Standardized Application Process for Study and Intern Abroad Programs

We have standardized our application process, as China Internship Placements’ Applications Review Staff tries their best to critically analyze every single application.  Due to the amount of applications we get every day, we try to make sure that every client is given equal attention.  We have therefore outlined the following steps to guide applicants in applying for our China Internships and Study Abroad Programs.  We encourage you to visit our prices and dates page to be aware of the deadlines for programs, as we would hate for you to miss them!

The Process

As you are ready to apply for internships in China, you will be guided through step by step procedures with our team of Program Consultants that will provide you with enough information to help you make an informed decision about an internship abroad with China Internship Placements.

It is real that the demand for internships in China has increased over the recent years and the benefits of interning in China cannot be overly emphasized.  It is obvious because the winds of speedy economic growth can be felt in China as well as outside of it’s borders, and this has warranted a corresponding increase in the hunt for talents abroad by multinational companies here in China.  Their main requirement, is to locate Young graduates that have what it takes to be team players and who are innovative enough to carry out corporate agendas.  China Internships Placements is one of the largest Internship Service Providers in China.  CIP is properly networked to these Multinational Organizations who are in search of fine ‘Talents’.  We have been able to place more than 2000 applicants- an enourmous and rewarding experience!  We do not play games with our applicants.  Apply to enjoy our services, as that’s the best way to launch your career with International Internships for Graduates.

For more information about our alumni reviews we recommend you visit our Review main page for Video Testimonials, Reviews, Diaries, Blogs and what the news media is saying about us.

Chinese language program Application

Our Chinese Language Program application process is also streamlined to be simple and straight forward without any hassle. To ensure efficiency, we prepared these steps to guide you

  1. Submit and Application or inquiry
  2. Our Program Consultants will assist you book appointment with the team
  3. During the Appointment, we will record your expectations during the appointment and plan the program according to your expectation
  4. We will send you a proposal of how the program should be delivered
  5. You will review and confirm, and then we begin the payment of processing fee.
  6. If you are coming on the ticket of your university through group programs, you may not need to pay process fee.

Internship Application Process

Get the step by step application process into our China Internships. Wondering how to find an internship in China? follow these simple steps and secure an internship that boosts your profile and prepares you for the Job market

Step 1: Apply

In order to begin your internship, you will need to submit an electronic application to our program. You can do this on our Apply page. Please familiarize yourself with our different programs before submitting your application.

Our programs run on a regular basis throughout the year. Please browse our Prices & Dates page for more details about our specific program start dates.

Step 2: Application Review

Upon receiving your application, it will be reviewed by your Placement  Team who will initially assess your suitability for our programs. They will review your entire application, paying attention in particular to your CV/resume and answers to our long-form questions.

We find that applicants who spend time creating a comprehensive and well thought application will have substantially higher chances of succeeding with their application. We always recommend utilizing our Live Chat services if you do have any questions about our applicant requirements or criteria.

Note: Please ensure your uploaded CV/resume is no more than two pages.

Step 3: Preliminary Information Segment and Interview

Those applicants who are successful at the application review stage will be invited for a skype/telephone interview.

The interview will be 20 minutes and information segment another 20- minutes long and your interview performance will be taken into consideration when determining the final outcome of your application. We will assess:

  • Your suitability for our program interning in China
  • Your relevant past working and voluntary experience
  • Your interest in China and the specific industry for which you applied

Your interview will usually be conducted by a member of our Placement or Programs Team who are trained to understand the key competencies a program intern needs to possess; you will be assessed for these skills as part of your telephone interview. This assessment will be conducted through a series of situational and evidence-based questions.

Step 4: Outcome and Proposal

After your interview, within 24 hours depending on the number of applicants interviewed withing a day, you’ll be informed of the outcome of your application to join our China Internship Program by email. If you are successful with your application, you’ll receive an offer which will formally invite you to join the program and details how to confirm your place.

Step 5: Offer Generation and Placement Process

After paying the Program deposit, your profile will be created on our Management Information system. The MIS is an inbuilt system which we have invested into making sure placements are smooth, fast and efficient.  Companies will be given access to your profile and then they review and then prepare offers. These offers will be sent to you and then you decide amongst the opportunities presented.

After your decision, we will arrange a conversation between applicants and the HR of the host company. We will prepare you to nail the conversations right. This presents a golden opportunity to introduce yourself and learn more about the organization and your role. You may also start a rapport with your team, ask all relevant questions. At this point, interns are supposed to make full program payment because you would have spoke with the company and be sure the opportunity is worth your time and resources. We then proceed to sign a contract with the Host company. Before we sign any contract with the company, Program fees must be paid in full unless there is an express agreement between applicants and our placement team.

Note the Following:

  1. After the conversation with the HR of your host company, you have maximum of 10 working days to complete the full program fee payment
  2. Payments that delay will result in automatic forfeiture of the role and we reserve the right to pass the roles unto another applicant without recourse to any remedy
  3. Placement will be completed at least 2 weeks before arrival any detail will duly be communicated

Step 6: BINGO!!! You are in. Welcome, orientation and logistic preparations

Visa process, orientation, and other logistic preparations start. The client service department and arrival operations will make sure the transitioning goes well and smooth. We also send you materials and podcasts to help prepare you for the program.

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Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff.



Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff.



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