intern
  • Study Mandarin and Teach English
  •  Learn Chinese and Travel
  • Learn Chinese and Volunteer  etc


Discover Yourself, Learn Mandarin and get Immersed

Discover Yourself, Learn Mandarin and get Immersed

This program comes with extra features of enhancement, hosted in China.  Spend your leisure chatting with native Chinese dorm mates or interacting with your host family, gaining knowledge about their lives as Chinese, and practicing the Chinese language as studied in class.  The program challenges participants in the class by allowing them to study familiar subjects in a whole new language.  Participants are guided to know their communities, as well as visit places like the Hypermarket, hospital, post office, restaurants, etc.While in China, cultural immersion activities will be organized to deeply engage participants in the way Chinese live and why they do what they do.  Unravel the way the Chinese mind works through a common learning experience.  Gain survival skills while living far away from home under the secure watch of our staff, all while participating in a High School Program in China!

Study Mandarin with Certified Language Tutors

Join our Summer, Winter, Fall or spring program arrangements to develop your Chinese language skills and gain deep cultural immersion to discover China like a local. Combine, Chinese lessons with Travel, Cultural immersion, Volunteering, and Fun. You may also combine these with internships.

Meet The World!

Our programs come with a diverse participation base of: Individuals, Experts, Students & Young Graduates and also, Business people from all over the world. This presents serious environments for dialogue and networking.  Pursuing cultural immersion programs in China does not only speed your Chinese language proficiency skills, but also grants an opportunity to Know China better. China Internship Placements (CIP) organizes excursions and trips to very insightful places like the Great Wall of China, The summer palace (read more about our Excursions and Trips), and more.

Highlights: High School Study Abroad

Using CIP’s platform for your study in China grants you extra support than you will ever get elsewhere. We guarantee cultural immersion, 24/7 support, desired outcomes and above all, participants discover China from a perspective they cant imagine

Get Enrolled into a local High School and Learn with other Chinese Students, including Geography, History, Chinese Culture Science etc
We provide Support for participants and create home away from home. We support Participants just like Parents will do
Participants Live in Homestays and experience life like a Local
Professionally developed combining classroom lessons and cultural trips and immersion
Engaging in meaningful and worthy volunteering causes,
Travelling and trips to Historical sites.

High School China Program Content Description

All programs belonging to China Internship Placements’ bouquet of services is power-packed to contain fun, talent discovery, and above all, transformation.  Experience our reliable curriculum, conducive academic environment and Chinese cultural immersion activities that bring your experience alive.  Each day presents a new experience altogether with exciting activities to make participants forget they are even in a whole new environment.

High School Programs in China -Transcripts

Our High School Program in China Module allows an effective selection of diverse courses.  These are chosen after consultation with parents and High School teachers, so as to make sure that combinations are relevant for the participants knowledge base.  The subjects include: Communication Arts, Environmental Science, Global Entrepreneurship, Marine Science, Community Service, Geography, Mathematics, Cultural Exchange, and the Chinese Political System.

Participants have a compulsory language study program scheduled into a timetable as per the electives selected above.  There is usually a 20-hour Chinese language class every week.  Lessons are combined with videos, audios, field trips and many state-of-the-art Chinese learning methods.

High School Program in China Fees and Locations


The High School Program in China fees reflect all components and we allow customization. Speak with our Program Advisers for more

High School Study Abroad- China

Cultural Immersion forms part of the High School Study Abroad program content.  From interaction with host families or dormitory mates to exposure during class lessons, deep immersion is taking place. Also, there are activities such as Chinese Cuisine lessons (eg. cooking dumplings), Calligraphy, Karaoke Visits, Kungfu, Martial Arts, Yoga, & Piano Lessons (to mention just a few).

We organize trips to very historic sites that participants have read about.  This is the perfect opportunity to make it real.  Check our Cultural trip page for a vivid description.

High School in China Study Abroad Programs


The accommodations of High School in China and Study Abroad Programs are diverse and unique. Our standard is that all Homestays are located within 45 minutes or less from campus by public transportation and have two or three bedrooms. Participants are allocated private bedrooms but may share some other facilities like kitchen, living room (some host families arranges separate bathrooms for our participants). We have standards that these homes must meet before we consider them and full standards are found on our Accommodation page. Participants are usually invited to family meals during the week. Nevertheless, participants should prepare an extra budget for other meals and dine out. This accommodation option is highly recommended by our Accommodation department for participants who want to establish dependable networks for future purposes. Our participants in this option will enhance speedy immersion and mastering of Chinese language.


China Internship Placements’ (CIP) study abroad students are assigned to an apartment, which includes a living room, bed and bathrooms, kitchen area, washing machines, and quality Internet access. The cities that host our High School programs in China are very vibrant and culturally dosed to keep participants wanting more.

Program Cities

Our University Mandarin Programs are strategically hosted by famous and best Chinese language Universities located in cities with solid immersion capabilities and opportunities.  These programs are located in Beijing, known for the best language-learning environment, Shanghai with solid institutions teaching Chinese language to foreigners, Nanjing with historical sites, and more.  The settings for our programs gives participants the opportunity to practice Mandarin skills every day.

China High School Study Abroad Program

Our Safety and Support Commitment

First and foremost, China Internship Placements is committed to the safety of all participants right from application till the end of the program in China and beyond. We keep to our support pledge with the intention of making sure that all stakeholders are given the needed guidance to realize the best out of the program. This commitment has been scribbled and inscribed into standards that guide all facets of our operations. We make sure that no individual incurs physical, mental, psychological injury or stress in the process of taking part of in our China Programs. Our services are induced to guarantee satisfaction. All our products are therefore safe for participants including our Top Quality Gap Year Program.
Our approach to safety is as follows . First, CIP does regular through auditing of all safety processes incorporated in all programs. Also, we make available all information to help participants make good decisions of whether to participate or not. This information are released during the first contact with the client and also updated to our Health and Safety Standards page. We also conduct pre departure briefing segments. CIP conduct through orientation for participants within 24 hours of arrival to reduce possible risks. Our Gap Year Staff are kept on the field most of the times to make sure participants are safe and follow our safety plans. They keep a close eye on them and report to our Programs Manager who holds executive position ate BOD of directors’ level. They also keep 24/7 contact with all participants to provide emergency support.


We value the safety and security of our participants while they are on our program. We therefore have properly laid standards and practices that have been tried and tested over time. Parents and Guardians feel free to trust us on this because we are very transparent and professional when it comes to handling stakeholder expectations. Change in weather and environment could have some ramifications on individuals and this vary from one individual to the other that’s why we do not joke with the health our participants especially in the first few weeks of their arrival. We have had several consultations with superior and governing organizations to audit and re-audit our processes till they are proven to be consistent with Industrial expectations. Our health standards are no exception to this. They have been tried and tested over the years and found to be robust. Our program components included Health Insurance and are to handle and take care of all costs associated with the health care of our participants while they are on the program. Once a participant confirms a placement and makes a deposit, China Internship Placement purchases insurance to that effect. Parents and families of our participants can now relax and be assured their Children are safe.

Pre-Departure Orientations

All China Internship Placements’ High School Abroad, China participants take part in an orientation and briefing segments before starting departing. We provide very important information to all participants to prevent out of the blue expectations. We arrange this session and allow that parents are able to attend together with their children. While this is mandatory, we allow that participants and their parents decide which time is appropriate.

Another set of orientation is conducted while the participants arrive in China. This is the most important aspect of the process it is actually an orientation segment organized for all participants. They are debriefed about how to handle transportation and what hazards are in the city. They also educated about how to comport themselves and rules and regulations governing High Schools in China. Few cultural insights are also explained to participants so that they could make the best out of their acquaintances. All our participants will be picked from the airport upon arrival by China Internship Placement Study Center staff who will also assist in dropping them at the appropriate accommodation. Usually, these same staffs are responsible for coordination all issues relating to the participant to ensure continuity.

High School Internship in China

We also have High School internship in China Program. Our participants are taken to very prominent companies related to their career choice.  The purpose of this is to whip up their interests and get them acquainted with the way these industries are run.  They also spend time understanding work ethics and company operations.

Summer Chinese language programs for high school students with Volunteering

summer Chinese language programs for high school students enroll participants in Volunteering and Social Impact projects. Giving back to society is one message we preach so as to awaken the societal love for our community.  We believe that one’s effort is useless if his toil does not benefit society.  We arrange very meaningful and fulfilling volunteer opportunities in China for our participants.  Some of these projects include: Teaching English in Migrant Schools, Sharing time with Disabled kids like them and other community-related tasks.

High School Chinese Language Program with Language Partners

CIP’s Chinese Language Partner Program is a uniquely integrated into our High School Chinese Language Program, professionally crafted to speed and consolidate listening, speaking and writing skills of our participants.  It is so unique that our competitors do not have it.  Participants get paired with Chinese University graduates trained in teaching Chinese as a second International language for one-on-one Mandarin language lessons.  Tutorials are held at the convenience of our language tutors with more hours available upon request.  These segments provide participants with additional Chinese language practice in Mandarin.


One factor that attracts college admission officers is when they realize that applicants have something extra that others do not have. When college admissions staff notice study-abroad experience on applicant profiles, they’ know what it means as it is an opportunity to learn about the world and not just confined to the classroom. They will be happy to have such applicants in their college. It is an indication of curiosity, proactiveness, and awareness about other cultures relevant for proactive thinking. Study-abroad experiences also indicate confidence and ingenuity to succeed. It lays a solid foundation for future employers to desire and hire. In addition to our High School Study Abroad programs, China Internship Placements offers more options to set yours experience on the right ladder:

Summer High School Program in China – A rather shorter term High School Program power packed with contents with the potential of boosting global awareness and cultural immersion at an intensive rate. The Summer Chinese language programs for high school students has been most preferred by many parents and CIP is their sure option.

Gap Year Abroad in China – A program for participants between high school and college which brings on opportunities to study Chinese language, Gain some working experience and develop the habit of giving back to society and service to mankind as it is essential for self-satisfaction.

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Landing into college, we will continue to consolidate your experience through our CIP Opportunity Network which makes available very resourceful materials to guide you till you grow. There exist opportunities to also Intern in future for free. China Internship Placements also recruit applicants in the future to work with us because we know your history of experience better than any other institution.

In a Special report carried by B.B.C on the current nature of High School System quoted Andreas Schleicher, an expert adviser on education at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), saying that the current structure of High School Programs poses a danger where the younger generation is not going to be better educated than the older. And the center of the debate was much about curriculum structure and its ability to challenge thinking. Parents must, therefore, take personal initiative to give their wards that solid background hence a recommendation of our High School Program in China.

Gap Year Chinese Immersion

This program is designed for participants who wish to take a year or semester between high school and college in order to discover the world, learn Chinese Language and improve their strengths. The program also admits University/college students looking to take a year out of university and build their profile

Intensive Summer Chinese Language

Join our Summer Mandarin Programs and explore China as a local. We combine intensive Chinese language lessons, cultural trips, and deep immersion. Applicants can also intern in China. Due to a high application, we accept only selected few based early application

Get Started with CIP

Wondering why CIP is an ideal platform for your Immersion and Language study in China? Check out a list of compelling reasons why we are a cut above cutting edge for international internships and study abroad opportunities. Identify how the CIP Platform can help you plan your study and Internship Abroad.

A Wonderful Review

You know it’s not easy to please parents but we did! Listen to a proud Father talking about CIP and the transformation his daughter had on our program


Learn the language with accredited courses designed to fit. Don’t get left behind: full immersion study for best results!


Regardless of program, all accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations guaranteeing safety, security and peace of mind. Let CIP handle arranging your accommodation before you arrive, ensuring on arrival your new place is ready for you to make it home.

Choose an accommodation option that suits you. Three main options are available, with special requests handled on a case-by-case basis. For more on CIP accommodations and for more photos, visit our Accommodation Page


Live with local resident Chinese families under the same roof. Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture, while networking with Chinese families that are eager to welcome you to China.


Shared apartments are a great opportunity to get immersed into the local culture. Share accommodation with a young Chinese counterpart, while having a level of privacy.


Want complete privacy? Need more space? Everything from retrofitted studio apartments to spacious apartments are available – according to your budget and needs.

CIP Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it directly from past program participants across a range f fields. Have questions? Read more review on the popular sites linked below.

Real Cultural Immersion for High School Students

Enroll into our High School Study Abroad Programs to Jump -Start your Life Profile ahead of your Colleagues. Discover Chinese From a Special Perspective and get Prepared for the Future