We deal with all deadlines, university communication, Booking Accommodation, airport pickups, support and personalized packages that you will not get from directly from the university. Our services Help you assimilate into the Chinese environment with ease and discover China.

Still Wondering why you should apply for the Peking University Chinese Language Program through CIP? Its simple, your visit to China must be complete, rewarding and immersive but learning Chinese only is not enough to enhance your exposure in China. CIP Guarantees a complete immersion by helping our participants to combine work experiences and internships with Intensive Chinese Language.  What about volunteering and traveling while in China. Submit your application now

Learn Chinese Language at Peking University

Our Peking University Chinese Language Program presents a unique opportunity for participants to experience quality university Chinese language study in China. It combines University Chinese language lessons with structured curriculum and Cultural trips and immersion program activities to deliver excellent University Mandarin Program. CIP’s Peking University Chinese Language program is hosted in China’s finest university campus with classes hosted in most of the prestigious facilities. Participants are screened properly and placed into the right class so they could reap full benefits of the Program. All of our University Chinese language programs have facets of Listening, Speaking, and Writing very comprehensive enough to get you going. Assessments are done periodically with class works, homework, reading tests, listing proficiency test so we know how our participants are doing. If there is the need for extra lessons, we make such arrangements without charging anything extra.

Peking University in Video

Entreprenuership Internship in China

Peking University is one of the Best Institutions in Beijing for Learning Chinese Mandarin. Inquire now for more information and Free Consultation.

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Peking University Programs

Studying in China’s Best university accords your grades respect. Spend a Semester or a year at Peking University studying Mandarin and getting immersed into the culture, develop your business skills and get credit. The program combines fun, university curriculum, and travel opportunities. There are Winter, Fall and spring Programs too!  Submit your Application now. Summer Chinese Language Program at Peking University exposes you to the opportunity to develop your Mandarin skills and jump ahead in the Job market.  These Language Programs run at various levels from Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and  Advanced levels

A Year Peking University Chinese Language Program

Want to Learn the Chinese language for a Year? We will recommend the Peking University Chinese language or study abroad. It is a well designed and intensive Chinese language course in Beijing which gets you advance upon your Chinese language skills. The Program presents you the opportunity to immerse and live with locals. There are classes for Basic, intermediate and advanced learners.

Semester Chinese Language Program – Peking University

Want to study Chinese Language for a Semester? Peking University will be a great consideration as its one of the Best Universities to study Chinese Language in China. A semester spent learning Mandarin at Peking University will make a considerable difference in your language skills. With a structured an intensive classroom and field trips you are sure to excel.

We also help participants combine internship with Chinese language Studies to complement their experience in China

Peking University Summer Chinese Language Program

Summer is a perfect time to enroll in the Peking University Chinese Language Program. The university is one of the oldest in China with the well-developed curriculum. Participants get credit transfer to their home universities. The summer mandarin Program at Peking university combines trips, social activities and classroom lessons which are meant to be fun and fulfilling. The Peking University Summer Program is also hosted on the CIP platform, we assist with all preparations, deadlines and support to ensure augmented cultural and immersive experience

Life Style - Explore Beijing Like a Local

Program Highlight

Our University Chinese language Program in China is featured in Peking University. Established in 1898, Peking University (PKU) is the foremost national university established in Chinese modern history. Peking University is respected for its outstanding research facilities and highly qualified teachers and researchers with extensive research interests and in-depth knowledge. Among some of its useful research outbreaks is how to perfectly tutor foreigners to grab Chinese language Better. Peking University’s library is the largest in Asia with key information resources attached. The library also serves as a comprehensive modern information center and holds very important archives relevant to the Chinese Government. The university has a captivating environment beyond international standards ready to host our international students participating in the University Mandarin Program in China. International students studying here should expect a magnificent environment, state of the art language facilities and resources.

Using CIP’s platform for your Chinese language study in China, grants you extra support than you will ever get else where. You will gain access to complete 24/7 support, and we will design it to your expectation.

Our programs are unique with personalized contents. You will get more on the CIP platform
Free Internship arrangements. Internship could be added at no extra cost
You will be paired with a language partner in order to accelerate your speaking skills
Participants are given the opportunity to exploit identified opportunities with our given network base
Professionally developed combining classroom lessons and cultural trips and immersion
Very flexible with add-on options like Internships, Volunteering, Travel, and Teaching
Intensify the course with additional study hours to accelerate proficiency


Due to the volume of applications received on a daily basis, we have built a standard application procedure that all applications should go through. Due to the structured nature of this Program, we require that all applicants adhere to dates

Submit Application and Book Appointment

After submitting your application, you will be allocated to a personal program consultant who will help you book an appointment to speak with the team. Your expectations will be collected and the program processed detailed out.

Planning Phase

After an appointment with our team, we will use information gathered to design a complete program. Final Program draft will be submitted to you in a form of proposal. You reserve the right to demand corrections and additions.

Approval and Admission

You have to approve the content, price and all details. Then CIP will create a profile for you and submit your application to our partner universities. At this point, applicants have to Pay Program Processing fee and then we proceed with submitting all details to the university. Admission letters will be issued thereafter

Execution and Delivery

At this Point, the program is well matured and you will go through orientations and pre arrival preparations including visa etc Bingo! You are welcome to China and we will treat you to a professional study abroad Program

Peking University Summer Program and Immersion Content. Get the best of your China Trip

Peking University Mandarin Program Components

Learn Mandarin with a university curriculum! Our University intensive Mandarin Program presents the best combination of components that maximize your resources and experience while on a Study abroad project in China. Speed up your Mandarin skills with intensive Chinese language arrangements, and stay safe with our Insurance worth $100,000 health expenditure and emergency evacuation.

Intensive / Standard University Classes
Business Seminars & Networking Events
All Leaning Materials including books & Library Registeration
Accommodation, Visa & Insurance
Cultural Immersion, Weekend and Social Activities
All Comprehensive Components or Our Language Programs

About Peking University Chinese Language Program

The Peking University Chinese Language Study Program is designed for international students expecting to learn Chinese Language and Chinese culture in a Mandarin school in Beijing. Participants will learn Intensive Chinese within the PKU Structured curriculum as visiting students and could transfer credit to their local universities.
The PKU Intensive semester Chinese Language program is divided into Three Components including elementary, intermediate, and advanced level. You will be tested and placed in the right category. Aside from the Chinese language Course, Peking University also offer Students several cultural immersion activities and exposure to complete their stay.

After successfully completing  Chinese Language Study at PKU, students receive certificates and an official document bearing their transcripts. The Program is usually a semester, but there are opportunities for long-term and summer Chinese Mandarin Courses

PKU Chinese Language Course and Transcripts

Transcripts and Certification

Upon successful completion of CIP mandarin program at Shanghai Jiaotong University, you can receive an official certificate and transcript from the university which is accepted by most other universities around the world. Successful completion requires an 80% attendance rate and passing grades for the exams and overall course. Upon the completion of the course, CIP will provide you with all the necessary documentation and assistance for credit transfer.

Peking University Chinese Language Fees and Locations


Study Chinese in China Program Package

Our prices are made to contain much programs as possible than any competitor program. Check our Program contents page for more

  • Perfect language classes arrangements in to preferred program
  • Accommodation
  • Health Insurance
  • Airport Pick up
  • Visa Support
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Guided tour around China
  • 24/7 support
  • Language partner
  • City tour and shopping
  • Extra private Chinese lesson classes
  • Weekend Cultural activities
  • Welcome package: Local SIM Card and Mobile phone, City Map, Orientation, Settlement support

Our participants will take part in excursion over selected weekends during the summer program.  There exists a couple of CIP itinerary options, participants simply choose their best fit.  Each of these programs have separate destinations and themes.  During these cultural trips participants can experience a more personal interaction with others from different time zones of the world.  Our cities and locations harbor massive historical sites such as: The Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City (all in Beijing).  In shanghai, there is a combination of history and modernity, with places such as The Bund & Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Park, World financial Center, and much more. There exists a solid depository of Temples, Parks, Mausoleums in other cities like Nanjing and Shenzhen.  Check our Tour China Guide Page for deeper insights.  Activities also included are:  Mountain hiking, Bungee jumping, Volunteering (activities at orphanages and interaction with children experiencing disabilities), Chinese cooking lessons, Kungfu classes, Tai chi and Yoga classes.  These activities are outlined on our Cultural Activities page.

Peking University Chinese Language Program Accommodation Types


All accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations, guaranteeing safety, security, and peace of mind.  There is no fear to be entertained as we remain responsible for changing accommodations in case our participants are not satisfied.  Pictures and addresses of accommodations are sent to participants for approval before a final contract is signed.  We get host Families to sign our Statement of Liability as well as Accommodation Privacy Assurance, before apartments are booked.


Grab this opportunity to live with native Chinese families under the same roof.  Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture as well as get networked with awesome Chinese families, many of whom are eager to invite you for a visit to China whenever you deem fit.  These Families are well-to-do Chinese Host Families that have met our rigorous accommodation standards and have hosted successfully our participants in the past.  They maintain a clean and safe environment for human inhabitance.  As Chinese family members communicate in the Chinese language, it is an opportunity to accelerate Chinese speaking skills over a shorter duration.  CIP recommends this option for participants that would like to live in a Chinese language setting and are willing to speed up their speaking and listening skills through FULL ‘accommodation immersion’.  The Host Families lead the immersion process, while CIP also arranges activities to top up the process.  It is a complete system to make it a summer to remember.  Read more on our Accommodation page.

Shared Apartments

Shared apartments are also a very fine opportunity to get along with the Chinese and get immersed into the local culture.  It is a two bedroom facility which our participants share with other young Chinese.  Both residents share all facilities, but privacy is guaranteed in the strictest sense.  This is in a bid to keep our participants still connected to native Chinese.  There have been countless occasions when this friendship results in a great business relationship as well.  In case participants arrive and do not like the apartments, we are able to make changes for them.  These accommodation arrangements are located about 30 to 40 minutes from work and are assessable to bus stations and the subway.

Private Apartment

This is arranged for participants who do not really worry too much about ‘budget’ and would like to spend few more dollars to secure very posh apartments in the city.  We provide this to satisfy our participants.  These apartments are a bit more expensive than other options.  These are located at premium parts of the city and closer to one’s location of study.
Also, note that there are Hotel Accommodations in our Summer Programs available through our partner hotels which our participants can occupy depending on their budget size.  From 3 star to 5-star hotels are available for booking.  We also can provide accommodations in Youth Hostels.

Program Cities

Our High-Quality Gap Year in China Program is located in China’s most exciting cities with rich historical, cultural and traditional traces suitable for immersing our Gap Year Participants into Chinese culture. These Gap Year locations in China enhance participants understanding of all aspects of China. They present on daily basis opportunities to practice language and interact with the local Chinese people.
Our Affordable Gap Year Program is located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xian and much more.

Our Safety and Support Commitment

First and foremost, China Internship Placements is committed to the safety of all participants right from application till the end of the program in China and beyond. We keep to our support pledge with the intention of making sure that all stakeholders are given the needed guidance to realize the best out of the program. This commitment has been scribbled and inscribed into standards that guide all facets of our operations. We make sure that no individual incurs physical, mental, psychological injury or stress in the process of taking part of in our China Programs. Our services are induced to guarantee satisfaction. All our products are therefore safe for participants including our Top Quality Gap Year Program.
Our approach to safety for our Peking University Chinese Language Program Participants is as follow. First, CIP does regular through auditing of all safety processes incorporated in all programs. Also, we make available all information to help participants make good decisions of whether to participate or not. This information are released during the first contact with the client and also updated to our Health and Safety Standards page. We also conduct pre departure briefing segments. CIP conduct through orientation for participants within 24 hours of arrival to reduce possible risks. Our Gap Year Staff are kept on the field most of the times to make sure participants are safe and follow our safety plans. They keep a close eye on them and report to our Programs Manager who holds executive position ate BOD of directors’ level. They also keep 24/7 contact with all participants to provide emergency support.


All participants in our Peking University Chinese Language Program shall be insured. We are the only company providing Insurance for free at no extra cost for Internship, Study, Travel participants. We do this as a commitment to making sure we prove our adherence to safety measures and standards. This insurance is meant to give additional cover to emergency sickness and incapacitation that may temporarily reduce a participant’s ability to be in good shape to receive the services paid for. It is very efficient and reliable. For more information about our insurance program for Internship and Study Abroad Programs, visit Insurance page.

Pre-Departure Orientations

China Internship Program organizes pre-departure orientations online before arrival.  During this segment, participants are briefed properly about the essential highlights of the program, also including weather conditions here and any red flags one should be prepared for before arriving in China.  The online meeting also allows for participants to connect with one another, to make friends before arrival.  The Webmaster will also create a forum thread on our ever active China Internship Placements Forum- where more interactions can take place. The same procedure applies to Peking University Summer Chinese Language Program Participants

During the Peking University Summer Chinese Language Program, China Internship Placement organizes trips to selected huge multi-national organizations for participants to familiarize themselves with operations of such companies.  During these trips, participants are exposed to some workplace ethics and procedures.  Here participants could be chosen to experience internships in the future.  We do this so that participants have the opportunity to network during our Corporate Insight tours.  Trips are planned with Fortune 500 companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, BMW, Daimler, and many more.

CIP’s Chinese Language Partner Program is a unique feature of our Study and Internship programs, professionally crafted to speed and consolidate listening, speaking and writing skills of our participants.  It is so unique that our competitors do not have it.  Participants get paired with Chinese University graduates trained in teaching Chinese as a second International language for one-on-one Mandarin language lessons.  Tutorials are held at the convenience of our language tutors with more hours available upon request.  These segments provide participants with additional Chinese language practice in Mandarin.

  • 200 characters will be enough to survive at a basic level on a day to day basis – introduce yourself, give directions to a taxi driver, order basic food and drink
  • 800 characters will allow you to hold basic conversations in Chinese, talk about the weather, your likes and dislikes, perform day to day tasks such as doing your shopping and almost effortlessly getting around town
  •  1500 characters will allow you to be able to read a newspaper without fully understanding all the characters, but allowing you to get a good grip on the context of the articles
  • 2500 – 3500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese high-school graduate. You will be able to fully read and understand newspapers and television programs, and be able to hold detailed conversation on a variety of topics
  • 4500 – 5500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese University graduate. At this level you could be expected to operate fluently within any situation, both professional and private, translate high-level documents and engage in conversations at all levels and for all intents and purposes operate as a well-educated “local”
  •  20,000 – 30,000 characters puts you within a very small group of linguistic academic experts who command a very rare knowledge of all obscure vocabulary and subtleties contained within the Mandarin Chinese language. Not many people, foreign or local, ever reach this level – but there’s no harm in trying

For 10 years, China Internship Placement has been contributing to raising properly equipped future leaders through our high-quality international study abroad and exchange programs. We are committed to raising the standards of international education Abroad with properly tested systems backed by research and Development. We are committed to taking initiatives by researching to keep the industry abreast with latest standards, and we do not compromise on that.

  1. Safety. We have incorporated safety measures into the program to make sure that our participants are safe all throughout the program. We have therefore partnered Leading insurance companies in China to provide this guarantee. Join our Gap Year program with the safest provisions, visit our Insurance page for more,
  2. Quality. Given our experiences, we stand to guarantee quality Gap Year Programs in China with highest standards the industry could ever permit. Our High Standard Gap year programs have been tried and tested over time and parents rate us as the most preferred service provider.
  3. Support. Due to the reputation we have carved, we invest in human resources to make sure that participants get the best support while doing their Gap Year in China with China Internship Placements (CIP). We provide participants with bi-monthly reports of how their program is getting and test their Business, Language, and Cultural Management Skills to make sure they are making progress. Our career advisors also prepare our Affordable Gap year Program Participants to fit the position of Internationally Minded professionals.
  4. Responsibility. A provider’s willingness to accept responsibility on behalf of participants and uphold standards is paramount to sustainability. Because at China Internship Placements, we access our program risks regularly and take steps to avoid them happening, we are confident about our system and do not shirk our responsibilities. We remain responsible for the health and safety of our participants and maintain monitoring, checkups and close marking of all programs including our Affordable Gap Year in China Program.
  5. Friendship and Loyalty. These two terms go hand in hand and never conflicts that’s why China Internship Placements never misses the opportunity to honor loyalty as a means to creating a lasting relationship with our participants. We deem it a great opportunity to serve as many future leaders as possible which connect us to the future. We value the trust our participants have, and we show appreciation by delivering Top Quality Gap Year Programs in China.
  6. Parental Access and Communication. Parents and Guardians are given 100% say in the final program outline. CIP Gap Year Programs allow parents and Guardians to scrutinize our program contents and we are available to discuss extensively before final arrangements are made. We have therefore dedicated information For Parents page to disclose how we collaborate to balance expectations.
  7. Career Advisors from participants institutions also have the right to interact with us before the final components of our International Gap Year are finalized.

We motivate participants to challenge themselves to acquire valuable skills and also get immersed into a new language and culture.

Program Application Dates



Application Deadline

Program Start Date

Program End Date

Spring 4 Weeks 10th Jan 2018 26th Feb 2018   23rd Mar 2018
1-Semester 10th Jan 2018 TBA Feb 2018 TBA Jun 2018
1-Year 10th Jan 2018 TBA Feb 2018 TBA Jan 2019
Summer 4 Weeks 29th May 2018 2nd Jul 2018 27th Jul 2018
4 Weeks 29th May 2018 6th Aug 2018 31st Aug 2018
6 Weeks 29th May 2018 2nd Jul 2018 10th Aug 2018
8 Weeks 29th May 2018 2nd Jul 2018 24th Aug 2018
Fall 1-Semester 10th Jul 2018 TBA Sep 2018 TBA Jan 2019
1-Year 10th Jul 2018 TBA Sep 2018 TBA Jul 2019

Peking University Chinese Language Prices

**(Always confim the right price from your Personal Program Consultant)

Program Length



4 weeks $3980
6 weeks $4980
8 weeks $5490
12 weeks $6,890
1 Semester $9,980
1 Year $17,980

These prices are estimated as universities reserve the right to make Changes at any time. These prices may be few hundreds higher or lower. Apply now to speak with our Program Consultants

CIP is Unique

Mentoring & coaching

Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff.

Transformative & Customized

Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff.

Safe & Immersive

All 20 of our Program Modules including Summer Internship Programs are designed to be safe, immersive and supportive. This reflects in our ability to gain trust and endorsement in the career industry.

Choice of Locations

China Internship Placements offers Paid Internships Program in China as well as Intensive Chinese Language programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.

Study Mandarin in Beijing: The Seat Of Government

Spend a Semester, A year, studying Chinese Language at Peking University. Join participants from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy and the rest of the world to a deep cultural immersion and read to discover China like a local. Combine, Chinese lessons with Travel, Cultural immersion, and Fun. Apply Now to reserve your spot for our winter and summer at Peking University


Regardless of program, all accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations guaranteeing safety, security and peace of mind. Let CIP handle arranging your accommodation before you arrive, ensuring on arrival your new place is ready for you to make it home.

Choose an accommodation option that suits you. Three main options are available, with special requests handled on a case-by-case basis. For more on CIP accommodations and for more photos, visit our Accommodation Page


Live with local resident Chinese families under the same roof. Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture, while networking with Chinese families that are eager to welcome you to China.


Shared apartments are a great opportunity to get immersed into the local culture. Share accommodation with a young Chinese counterpart, while having a level of privacy.


Want complete privacy? Need more space? Everything from retrofitted studio apartments to spacious apartments are available – according to your budget and needs.

CIP Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it directly from past program participants across a range f fields. Have questions? Read more review on the popular sites linked below.