Summer Chinese Language Programs are designed for Teenagers and Adults. We combine Intensive Chinese Language Lessons with creative learning methods, trips and seminars to spice up your Summer. There are participants from all across the world. Our Classes are segmented according to Age Groups and Level of Mandarin. There are varieties for you to select. Participants can join our Small Group Programs or be part of a University Program for a full credit transfer. Classes start in June till September. Enroll now to secure your seat before its fully booked

Intensive Summer Chinese Language Program

Spend this and any other summer getting immersed in a Chinese language learning environment that challenges you to explore beyond the little part of the world you know with our popular Summer Chinese Language Program. China Internship Placements’ (CIP) Summer Intensive Chinese program is available for 4 to 16 weeks within which participants are exposed to Intensive language study. The program also has components that prepare participants for HSK exams at no extra cost. It is a complete combination of University Chinese language study and private mandarin study. The curriculum is scheduled on university-level Chinese language study at China’s most prestigious universities like Beijing Language and Cultural University Summer Program in Beijing, Peking University’s Summer Intensive Chinese Language Program, Fudan University in Shanghai, Nanjing University and to mention but few.

Summer Intensive Chinese Learning Outcomes

Our intensive Chinese Language in the summer is for participants from age 14 to 50 years. The classes are separated according to age groups and language proficiency level. We host over 110 participants every summer. Here are the learning outcomes you should expect

Cultural Immersion

Chinese History

Fun, Fun & Trips

Improved Mandarin

Make Friends

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Summer Intensive Mandarin Program Options

We have over 20 International Internships Abroad and Study Abroad Programs Hosted in Beijing. We host several International students each year and we have several combinations to offer. Looking for a customized program? Inquire with our program consultants. With affiliation to 500 multinational organizations, 2000 medium sized companies and over 1000 startups, CIP is able to place interns into any sector at all.

Summer Intensive Chinese Language

Summer Chinese Language Program

The intensive Chinese Language Program Organized in Summer is designed to be more flexible schedules and could be customized. The intensive Program has 30 hours of language study per week (6 hours per day) while the standard programs is 20 hours. Participants can combine mandarin lessons alongside other components such as internships, volunteering, travel etc. This program is flexible and has make-up classes if some tour programs have to extend. This program and has a preparation for those who would like to take HSK courses before leaving China.

Learn Chinese in a University

University Summer Chinese Study Programs

Our Summer Program in China offers intellectual discovery, cross-cultural awareness, and personal growth. By joining one of our Summer Programs, you’ll together with other participants from all over the world gain a complete awareness about Chinese Business Environment and Economy, confidence, and skills to help prepare you for life.This segment of the program houses participants who are willing to study in a university setting and would like to feel the impact of some of our partner Universities. It is made for participants whose parents, Sponsors or schools require this. Credits are awarded to this and they are Intensive Chinese language programs.

Our partner Universities offers Sumer Programs are Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong Uni and so much more. Applicants can also Combine Mandarin and Business electives


Summer Camp For Teenagers

China Summer Camp with Mandarin Immersion

Immerse yourself in China’s rich culture while learning Mandarin with our Chinese Summer Camp. Discover China’s history, legacy and place in the modern world all while interacting with locals and building on your language skills. Get ready for a thrilling and adventurous summer within the safest summer 2016 program. Got your cameras ready? you will be visiting places like
• Trek from village to village through the Dragon’s Backbone rice terraces
• Learn to speak Mandarin
• Visit Miao, Guida, Dong, Tiantouzhai and Xiaozhai minority villages
• Hike through Zuolong Gorge to get to your guesthouse
• Stay in the ancient riverside town of Fenghuang
• Camp on the Great Wall
• Visit Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City
• Rock climb and camp in Yangshuo surrounded by karst peaks and the Lijiang
• Hike in the unique Zhangjiajie National Park


Study Tour




Customized and Affordable Chinese Language Programs in China

We understand you would like to learn on your own terms and we are here to motivate you make it. We provide customized services to our applicants. There are host of other services available

  • Family Chinese language Lessons: This is specialized lessons for family members who want to learn intensive Chinese language together
  • Chinese Mandarin + Travel: The lessons are scheduled to allow participants some space to travel to other parts of China
  • Intensive Chinese + Volunteering: Most Applicants would like to give back to society while studying the Chinese language. This usually is fulfilling

Aside these, we are always available to help you design a program that you will look back and be proud of


Summer Chinese Language Program For Credit - University Courses

Where will you study Chinese in Summer for Credit? if you decide to study within a university environment, CIP hosts the University Mandarin Programs and study abroad programs in China’s topmost universities. These Programs are organized and administered by University staff and Participants can transfer Credit. Join other participants from the rest of the world to a Summer Treat

Peking University

Study Mandarin in Peking University for a semester or a year and gain exposure to Chinese language and culture

Tsinghua University

Learn Chinese in China this summer winter fall or spring with Tsinghua University. There are semester, year options

Beijing Language and Cultural University

Learn Chinese language in Beijing Language and Cultural University for a year or semester. Study with the best

Beijing Normal University

Study Mandarin in Beijing Normal university and sharpen your skills in Chinese language and experience

Shanghai Fudan University

Learn Chinese in Shanghai’s Best University. Fudan University is one of best universities to learn Mandarin

Nanjing University

Nanjing University has opportunities to study Chinese language in China combined within a university curriculum

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Studying Chinese language in Shanghai Jiaotong University is a lot of fun. There are flexible options

Shenzhen University

Experience the Chinese culture and deep immersion in Shenzhen University. Combine intensive study and travel

Mandarin Program Components

Components of our Chinese language and Immersion programs are rich and exhaustive, to give our participants the best exposure, inducing a complete understanding of Chinese Culture (Including Language) and its diverse people. We make thorough research and expert consultations to vary them with, for the purpose of Participant satisfaction. Speed up your mandarin skills with intensive Chinese language arrangements, and stay safe with our Insurance worth $100,000 health expenditure and emergency evacuation.

Chinese Language Admission into any of our Programs
Extra Value:- Combined with Internship / Volunteer
Discover China:- Business Seminars, Networking & Social Events, Including Fun Trips to Historical Sites
Accommodation, Visa & Insurance
All Learning Materials Provided / HSK Preparation
24/7 China Support, Orientation, Airport Pickup, dropoff. SIM, Transport Card & Phone

Application Process

Due to the volume of applications received on a daily basis, we have built a standard application procedure that all applications should go through. Due to the structured nature of this Program, we require that all applicants adhere to dates

Submit Application and Book Appointment

After submitting your application, you will be allocated to a personal program consultant who will help you book an appointment to speak with the team. Your expectations will be collected and the program processed detailed out.

Planning Phase

After an appointment with our team, we will use information gathered to design a complete program. Final Program draft will be submitted to you in a form of proposal. You reserve the right to demand corrections and additions.

Approval and Admission

You have to approve the content, price and all details. Then CIP will create a profile for you and submit your application to our partner universities. At this point, applicants have to Pay Program Processing fee and then we proceed with submitting all details to Summer Program Admission Committee. Admission letters will be issued thereafter

Execution and Delivery

At this Point, the program is well matured and you will go through orientations and pre arrival preparations including visa etc Bingo! You are welcome to China and we will treat you to a professional study abroad Program

Beijing Language and Culture University Summer Program and Immersion Activities

Life Style

7 Cities in China

CIP’s Engineering Internshisp in China is hosted in a variety of locations and cities across China.  Come study Chinese in some of the most culturally aware cities in China, combine fun and experience.

Language Cities and Locations

Best Cities to Learn Mandarin during Summer

List of the best Cities to Learn Chinese language in China. Learn Chinese Language in the most culturally aware Cities, gain the right accent and increase your vocabulary.Whether you are studying Mandarin in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, you are assured the right arrangement and quality tutors

Study in Beijing

Summer Chinese School in Beijing – 北京

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Study in Shanghai

Summer Chinese Language Course in Shanghai - 上海

CIP’s Study Abroad program in Shanghai sharpens participants’ Mandarin language skills, while held in one of the most dynamic, fast-paced developing cities in the world.

Study in Beijing

Study Abroad China in Guangzhou – 广州

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Study in Shenzhen

Learn Mandarin in Shenzhen Summer – 深圳

Our Study Abroad in Shenzhen program immerses participants in the Chinese language through a combination  of intensive Chinese language Studies, immersion programs and cultural trips.

Study in Nanjing

Study Mandarin in Nanjing – 南京

Our Study Abroad in Nanjing Program combines structured, intensive, university-level Chinese lessons with Internship programs, immersion and mentoring.

Study in Beijing

Intensive Chinese Language Chengdu – 成都

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Study in Beijing

Mandarin Programs Qingdao – 青岛

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language – Mandarin.

Dates and Fees

Language Program Prices and Start Dates

We have several programs running on the CIP platform and each vary with Prices and dates For extra and detailed information, kindly visit our Language price page for extra details.


Standard Program Price (USD$)

2 weeks 2246
1 Month 3342
6 weeks 4688
2 Months 5334
3 Months 7276


Start Months

Location / Dates


June  2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 weeks
July   2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 weeks
August  2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks -12 Weeks
September  2019 All Locations / Starts Every Monday 2 weeks  -12 Weeks

Visa Process / CIP Provides Comprehensive Visa Support

Internship and Study Visas for our Participants 

In order to Intern in China legally, you will need a student visa which is an X Chinese Visa category. Though it costs CIP so much money to get these documents, we do not want to put you into legal brawls while in China. The Chinese Government is very serious about this.
CIP Partners with the right government organizations to provide these visas. Check out our Visa Description Page
Learning Chinese in China, CIP will provide a student visa for your trip to China. We have a Dedicated Support Team standing by to help you with filling visa application forms, submission procedures etc.

How to Customize your Experience

Want a complete Experience?Make the best of your study in China and engage in other services for free
Our Programs can be combined and customized at all levels. Studying Chinese Language in China? you are allowed to combine it with internships, volunteering and part-time Teaching. These are possible options available but there are limitless combinations you can make and Our staff is experienced enough to help you realize the maximum benefits in Coming to China.
  • Learn Chinese and Intern
  • Study Mandarin and Teach English
  •  Learn Chinese and Travel
  • Learn Chinese and Volunteer  etc


Study Mandarin with Certified Language Tutors

Join our Summer, Winter, Fall or spring program arrangements to develop your Chinese language skills and gain deep cultural immersion to discover China like a local. Combine, Chinese lessons with Travel, Cultural immersion, Volunteering, and Fun. You may also combine these with internships.

Main details of our programs

Our programs come with a diverse participation base of: Individuals, Experts, Students & Young Graduates and also, Business people from all over the world. This presents serious environments for dialogue and networking.Pursuing cultural immersion programs in China does not only speed your Chinese language proficiency skills, but also grants an opportunity to Know China better. China Internship Placements (CIP) organizes excursions and trips to very insightful places like the Great Wall of China, The summer palace (read more about our Excursions and Trips), and more.

Highlights: Learn Chinese in China

Our experience over the past 10 years makes us Gap Year Experts. Our staffs have been at the front of planning Gap Year Programs for over thousand young graduates. CIP’s Gap Year Abroad Programs in China offer high school graduates an international exposure and experience. The program comes with

Intensive Chinese Language Lesson arrangements with a university curriculum
Understand China from a special perspective
Visit Fortune 500 Companies and Corporate Tour
Participating in classes with students from all over the world in an internationally boosted environment
living with native host families or a Shared Apartment, and even campus dormitories
Engaging in meaningful and worthy volunteering causes,
Travelling and trips to Historical sites.

Where You will Study

China Internship Placement arranged very interesting programs in internationally induced environments with the right study materials and state of the art language learning laboratories. Check our locations page for more insights about the cities, and the universities. For a deeper insight, the website carries a page on all cities and universities where site visitors could read and see pictures. We also encourage site users to Register and log in so that you could save pages and later access.

Program Cities

Our High-Quality Summer Chinese Language in China Program is located in China’s most exciting cities with rich historical, cultural and traditional traces suitable for immersing our  Participants into Chinese culture. These Gap Year locations in China enhance participants understanding of all aspects of China. They present on daily basis opportunities to practice language and interact with the local Chinese people.
Our Affordable Mandarin Program is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xian and much more.

CIP’s Chinese Language Partner Program is a unique feature of our Study and Internship programs, professionally crafted to speed and consolidate listening, speaking and writing skills of our participants.  It is so unique that our competitors do not have it.  Participants get paired with Chinese University graduates trained in teaching Chinese as a second International language for one-on-one Mandarin language lessons.  Tutorials are held at the convenience of our language tutors with more hours available upon request.  These segments provide participants with additional Chinese language practice in Mandarin.

CIP organizes Business Lectures for our participants, featuring researchers from Academia, Expats & Entrepreneurs, as well as Representatives of the Chinese Business community.  Within this, CIP aims to provide an in-depth insight into critical issues and shed light on opportunities available for young graduates as the Chinese economy develops.  Topics like the Chinese Development Model, Cross-Cultural and Exchange management, Trade relations policies of China, Historical development of China, Development of the eChinese Financial system and the future, Chinese Stock Exchanges and Characteristics will be discussed.

Our participants will take part in excursion over selected weekends during the summer program.  There exists a couple of CIP itinerary options, participants simply choose their best fit.  Each of these programs have separate destinations and themes.  During these cultural trips participants can experience a more personal interaction with others from different time zones of the world.  Our cities and locations harbor massive historical sites such as: The Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City (all in Beijing).  In shanghai, there is a combination of history and modernity, with places such as The Bund & Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Park, World financial Center, and much more. There exists a solid depository of Temples, Parks, Mausoleums in other cities like Nanjing and Shenzhen.  Check our Tour China Guide Page for deeper insights.  Activities also included are:  Mountain hiking, Bungee jumping, Volunteering (activities at orphanages and interaction with children experiencing disabilities), Chinese cooking lessons, Kungfu classes, Tai chi and Yoga classes.  These activities are outlined on our Cultural Activities page.


All accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations guaranteeing safety, security and peace of mind. There is not fear to be entertained as we remain responsible for changing accommodations in case our participants do not like them. Pictures and addresses of accommodations are sent to participants for approval before the final contract is signed. We get host Families to sign our Statement of Liability as well as Accommodation Privacy Assurance before apartments are booked. Injury and other.


Grab this opportunity to live with native Chinese families under the same roof. Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture as well as get networked with Chinese families that are eager to invite you for a visit to China whenever you deem fit. These Families are well-to-do Chinese Host Families that have met our rigorous accommodation standards and have hosted successfully our participants in the past. They maintain a clean and safe environment for human inhabitance. As Chinese family members communicate in Chinese language, it is an opportunity to accelerate Chinese speaking skills over a shorter duration. CIP recommends this option for participants that would like to live in a Chinese language setting and are willing to speed up their speaking and listening skills. They lead the immersion process while CIP also arranges activities to top up the process. It is a complete system to make it a summer to remember. Read more on our accommodation page.

Shared apartments

Shared apartments are also very fine opportunity to get along with Chinese and get immersed into the local culture. It is a two bedroom facility which our participants share with other young Chinese. Both residents share all facilities, but privacy is guaranteed in the strictest sense. This is in a bid to keep our participants still connected to native Chinese. There have been countless occasions when this friendship results to business. In case participants arrive and do not like the apartments, we make changes for them. This accommodation arrangements are located about 30 to 40 minutes from work and are assessable to bus stations and the subway.

Private apartment

This is arranged for participants who do not really care about budget and would like to spend few more dollars to secure very posh apartments in the city. We provide this to satisfy our participants. These apartments are a bit expensive than other options. These are located at premium parts of the city and closer to places of study.
Also, note that there are Hotel Accommodations in our Summer Programs available through our partner hotels which our participants can occupy depending on their budget size. From 3 star to 5-star hotels are available for booking. We also provide accommodation into Youth Hostels.

Our Safety and Support Commitment

First and foremost, China Internship Placements is committed to the safety of all participants right from application till the end of the program in China and beyond. We keep to our support pledge with the intention of making sure that all stakeholders are given the needed guidance to realize the best out of the program. This commitment has been scribbled and inscribed into standards that guide all facets of our operations. We make sure that no individual incurs physical, mental, psychological injury or stress in the process of taking part of in our China Programs. Our services are induced to guarantee satisfaction. All our products are therefore safe for participants including our Top Quality Gap Year Program.
Our approach to safety is as follows . First, CIP does regular through auditing of all safety processes incorporated in all programs. Also, we make available all information to help participants make good decisions of whether to participate or not. This information are released during the first contact with the client and also updated to our Health and Safety Standards page. We also conduct pre departure briefing segments. CIP conduct through orientation for participants within 24 hours of arrival to reduce possible risks. Our Gap Year Staff are kept on the field most of the times to make sure participants are safe and follow our safety plans. They keep a close eye on them and report to our Programs Manager who holds executive position ate BOD of directors’ level. They also keep 24/7 contact with all participants to provide emergency support.


We are the only company providing Insurance for free at no extra cost for Internship, Study, Travel participants. We do this as a commitment to making sure we prove our adherence to safety measures and standards. This insurance is meant to give additional cover to emergency sickness and incapacitation that may temporarily reduce a participant’s ability to be in good shape to receive the services paid for. It is very efficient and reliable. For more information about our insurance program for Internship and Study Abroad Programs, visit Insurance page.

Pre-Departure Orientations

China Internship Program organizes pre-departure orientations online before arrival.  During this segment, participants are briefed properly about the essential highlights of the program, also including weather conditions here and any red flags one should be prepared for before arriving in China.  The online meeting also allows for participants to connect with one another, to make friends before arrival.  The Webmaster will also create a forum thread on our ever active China Internship Placements Forum- where more interactions can take place.

China Internship Placement organizes trips to selected huge multi-national organizations for participants to familiarize themselves with operations of such companies.  During these trips, participants are exposed to some workplace ethics and procedures.  Here participants could be chosen to experience internships in the future.  We do this so that participants have the opportunity to network during our Corporate Insight tours.  Trips are planned with Fortune 500 companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, BMW, Daimler, and many more.

For 10 years, China Internship Placement has been contributing to raising properly equipped future leaders through our high-quality international study abroad and exchange programs. We are committed to raising the standards of international education Abroad with properly tested systems backed by research and Development. We are committed to taking initiatives by researching to keep the industry abreast with latest standards, and we do not compromise on that.

  1. Safety. We have incorporated safety measures into the program to make sure that our participants are safe all throughout the program. We have therefore partnered Leading insurance companies in China to provide this guarantee. Join our Gap Year program with the safest provisions, visit our Insurance page for more,
  2. Quality. Given our experiences, we stand to guarantee quality Gap Year Programs in China with highest standards the industry could ever permit. Our High Standard Gap year programs have been tried and tested over time and parents rate us as the most preferred service provider.
  3. Support. Due to the reputation we have carved, we invest in human resources to make sure that participants get the best support while doing their Gap Year in China with China Internship Placements (CIP). We provide participants with bi-monthly reports of how their program is getting and test their Business, Language, and Cultural Management Skills to make sure they are making progress. Our career advisors also prepare our Affordable Gap year Program Participants to fit the position of Internationally Minded professionals.
  4. Responsibility. A provider’s willingness to accept responsibility on behalf of participants and uphold standards is paramount to sustainability. Because at China Internship Placements, we access our program risks regularly and take steps to avoid them happening, we are confident about our system and do not shirk our responsibilities. We remain responsible for the health and safety of our participants and maintain monitoring, checkups and close marking of all programs including our Affordable Gap Year in China Program.
  5. Friendship and Loyalty. These two terms go hand in hand and never conflicts that’s why China Internship Placements never misses the opportunity to honor loyalty as a means to creating a lasting relationship with our participants. We deem it a great opportunity to serve as many future leaders as possible which connect us to the future. We value the trust our participants have, and we show appreciation by delivering Top Quality Gap Year Programs in China.
  6. Parental Access and Communication. Parents and Guardians are given 100% say in the final program outline. CIP Gap Year Programs allow parents and Guardians to scrutinize our program contents and we are available to discuss extensively before final arrangements are made. We have therefore dedicated information For Parents page to disclose how we collaborate to balance expectations.
  7. Career Advisors from participants institutions also have the right to interact with us before the final components of our International Gap Year are finalized.

We motivate participants to challenge themselves to acquire valuable skills and also get immersed into a new language and culture.

Why Learn Chinese WIth CIP During the Summer


Modern Approach to Learning Mandarin

Study in an internationally induced atmosphere mixed with participants from all over the world, expats, business community. Have an opportunity to speedily improve their Chinese language skills through a-30- hour intensive language studies per week. This is garnished with optional one-on-one or group lessons. Participants are allowed to select one of these options in addition to the normal coursework.


Customized to Your Level

Enroll in language classes that are exactly your level. China Internship Placements’ Affordable Summer Study Abroad Program in China tests all participants’ level before placing them into their various classes. At CIP, no square pegs are allowed into round holes: meaning right price for right value.


Experience China like a local

Efficiently combine our summer Chinese language course lessons with trips and excursions to historical sites. It is an opportunity to explore the cities properly rather than seeing them in pictures. Experience adrenaline igniting segments like hiking, Swimming competitions, Dumpling cooking, Chinese Calligraphy, and explore traditional sites such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven. For a comprehensive list of Cultural activities and trips visits our cultural immersion page for more and refer to our city pages as well for exciting places.


Location and Cities

Intensive Chinese Language programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.


The Extras

Gain the deeper satisfaction by giving back to society and engaging in our volunteering program at no extra fee. There are exciting projects like Teaching Migrant Children basic English skills, spend time caring for the aged, Environmental conservation and many more. Check our volunteering page for more. These are available based on city and location.


Extended Weekend Trips

Participants are allowed to spend weekends embarking on a dream tour visiting a wonderful Chinese tourist site which they have longed to ever see* Visit our tour China guide page.


Support & Language Partners

China Internship Placements Provides Learning materials including books, Facilities and language partners who are locals

Learn Intensive Chinese Lessons this Summer

There exists another Program option called Summer Accelerated Chinese Language Study organized in partnership with our partner language Institutions located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing. It is designed to be, flexible and combines Group Intensive Chinese Lessons with One on One or private Studies. It is flexible and could be tailored to personal schedules and there are makeup classes as well. Throughout the summer, the course combines intensive Mandarin (Chinese Language) language lessons, weekly cultural trips and tour program, a homestay accommodation option, and volunteering, corporate courtesy calls. It is not just an opportunity to intensively study the Chinese language with natives to acquire the original accent but also to discover China and its century of history. It is an opportunity to spice your summer with a tight combination of language program contents.Whichever option is selected, the components are intact and does not vary.We combine the fun and the studies that’s why it intensive. The program runs in china’s most exciting culturally aware cities Beijing, shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. Visit our Chinese study location pages for the in-depth insight into each of these cities.

Read More

Our Summer Program in China offers intellectual discovery, cross-cultural awareness, and personal growth. By joining one of our Summer Programs, you’ll together with other participants from all over the world gain a complete awareness about Chinese Business Environment and Economy, confidence, and skills to help prepare you for life.

China Internship Placements has for the past 8 years been organizing Safe and captivating Summer Programs in all cities China with 93% positive reviews and satisfaction. Just as our philosophy indicates, we review our programs each year to reflect changing situations for Summer Programs and incorporating new Standards. It is our passion and we do it best.Our Summer Programs incorporate a complete blend of ignited Experience, excitement and above all transformation. No wonder we are the only Internship and Study Abroad Professionals with huge research department. We release at least 3 reports from our field every year. We ensure our participants and remain responsible for their safety.

Summer Programs in China

While we provide mainstream programs running any time of the year, we also hold summer and winter programs to serve participants who are busy with their academic work during the year. Our International Summer Programs in china are meant for Young graduates, undergraduates and all and sundry who would like to make meaningful use of the summer with travel opportunities.

Our programs are held in China’s magnificent cities with future opportunities for Young Graduates and High School Students. These cities present golden opportunities whichever is finally selected as the destination, the value is the same CIP will make sure participants’ expectations are met. Our summer Programs in Shanghai is ideal and content rich. Shanghai is a commercial giant, financial and cultural hub, and home to the largest container port on Earth. Taking your Internships and study programs will bring the world to your doorstep.

Beijing is no exception it is a living testimony to a coexistence of modern and historical part of China. It comes with full swag as its culture and accent is considered the native of Mandarin. Other interesting cities like Shenzhen which is very close to Hong Kong with at least 2 international companies formed each day that is what we call economic speed. Nanjing also like Beijing has serious developments and historical antecedents worth knowing about.

Gap Year Chinese Immersion

This program is designed for participants who wish to take a year or semester between high school and college in order to discover the world, learn Chinese Language and improve their strengths. The program also admits University/college students looking to take a year out of university and build their profile

Intensive Summer Chinese Language

Join our Summer Mandarin Programs and explore China as a local. We combine intensive Chinese language lessons, cultural trips, and deep immersion. Applicants can also intern in China. Due to a high application, we accept only selected few based early application

Get Started with CIP

Wondering why CIP is an ideal platform for your Immersion and Language study in China? Check out a list of compelling reasons why we are a cut above cutting edge for international internships and study abroad opportunities. Identify how the CIP Platform can help you plan your study and Internship Abroad.

A Wonderful Review

You know it’s not easy to please parents but we did! Listen to a proud Father talking about CIP and the transformation his daughter had on our program


Learn the language with accredited courses designed to fit. Don’t get left behind: full immersion study for best results!


Regardless of program, all accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations guaranteeing safety, security and peace of mind. Let CIP handle arranging your accommodation before you arrive, ensuring on arrival your new place is ready for you to make it home.

Choose an accommodation option that suits you. Three main options are available, with special requests handled on a case-by-case basis. For more on CIP accommodations and for more photos, visit our Accommodation Page


Live with local resident Chinese families under the same roof. Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture, while networking with Chinese families that are eager to welcome you to China.


Shared apartments are a great opportunity to get immersed into the local culture. Share accommodation with a young Chinese counterpart, while having a level of privacy.


Want complete privacy? Need more space? Everything from retrofitted studio apartments to spacious apartments are available – according to your budget and needs.

CIP Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it directly from past program participants across a range f fields. Have questions? Read more review on the popular sites linked below.


Learn the language with accredited courses designed to fit. Don’t get left behind: full immersion study for best results!