The China Experts

For a decade of operating in China, we understand its pulse. Aside from Partnering, we also help your Universities gain access to our networks, in order to penetrate the Chinese Market for admissions.

Internship in China

Partnering Educators, Agencies and Other Stakeholders

CIP works together with Agencies, Educators to impact the outcome of University and College Products through responsible Internship and Study Abroad Programs.

Preparing Students and Graduates for the Future

CIP is a Professional One-Stop Platform for international experience enhancement (internships) and Study Abroad immersion programs. We combine internships, language lessons, Business Seminars and Networking events with trips for a full China exposure. Over the past 8 years, we have worked with several universities and educators to positively impact the career of young students and young graduates. Join us on the Journey to churning quality university products




What The Host Companies Had to Say

CIP partners with Multinational organizations in China to deliver professional internship Programs. We commit to improving the pool of organizations we work with, no wonder we are able to effectively place students into any sector of their choice. We nurture these relationships through professional consulting services and research. Our Partner companies are always happy as we deliver to their expectations. Same manner of professionalism is applied when partnering with universities to deliver unique study abroad and internships in China

Internship in China

Program Features

We are experts when it comes to Programs in China. CIP concentrates its resources in mastering study abroad programs in China alone. With a wide variety of networks including government and HR connections, we are able to provide varieties. That’s why we are the one-stop platform for all study abroad and internship programs in China.

China Internship Programs



  • Participants are allocated to seasoned Certified career coaches from USA & UK
  • The program provides Career Direction and Exit briefing — what’s next after internship?
  • Properly designed Job search and career Strategies of coaches in the Silicon valley and wall street


  • Designed to push participants ahead of 95% of their peers
  • Internship Placements are carried based on individual strength
  • Intensive with 176 hours of professional work engagement per month
  • Carried out in a matured atmosphere for Career development


  • Participants explore China to the Max with Cultural exposure and Trips
  • They are taken through Business Seminars to learn Chinese Business Ethics, Negotiation and leadership
  • All interns are Insured with iNEXT and Global Benefit Group insurance covering health and emergency Evacuation up to $100,000

Study Abroad and Immersion in China



  • We use Modern Chinese language learning Methods
  • Our Language participants experience 20% more proficiency
  • We combine classroom lessons and cultural trips, making Mandarin Easy to learn
  • Fun


  • Our programs are certified by our partner Chinese Universities
  • All participants write appropriate HSK tests at the end of the program and we support them to pass
  • Our programs are Certified by HSK Exam Centers with properly
  • Our Language Tutors are also certified and proessional


  • Participants explore China to the Max with Cultural exposure and Trips
  • Participants learn extra details about Chinese history, culture and Business
  • They are taken through Business Seminars to learn Chinese Business Ethics, Negotiation and leadership
  • All interns are Insured with iNEXT and Global Benefit Group insurance covering health and emergency Evacuation up to $100,000


Program Participants Love CIP

How to Become our Global Partner

Group Programs

For academic partners, we offer customized group programs year round. Program destinations in China, durations, and curricula may be combined as desired. If you are considering a short, single city, Explorer-type program or a semester long, multi-city, Accelerator-type program or something in between, please get in touch with us. It may be Summer, Winter spring or explore China programs, study abroad and cultural exposure.

Customized Programs

We understand universities or Education institutions may have different expectations in a Study Abroad or Internship programs. Our dedicated Program Coordinators will work with your team to make sure we design a program to meet your expectations. With Customized Programs, CIP sponsors some accompanying Staff Members to have their entire trip and expenses in China covered. Looking to customize the experience for your students? contact us 

University Branded Programs

Is your University or School Looking to Brand a study abroad or International Internship Program? Are you looking to own the process and call it as yours? There is a package for you. With our extensive network of companies and exposure to Multinational organizations, local terrain, and expert knowledge, we help partner universities plan and design Programs. You can count on our efficient and professional staff in this process

CIP Scholarship

From the CIP Opportunity Fund, We host over 20 students every year on our programs for free and the number keeps increasing every year. We allocate quota to our partner universities to give out scholarships according to their terms. This is an added bonus to Universities that take our Group Programs, Partner us on any of the study abroad or international programs. Be part of our network today

Display Our Opportunities

One of the very Basic of ways to kickstart the process of the partnership is to display our internship opportunities to student applicants. We keep track of all applications and we honor universities accordingly. We pay working visits to universities and we will surely knock your doors soon.

Agency Partnership

For Agencies looking to develop an internship program in China. We collaborate with Agencies from Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, France and other parts of Europe, America, Canada and the rest of the world. We provide on the ground supervision, arrangement logistics etc. We create branded concierge and login information for all agencies to track placement processes. Let’s discuss partnership

Our Support System

We offer all the needed support for all our partner universities. From a customized concierge to VIP access into our systems to monitor the progress of applications.

Dedicated and Personalised Concierge

Discounts on Group Programs

VIP Access to our CRM for 2 University Staff

Special Fast Track Application Process

Branded Programs With University Names / Agent Brand

2 Scholarship Slots for your University**

Why Partner with CIP is Adding Value to Students / Graduates

Lets prepare them for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Experience & Expert on China

With over a decade of Designing, operating and researching Internships and Mandarin Programs, we have lots of experience when it comes to delivering transformative programs. We derive energy from concentrating on only China

Safe and Immerssive

CIP programs are built to accommodate deep cultural immersion and exposure. The Chinese factor is huge in the job market and all our participants get it. All interns are insured up to $100,000 and emergency evacuation.

Affordable and Customized

We customize the programs to fit participants’ strength and career aspirations as we believe one size does not fit all. But we also ensure the programs are affordable to meet all budgets and participants

Solid Support Systems

They are our family. Our ratio of supervisor per participant is 1:4 which is very efficient and optimal way to making sure all interns gain adequate supervision while in China. We have robust observation systems and quick follow-up systems

We take out the Hassle

Instead of designing a program from the scratch, and the logistical issues associated with this, CIP brings on board all the networks, resources and tools needed to make sure your Students get the best. We professionally take on the tasks

Huge Network of Companies

We have over 400 multinational organizations partnering with us and 1000+ midsize and startup firms in our portfolio, no industry is tough. We also rely on our government relations and personal networks to deliver smooth programs


We are happy to work with you in designing customized programs for your students. We strive to build solid relationships with your university in presenting our revolutionized and professional internships at the doorstep of students. We provide essential services aimed at taking internships to a different level. We provide scholarship opportunities to brilliant Young graduates and we collaborate with universities to have this properly planned and executed. We believe the traditional way of organizing internship programs and other study abroad programs is far extinct and needs a new face and the utmost reason is the 21st century presents new frontier and we put our participants in a position to decode these challenges. Check Why CIP page for more information about why we stand out in the provision of internship programs.


What we do to keep this relationship more fruitful

  • We arrange affordable yet professional programs
  • We have developed platforms to keep stakeholders abreast with proceedings
  • Research about the best ways to keep ahead of the development in Internship and Study Abroad industry
  • Continual risk assessment and analysis of our programs to make it safe
  • Invest into Human resources to keep us going
  • Included Partner engagement strategies into our processes to make sure all interest are served


Internship in China