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Our Interns are recruited from Top Universities in the World. We provide these Interns for free. Read More about how it all works out

We Offer Talented Interns From Top Universities. For free

For the past years, we have engaged best practices in bringing the top talents to our partner organizations. We offer an in-depth assessment of your requirements and provide just that. Our free Intern recruitment services are available in Major Cities in China such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. Our interns are professional young graduates and college students from the United States, United Kingdom, Other parts of Europe, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world.

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Our Free Internship Recruitment Services

China Internship Placements run Professional Internship Programs and Study Abroad opportunities in China with the main purpose of helping Companies recruit interns easily and at no cost. CIP over the years placed over 40,000 International Young Graduates and College Students for a befitting internship placement into Companies in China. We place highly motivated, critical thinking and hungry-for-experience interns who are able to lead corporate revolutions and are team players. CIP’s China Internship Program participants are noted industry-wide for being one of the best. We do not only place the interns into your companies to gain experience but also train them to culturally, professionally, and ethically fit. This is why we train and coach them before they get to start work. We organize talent grooming segments to get them to acquaint themselves with professionalism and teamwork. We energize them to work harder combining trips and other fun activities in their free time.

How It Works

Let us deal with the details of recruitment and matching so you concentrate on the core of your business. We have intricate systems in place to help recruit hard-working students and Graduates for your organization. Looking to outsource? or your current internship schemes are not yielding desired results? or you are looking to start recruiting interns? Speak with CIP’s Professional Team and we will help you throughout the stages without a cost to your organization

Step #1

Assessment & Consultation

The process of hiring interns begins with us setting up a meeting with your organization in order to understand your expectations and what goals. We will conduct an Intern-Need-Assessment

Step #2

The Matching Process

After identifying the intern roles, we work with our partner university career centers to generate intern applications. We will create profiles for them and you are called upon to review and select

Step #3

Final Interview and Decision

If your company is interested in any of the candidates, we proceed with arranging an interview through skype or telephone. The key to a successful internship program is understanding their expectations

Step #4


After selecting right candidates, we proceed to handle the logistic preparations regarding visa, accommodation, and orientation. This puts interns in the right state of mind to deliver their best away from home

Step #5

Arrival and Hosting

Welcome the Intern into your team with the right set of training as established by the Training Schedule. They are more than happy to contribute meaningfully. They are then mentored on the Job to deliver. Cross your fingers and watch blow performance appraisal scores

Step #6

Assessment and Feedback

We operate in a loop and we look forward to your feedback about these interns as well as about the entire process, we use these recommendations to tailor recruitment in the future and also train our staff on contingent plans. You own the process

Benefits CIP offers our Host Companies

Do you know our students could intern between 2-12 months? If your organization decides to be part of The CIP’s Opportunity Network, there are several benefits. We have served over 500 Human resource managers in providing unique intern recruitment services in the past and we have what it takes to maximize your expectations and corporate productivity. We do not charge for our services but our candidates are critically screened, interviewed and groomed before starting work. Apart from getting fresh ideas into your operations, Our current bouquet of partner organizations admit getting these advantages:



Your organizational culture, values, and structure differs and hence dictates how your Internal internship schemes should be organized. We take the time to understand how these details may impact young interns and we position them to fit your environment through orientations and debriefing segments. We also consider gestation period of your projects so we provide interns whose program start dates match. With over a decade of experience dealing with companies, we got what it takes to customize your internships schemes.



We help you design leadership and internal mentoring system around the internship. We have seen workplace motivation index increase as well as productivity boost in companies where Junior managers were allowed to mentor interns. We also allocate interns to seasoned career coaches whose responsibility is to help brand our interns and refine them to think and act like business executives. With this powerful combination, our interns are well prepared to deliver



Working with CIP brings more value to the table. We work with our partner universities and their career centers to strengthen your corporate name on university campuses. This is as added exposure you don’t pay anything for. It is relevant to your organization’s future talent strategy.



At CIP, we also understand that internships are windows to try out talents and then keep those that are exceptions. We have helped several organizations get through the process of using the internship as a window to try talents. Now that talent acquisition is complex and expensive, we assist you to devise better means to recruiting.



Accepting interns into your organization is a good chance to diversify corporate inputs. Though they are young, they have the energy and the burning desire to be relevant n their industry. Our interns can stay in China up to 12 months an advantage that is unique to CIP interns. We provide combination of short and long term interns to make sure projects are completed

What to Expect from Our Interns

Ready for the Challenge

We prepare our interns to live up to the task. With professional mentoring and coaching, they understand hard work a diligence pays. They are ready to live up to the challenge

University Requirements

Most of our interns are serious with the opportunity you give them in order to expand their skill sets and also meet the requirement of their universities. Everything is at stake

Culturally Aware

Our interns are ready and culturally aware. They are eager to learn more about China in order to enhance their understanding. They are willing to work in diversity and harmony

Fresh Perspectives

Expect to get the fresh, valid and logical conclusion for the course of effectiveness. They are willing to handle the job no matter how tough. They are team players and Fast learners

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