Terms and conditions


This agreement and conditions shall be valid from the day Application are submitted indicating the total commitment to our terms of doing business. Both the Participant and the Service Provider will provide the other party with notice should any amendments and adjustments be made regarding this agreement. “CIP,” “The Company,” “China Internship Placements” shall refer to the service provider.

General Clause:

  1. China Internship Placement organizes internships to meet career goals of today’s Job market and we obey Government Laws, regulations and bye-laws guiding entry of foreigners into China.
  2.  No individual’s attitude supersedes the total Agenda or our Program
  3. CIP will only admit Interns who are determined to accomplish a complete career development
  4. CIP also acts as the gatekeeper to ensure Interns who make it to our partner companies are professional as possible
  5. In addition to our terms and Conditions, Interns must obey Codes of Ethics enshrined in the Contract and offer letters issued by our partner companies

Section A

The Service Provider has the following main obligations in return for the receipt of full payment to China Internship Placements LLC:

  1. To arrange according to previously discussed specifications between the Participant and Provider, either an internship position (referred to as a placement) with the chosen internship company or a language independent program; or a combination of an internship placement and language training lessons. Including all other offers that are included in the job description below.
  2. To provide the Participant with designated, furnished accommodation on arrival in China, of which China Internship Placements LLC will pay the water, electricity and gas bill out of program fee. The Participant will need to pay a direct deposit, referred to as a safety deposit fee to the original owner of the housing option. This deposit will be fully refunded to the Participant upon check out, provided that they have not caused any damage to the furniture or appliances and no theft has occurred. In case of loss and theft of the property, a deduction will be made from the Participant’s deposit.
  3. To provide transportation from the airport to the location of the housing prepared; arrival should be between 9 am to 9 pm Beijing Time.
  4. To provide contact details of the program coordinator in Beijing, Shanghai or other cities as applicable to provide support and assistance to the Participant in case of difficulty or problems.
  5. To provide a welcome pack and orientation for the Participant. The welcome package will contain a Transport card and a sim card preloaded with about 100 RMB of credit and will be uploaded by the participant.
  6. In order to serve our clients, CIP partners with other institutions for delivering services and their terms and conditions also count and will be considered in terms of delivering refunds.
  7. Because we serve a large number of interns, CIP reserves the right to alter parts of the program to fit the majority of our clients. These changes will be communicated to clients on arrival and do not constitute a breach of contract.
  8. Clients who do not avail themselves of the delivery of our service packages are not entitled to any refund or whatsoever.


Section B

Clause 1: All China Internship Placements LLC total program fee and application fees may or may not be refundable under the following conditions:

  1. CIP reserves the right to charge a program processing and deposit fee because we want to deal with applicants that are willing and able to make the journey to China. This makes us efficient at what we do.
  2. Clients are supposed to list 3 sectors out of which offers will be made. A non-desirable offer is then determined where the offers provided by CIP does not match any of the 3 expected sectors of our client.
  3. Application fee US$300 is nonrefundable if any cancellation is proposed by the Participant. In the case that China Internship Placements LLC itself is unable to make a preliminary placement, the program deposit will be refunded back to the applicant without deductions.
  4. In the case that China Internship Placements LLC cancels a Participant’s whole arrangement (where participant pays full program fee) at no fault of the Participant, then a refund of the Program fee will be made net of expenses incurred as at the termination of the contract but without any extra compensation. This does not include an intern terminating their own internship with a host company
  5. Interns who deliberately frustrate the Placement process by messing interviews with HR Team of their host companies or not responding to offers on time, Our Placement Directors reserve the right to terminate the placement process and CIP will offer no refund of deposits made.
  6. CIP Reserves the right to cancel the placement process without any refund if clients display unprofessional approach to communication and Placement Director deems them unfit to proceed. China internship is a professional Placement Company and as such deal with Clients who are ready for a real experience.
  7. When an Intern accepts an offer, the Remaining balance of the program fee is due, unless an alternate payment schedule is discussed and approved by a member of China Internship Placements LLC, be paid in full within 10 working days starting from the effective contract date for the arrangement of all packages without delay.
  8. Under no circumstance should a stipend form the basis of the cancellation of an internship arrangement. We are to provide placements that will ensure your experience and not a salary. Note that all internships in China do not pay salaries but stipends. What you receive are stipends determined at the discretion of the host company


Clause 2: As the service Provider, China Internship Placements LLC will apply the following conditions, amounts to any program cancellations by the Participant:

  1. Any cancellation from the Participant’s side must be done in written form and sent to the appropriate program coordinator or communications contact person at China Internship Placements LLC.
  2. Upon receiving a request for cancellation from the Participant, China Internship Placements LLC will refund 60% of the remaining program fee if the request is made within two months of the Participant’s official commencement date. The date of reference shall be the one on the offer letter which the intern signed to
  3. The “remaining amount” as stated above is defined by program fees less expenses incurred.
  4. After signing an offer, the placement process is deemed complete and CIP will not refund Placement cost. Signing an offer constitutes a complete definition of CIP delivering a suitable placement
  5. If a participant delays arrival and later cancels the program, CIP will not refund any or part of the program fee.
  6. If a client delays arrival due to visa issues only, CIP will make inform Host companies to avoid termination of the contract
  7. If a Participant cancels before payment of the balance fee but after paying only the initial deposit and application fee, which amount to US$300, no refund will be made.
  8. Unless previously discussed with a China Internship Placements LLC program coordinator, after paying the initial deposit and receiving the formal invitation letter, should the Participant wish to shift the dates of the proposed program or change to a different type of program, then an additional administration fee of GBP 100, USD 160 or AUS 170 will be charged.
  9. In the event that the Participant, for whatever reason wants to quit or discontinue the program after it has already begun but not yet finished, China Internship Placements LLC will not give refunds of any program component to Participants. There is no exception to this rule
  10. If a participant terminates their internship with a host company for any reason without the approval of CIP, this action is equated to the intern terminating their program, CIP is not obliged to replace the host company or offer a refund.
  11. Duration and start times will be referred to what was stated in the contract.
  12. The content on our official website and promotional material is valid, it is the responsibility of any applicant to make sure they understand or get clarity about any of our listed program to avoid misunderstandings. China Internship Placements LLC reserves the right to adjust the fees listed on the website as applicable but will notify Participants whose applications may already be in processing.
  13. If there is the need, China Internship Placements LLC reserves the right to change the partner companies/universities/housing but will notify any Participant that may be affected. In case of change, a similar program will be arranged by China Internship Placements LLC.
  14. If an Intern after arrival in China frustrates delivery of part or all of the services, CIP shall not grant any request for a refund.


Section C

China Internship Placements LLC can provide advice if requested by the Participant but is exempt from any responsibility in cases such as:

  1. Loss of passport or other relevant documents while they are in the hands of the Participant.
  2. Damage of the Participant’s property at the airport, in transit, in everyday commute to and from work, school etc.
  3. No compensation will be given by China Internship Placements LLC if a Participant misses his/her flight; China Internship Placements LLC is also not liable for any costs associated with cancelation or delayed flights.
  4. The Participant is responsible for checking that the Chinese entry visa that you are issued with at the nearest Chinese consulate office in your area is the correct type and that the length (of time) is also correct. China Internship Placements LLC will provide the Participant with the invitation letter required for you to apply for a visa as well as any allied services
  5. When the selected program officially finishes, but the Participant wishes to stay in China further but outside of the perimeters of China Internship Placements LLC’s programs, then it is up to the Participant to make their own arrangements for a visa, housing etc. We usually help in this situation but cannot guarantee results.
  6. If the Participant chooses to handle their own visa without the involvement of China Internship Placements LLC, should your visa get rejected or you get issued with the wrong type, then China Internship Placements LLC reserves the right to refuse your participation in our programs. Any consequences resulting from this remain the responsibility of the Participant.
  7. In the rare case that a Participant’s visa application has been unsuccessful but with China Internship Placements LLC facilitating it, the Participant should inform China Internship Placements LLC within 4 weeks of the program start date to get a refund of the total program fee, minus administrative charges. If however, the Participant only informs us less that one week before they start the program, then no refund will be given.
  8. Interns are obliged to provided documents needed by the embassy (varies from one country to another) in addition to the visa invitation from China which comes from CIP. If interns fail to provide these documents and for that matter, their visas get rejected, CIP will refund only 25% of the program fee.
  9. We usually will offer extension services of visas that do not cover the entire program duration
  10. China Internship Placements LLC is not liable for any costs and losses related to events of force majeure such as:
    1. Acts of war, terrorism or social disruptions
    2. Environmental and climatic changes that may lead to the delay or cancelation of flights
    3. Acts of government, law enforcement, country policy
    4. Sudden sickness or accidents on the part of the Participant or Stakeholder
    5. Damage to office/school property or accidents that happen at third party locations outside of the premises of China Internship Placements LLC offices

In instances of force majeure, then both China Internship Placements LLC and the Participant can discuss a call of action or plans to resume/terminate/postpone any arrangements.

Section D

The Participant’s obligations and responsibilities when enrolling with China Internship Placements LLC’s programs include:

  1. The participant should be aware of any holidays, company or school schedule that may affect the nature and your daily plans. In China, most companies operate from 9am to 6pm; language sessions at universities also carry their own schedule. All Participants need to take responsibility and be clear about the host company/school requirements.
  2. Flights are not included in China Internship Placements LLC’s programs; every Participant will need to purchase their own air ticket to and from China, notify the China Internship Placements LLC program coordinator at least a week in advance of your exact arrival details; date and time to allow us to arrange for your airport pick up. Arrival time must be between 9am and 9pm Beijing Time; failure to do so will result in additional charges for the Participant.
  3. During the application process, it is the responsibility of the Participant to disclose any information regarding whether or not they have a passport and that the passport has enough time to let them travel abroad, to ensure that the program doesn’t get delayed.
  4. If the Participant wants to arrive earlier than agreed upon, airport pick-up is no longer a guarantee. If the Participant wants to leave later than the originally agreed upon date, you can make a request for extended accommodation, however staying longer than originally planned will incur some additional costs that will be paid by the Participant. A two-week notice is required if a Participant wishes to extend as housing is subject to availability and ability to pay the extra fees.
  5. If the assigned internship Company/language School terminates the Participant internship or study period with them due to bad behavior, being unprofessional, tardiness, failure to complete assignments, being incompetent etc, China Internship Placements LLC doesn’t have an obligation to intervene or arrange a new placement. A Participant in this situation will be asked to leave within two days or find his/her own alternate arrangements. All Participants are thus advised to abide by the rules of their workplace/school.
  6. The Participant should at all times avoid any illegal activities and behavior and must comply with the laws and regulations of China. China Internship Placements LLC reserves the right to terminate the program plan with immediate effect, for any Participant who has engaged in illegal dealings whilst on our program.
  7. All Participants are responsible for their own safety and health awareness. Any loss/damage to personal property, injury etc is the sole responsibility of the Participant.
  8. CIP, however, provides insurance to cover minor sicknesses and injuries while in China but not major sicknesses that require heavy investments.
  9. “Switching city of domicile” in this context is defined as an intern deciding to work or live in a city other than the one signed up for without approval from CIP. This constitutes cancellation of program and shall be entitled to no refund of any components arranged in the package
  10. Participants who decide to live/ intern / visit a city other than the one originally signed up for does so at their own risk, unless at an express agreement with the Program Coordinators at CIP.
  11. If a Participant wishes to leave their program prior to their official end date, then he/she needs to send a written notice to China Internship Placements LLC, however, China Internship Placements LLC will not pay any refunds.
  12. At the rented accommodation, Participants who damage the furniture or require cleaning services will be fully responsible to pay all the charges associated with this as well as any missing furniture/appliances. China Internship Placements LLC does not provide regular cleaning service; Participants are responsible for keeping their own rooms/apartments tidy.
  13. Participants are not allowed to have live-in guests at their designated accommodation unless it’s during any special circumstances, of which China Internship Placements LLC still needs to give formal consent. If a Participant chooses to do otherwise, China Internship Placements LLC will give a notice of two days for the Participant to find their own housing.
  14. With the homestay housing option, Participants will endeavor to avoid any conflict with their host family; if any issues arise, the Participant can call a program coordinator at China Internship Placements LLC, and all parties can try to solve the problem. If this is not successful, the Participant will have to wait while China Internship Placements LLC arranges for new accommodation, which might involve moving to another area.
  15. If necessity arises, China Internship Placements LLC will arrange another housing option for a Participant if issues cannot be resolved, however, the Participant shall understand that some information may need to be disclosed as reason for accommodation re-match.
  16. The Participant is expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the internship company/ language school such as work and school hours, appropriate attire; they must adhere to strict confidentiality and keep a level of discretion that the company might require.
  17. The Participant must make sure that he/she understands the job requirements and role. If the Participant is not satisfied with the job description and intensity of work, they can discuss it with China Internship Placements LLC and we will coordinate with the partner company and dissolve it accordingly.
  18. The Participant is responsible for him/herself at the school or internship company. Any broken furniture, unruly behavior will be dealt with by the host company/school as it sees fit. China Internship Placements LLC will not take any responsibility in this case.
  19. The Participant shall attend all the classes that they have signed up for and be aware that the exact lesson time/schedule might be subject to change if need be. The Participant has to be open with China Internship Placements LLC about their work and homestay family schedules so that language lessons can be adjusted accordingly. However, if the language lessons are at one of our partner universities, then China Internship Placements LLC will not interfere with their already planned out daily schedules. Participants shall attend the required amount of class time in order to get a certificate of completion at the end of the program. Failure to attend classes and meet the minimum requirements is the sole responsibility of the Participant.
  20. It is the responsibility of the Participant to disclose if they have such health issues as mental disease, venereal diseases, tuberculosis, HIV, Leprosy and other infectious diseases. All foreigners are required by Chinese law to report any cases of these health issues as to comply with regulations of entry into China.
  21. It is the responsibility of all applicants to disclose their departure dates to CIP Program coordinators in order to benefit from airport drop-off. Interns who fail to disclose this dates and therefore do not get the service will be denied a refund. 48-hour notice is sufficient
  22. To realize that the standard of living and housing conditions in China may be very different to their own country. For example, all provinces/cities in Southern China do not have a central heating system already installed in houses, however, if any Participants are placed in Southern China during the winter months, China Internship Placements LLC will discuss with the Participant and arrange for other forms of heating.


Visa Information

  1. Participants need a valid passport and visa to enter China; the host country. China Internship Placements LLC will help the participant enter legally with an F, M, X1, X2 or L visa. Upon arrival in the country, China Internship Placements LLC will also assist/notify your housing hosts to help you obtain a temporary residence permit, which is an important requirement for any foreigner staying in China. If a Participant needs to extend their original visa further, then he/she will finance all the costs involved.
  2. Participants need to keep their important documents and files safe at all times. In case of loss/damage of documents such as the Participant’s passport, residence permit etc, he/she shall inform China Internship Placements LLC immediately then other related parties such as the embassy, police station and/or visa registration office. Both the Participant and China Internship Placements LLC will proceed with replacements and other related procedures following the advise of the authorities. Should there be need for the participant to return to their home country, China Internship Placements LLC will not be liable for any airfare costs.
  3. Participants shall under no circumstances use the visa that China Internship Placements LLC helps them with for any other purposes except that of the actual China Internship Placements LLC program they have been enrolled in. “F” visa holders cannot legally take on permanent employment in China as this is in direct violation of Chinese Laws and risk deportation. Should any Participant be in violation of this, China Internship Placements LLC reserves the right to cancel your visa and terminate your program.
  4. If an applicant’s visa application is rejected, CIP relies on our Inviting institution to deliver a fresh set of documents. This does not amount to a refund under no circumstances
  5. Our Chinese language lesson package selected as part of the internship program is not a fulltime class and shall be delivered as online to ensure that interns can flexibly adopt to work schedules and also gain some language skills
  6. Clients who refuse to take the Chinese Language classes as part of their internships shall have their visa terminated. Unless there is a prior arrangement with CIP staff about this
  7. All Participants shall not overstay their visa duration/stay in China, as the consequences of this are a direct breach of Chinese Laws. In such a case, there will be no choice but to report you to the related Chinese authorities, who will deal with you according to the extent of Chinese Laws and Regulations. 

China Internship Placements LLC’s responsibilities extend to:

  1. Issuing the Participant with the following items (unless the Participant has opted not to have them included in the program fee):
    • Visa invitation letter
    • Visa extension letter
    • Airport/train station pick up and drop off
    • Assistance registering with the local Chinese authorities
    • Chinese language classes
    • An assigned China Internship Placements LLC program coordinator
    • Welcome package (transportation card, local SIM card, city map).
    • Orientation session upon arrival
    • Weekend activities
    • Insurance
  2. China Internship Placements LLC conducts its programs in accordance with the laws governing cultural exchange and learning programs in China, and observes international standards for the programs.
  3. The responsibility of CIP regarding visa acquisition is restricted to the provision of necessary documents and Interns must pay for Visa procesing fee at the embassy to secure a visa. This fee vary from country to country.
  4. The Participant’s personal information submitted during the application will be handled with the strictest confidentiality by China Internship Placements LLC; no other third parties shall receive your information except for the internship company and/or the host family.
  5. China Internship Placements LLC cannot guarantee a full re-match of a Participant’s chosen program once the Participant is already in the middle of the program, however should problems arise in the midst of the program, China Internship Placements LLC will make an effort to resolve them as swiftly as possible.
  6. China Internship Placements LLC reserves the right to terminate the program of any Participant who does not abide by the following rules:
  • If the participant has applied with false information regarding health requirements for entry into China
  • If the Participant decides to come to China in China Internship Placements LLC’s name but didn’t apply for the right visa and without being formally accepted into our programs.
  • If the participant engages in illegal activity and violates Chinese Laws while enrolled with China Internship Placements LLC
  • Repeated fighting and conflicts with Chinese families, internship company offices, school officials (for those enrolled in language study)
  • Leaving the host family accommodation without any notice, discussion or approval from China Internship Placements LLC program coordinators.

Important Notice

  • China Internship Placements LLC is an international cultural exchange program, any Participants, families and other persons must realize this is the sole definition that our organization operates under. In any statements where the phrasing might include “working time”, “Partner Company”, “job description” etc merely relate to internship placements that we arrange and only intended to clarify the subject discussed.
  • “Participant” refers to the person enrolling in China Internship Placements LLC’s programs.
  • Each party – the Participant and China Internship Placements LLC shall enter into this agreement on a full understanding of the conditions in which we, and the other party wish to operate under for smooth service delivery.
  • In any special case whereby this agreement needs to be amended or further discussed, China Internship Placements LLC will communicate with the Participant if he/she is affected.
  • If any part or element of this agreement appears to be invalid, China Internship Placements LLC will revise the agreement to ensure it operates within the limits of the law and engage in any negotiation with a Participant should need arise.


Both parties shall abide by the terms indicated in this agreement.


If any term or condition of this Agreement shall be invalid or unenforceable, the provision shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid or enforceable OR the parties shall negotiate in good faith to amend such provision/provisions; such that, as amended, it is legal, valid and enforceable, and, to the greatest extent possible, achieves the parties’ original commercial intention.

If any term or condition of this Agreement shall be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.


Please let Us know if you are currently on medication that We need to be aware of. If so, please list the details here:


Please let Us know about any medical conditions/history (e.g. allergies) that We need to be aware of. If so, please list the details here:


This terms and conditions above, are applicable to all of CIP’s Programs and also the terms and conditions of our Partner Institutions could be considered in its implementation  

I have read and understood the terms entrenched in this agreement and will abide by all in congruence with Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China.