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China Internship Placements (CIP) presents numerous opportunities and platforms to equip you with the necessary skill sets for a bright future.




We’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s not actually About Us; it’s About You. It’s about your career. Also about the fact that you deserve the best. Your new career choices. Your desire to study Mandarin and be immersed in China’s culture and bubbling economy full of opportunities. We endure the sleepless nights just to enhance your ability to be prepared for the Job market and get ahead of your colleagues. Life’s special achievements deserve more than just an internship. Welcome to China Internship Placements – a world of customized Internship and Chinese Language lessons made for you with love.

Largest Ecosystem of Career & Education Services in China

We are the largest Ecosystem in China offering opportunities to young people from Higher Education, Language, and Cultural Immersion, Internships, Early Careers to Entrepreneurship. Our greater purpose is to democratize opportunities for the youth. Our bouquet of services is suitable for Teenagers, University students, Young Graduates, Job Seekers, and Founders. Want to Partner us? Get in Touch→

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Wondering why our Program Curriculum is leading? Every participant enjoys customized program content and not one size fits all. In addition to the Internship Experience, We match our participants to Personal Coaches from the Silicon Valley and Wall Street who coach you to succeed on the Job market. You will get top-notch customized consulting which puts you ahead of your peers. This kind of combination is only on the CIP platform. Our 2018 Survey indicated that our Alumni secure fulltime Job over an average duration of 3 months after graduation.

  • You will be placed into reputable companies to gain experience
  • You will be coached by great Coaches from Silicon Valley and Wall Street
  • You will gain cultural exposure to our social activities and events. You will learn Chinese Business Skills, negotiation tactics and so much more
  • Our Networking and Business Seminar gives you the opportunity to build international Network
  • Alumni Support even after the program is ended


Worldwide Network
Our programs come with a diverse participation base of: Individuals, Experts, Students & Young Graduates and also, Business people from all over the world.  This presents serious environments for dialogue and networking.
Pursuing cultural immersion programs in China does not only speed your Chinese language proficiency skills, but also grants an opportunity to Know China better.  China Internship Placements (CIP) organizes excursions.


Programs With You in Mind

  • Our programs are unique with personalized contents
  • We pair you to Seasoned Career Coaches from the Silicon Valley and Wall street who help you redefine your career
  • We conduct research every 16 Months so our programs are up to date
  • We collaborate with Industry leaders and university research centers
  • Language Programs are Professionally developed with state-of-the-art Language study classes and resources



Unflinching Support

  • All staff members have studied abroad or interned abroad so we have been there before
  • From Program application, till we drop you off, you enjoy full 24-hour support
  • We provide all necessary program components that are relevant to your program in China
  • You are also insured to the amount of $100,000 which covers every part of your body

CIP - Professional Internships in China

China Internship Placement (CIP) is one of the biggest Global Internship Placements and Cultural Immersion providers in China. Our Staff have adequate and solid knowledge of the terrain, we are able to make Professional Internship Placements combined with Chinese Language Study. Our programs present opportunities and life changing experiences.  This is what we guarantee!!  The emphasis is on transformation and profile building.

We are in partnership with over 1500 Host Companies, 10+ universities, and many other meaningful service providers.  We aim to make available cultural immersion opportunities for youngsters to travel, learn and experience various cultures so as to take advantage of the emerging 21st-century advantages. We have very dynamic and professional systems established with the commitment to professionalism and effectiveness.

It is recommended you visit Why CIP page to read what we have to offer and why we stand out as the best.

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Our Programs' Living Standard

Over 5000 Alumni and several years of operation we cannot get it wrong. All service components including accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations, guaranteeing safety, security, and peace of mind. We remain responsible for your maximum experience. Pictures and addresses of accommodations are sent to participants for approval before the final contract is signed. In the case of living with a host family (optional), we arrange for host families to sign our Statement of Liability as well as Accommodation Privacy Assurance before apartments are booked. With our Solid reputation, you are surely in good hands