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If you are Interested in teaching English in China, this is the right portal. With over a decade of experience, CIP has over 200 Schools in more than 30 Cities

CIP’s Teach English in China Program is a great prospect for university graduates and students. The program is the most comprehensive and flexible combination in China. You will be teaching, learning, and impacting the lives of several young people. Teaching English in China, you will participate in cultural immersion and personal development projects. Whether you are a qualified teacher or with no experience at all, there is an opportunity for you. We have Fulltime Teaching Jobs, Teaching Internships and Teach- travel Programs. You will earn a generous income, free accommodation, travel, immersion, and meals. With our trusted reputation, network and access, we are able to match you to roles and projects that meet your expectation.

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Types of Teaching Jobs in China with CIP

Fulltime Teaching - Z Visa

This is a long-term English teaching program and participants must be willing to sign at least a year contract. CIP is able to connect you to the right school for an ESL Job.

Gap Year Teaching with Immersion

Looking for affordable gap year program? Teaching in China as a gap year project is a great opportunity to explore the world, immerse in the Chinese Culture and get prepared for college


Teaching Internship in China

Want to teach in China as an intern? this may be a great opportunity to impart knowledge for a duration not less than 6 months. Apply now to be considered by our program directors

A Unique Teaching Experience in China

Looking for real teaching experience? CIP will match you to an opportunity to teach, travel and discover real Chinese Culture. We have teaching roles for TESL / TEFL / TESOL opportunities. You will be teaching Kids and Teenagers or Adults. There plenty of training opportunities

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Why Tech in China?

Gain Global Experience

Teaching in China sharpens your professional skills and global exposure. It adds up to your profile and personal development. If you decide to teach in Shanghai or Beijing, it may be a great window to break into your dream career.

It is Very Affordable

When you teach English Abroad in China, there are no substantial costs to it. The host School will compensate you for flight, accommodation meals, including an awesome salary you will not get in your country. Save money

Learn Language & Cultural Immersion

While Teaching English in China, you will learn Mandarin which is the most spoken language in the world. Teaching programs gives you an opportunity to integrate with Chinese. You get local knowledge for your career

Expanded Network

Whatever city you are posted, social activities will expose you to several professionals for networking. You will widen your social network during these events for job search and entrepreneurial ambitions. Get out meet people

Courage and Independence

Participating in Teaching Abroad drives you out of your comfort zone and tests you against the reality. You will discover yourself, master the art of decision making and learn to trust your instincts and gut feelings

Fun & Safe

Teaching in China is always challenging but filled with so much fun. From cultural trips to meeting new friends and partying, you can only get this through an international program. China is so safe compared to the west

Qualification to Teach in China

Depending on the type of Teaching program you select, there are different requirements to meet. Check below to understand what is expected of you. When in doubt, apply to speak with our consultants

Fulltime Teaching with Z-Visa

With this program, participants should be able to sign a contract lasting for not less than 12 months. For those looking to experience teaching on a longterm and are not constrained my university commitment

Benefits and Salary Package

  • Salary range $1500 – $3000, based on qualifications
  • annual flight allowance
  • Sponsored legal Z work visa
  • Housing *
  • Health insurance
  • paid annual leave days plus 11 national holidays
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Free Mandarin Chinese lessons
  • sponsored social events

Other Teaching Programs Including Internship

These are teaching programs lasting for less than a year but not below 6 months. Participants on Gap Year, internship, semester programs can apply. The requirements are not as strict. 

Benefits and Salary Package

  • $900 to $2000 per month – depending on your experience
  •  travel allowance (granted at the completion of program)
  •  TEFL training and certification (free 120-hour course)
  •  Free housing (conveniently located close to your school)
  •  Full legal work and residence status (Chinese work visa and residence permit)
  •  Health insurance
  •  Chinese language lessons
  •  Airport pickup and ongoing support

English Teaching Application Process

The process is very simple and straightforward. All you need now is to fill the application form and our Consultants will guide you through the rest of the process

Step 1: Submit Application and Book Appointment

Step 1: Submit Application and Book Appointment

After submitting your application, you will be allocated to a personal program consultant who will help you book an appointment to speak with the team. The program processed detailed out and we answer your questions.

Submit Your Application Now

Step 2: Matching Process / Offers

Step 2: Matching Process / Offers

After an appointment with our team, we will use information gathered to design a complete program. A profile will be created for you and our team will match you with available opportunities. You are expected to make a Choice from the list presented. You have 3 days to make a decision and then move on to the next stage of speaking with the school, your employer.
Step 3: Interview and Acceptance

Step 3: Interview and Acceptance

After selecting an offer, you will be speaking with the School. They will like to know you are fit for the job and ask you few questions about your experience. You are also allowed to ask questions to confirm the offers and deals. At this stage, you must impress your employer. The decision will be made and if you are accepted, you will start the visa process but if not, we find you another offer.
Step 4: Visa Process and Arrival

Step 4: Visa Process and Arrival

At this stage, as the school has agreed to work with you, you will then be required to provide some documents to aid the visa process. We will guide you through it every step of the way.


Our Teach in China Program is located in various cities across China. These are the best of all cities with real cultural awareness and great people to connect with.

Study in Beijing

Teach in Beijing – 北京

We have several Teaching jobs in Beijing for foreigners looking to make the best of this opportunity. So much to learn, experience and gain. There are ESL/TEFL and other jobs. Apply and speak with us

Shanghai City Pictures for Language Course

Teach in Shanghai - 上海

Teach in Shanghai and experience life in the most cosmopolitan city in China. You have several options from teaching Kids and teenagers to teaching adults.

Beautiful Nanjing Skylines

Teach in Guangzhou – 广州

Whether you are looking to teach English in Private Schools, Public Schools or even English Language Training Center, Guangzhou is also a great option

Shenzhen City - Language Program

Shenzhen – 深圳

Although Shenzhen is seen as a tech city, Teaching English in this city is also so much fun. It is a beautiful city located close to Hing Kong. All our teaching job options could be found here

Experience Asia Through Teaching Jobs in China

Life as a Teacher in China: Teaching, Social Events, Social Excursions and Networking
China has long been one of the most popular destinations for teaching English abroad. With a huge population, a growing demand for English, and a distinct and exciting culture, China offers both the opportunities and the excitement that English teachers seek

Frequently Asked Questions

Life as a Teacher in China: Teaching, Social Events, Social Excursions and Networking

WHat will be my responsibilities ?

Teach English in China


  • Teaching English to kids in China aged 3 – 18 in groups and Adult Professional English Learners
  • Planning and delivering lessons to children
  • Using electronic media and courseware to teach English efficiently and effectively
  • Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement to both students and their parents
  • Assigning and evaluating out of class exercises
  • Participating in social activities with students organized by your school to encourage oral English proficiency

What visa will I be using ?

Teaching visas and work permits
Our partner Schools provide legal teaching jobs in China with correct working papers. They will pay for and arrange all visas for your arrival to your new job. Based on the country’s foreign employment regulations, teachers are required to obtain proper advice from Employing Schools before arriving. A visa is necessary to enter the country and can be easily obtained at the Chinese embassies or consulates in your country of residence. Attaining this visa can take up to 2 months so it is best to plan accordingly.

Tell me about the cost of living in China


Although prices are rising, the cost of living in China still compares favorably to most industrialized countries. You will be amazed by how comfortably you can live and how strong your purchasing power is. You can afford a lifestyle you are unlikely to be enjoying at home: get a housekeeper, travel every month, enjoy frequent restaurant meals, massages, and nights on the town. You can buy wear tailor-made clothes!


Eating local food and buying produce from the Chinese markets gives our English teachers amazing insight into the Chinese diet and a glimpse at traditional Eastern medicine. It also leaves them with money in their pockets for massages and traveling.

  • Milk (1L) : 7 RMB
  • Eggs (12) : 7 RMB
  • Carrots (1kg) : 5 RMB
  • Chicken breast (1kg) : 15 RMB
  • Rice (1kg) : 8 RMB
  • Bottle of water (1.5L) : 3 RMB
  • Bottle of Chinese beer (.5L) : 4 RMB


China has a wide range of regional cuisines and eating out is the best way to discover this variety. Chinese people eat out frequently and often entertain friends and colleagues in restaurants instead of having them into their homes. Whether you’re enjoying a meal with friends, working out at the fitness club, or getting a massage, you’ll find that leisure activities are often very affordable in China.

  • Three course mid-range restaurant dinner : 80 RMB
  • Quick restaurant meal of rice or noodles : 25 RMB
  • Large steamed dumplings, a common street food : 3 RMB
  • Housekeeper (2 hours) : 30 RMB
  • Massage (30 min) : 40 RMB
  • 1 month fitness club membership : 150 RMB
  • Movie ticket, international release : 65 RMB


China has excellent, yet inexpensive public transport and even taxi rides are quite reasonably-priced, if sometimes harrowing. Chinese people often commute by bicycle, but this mode of transport is only for the bravest of foreigners.

  • Metro Ride : 3 RMB
  • Taxi rate per km : 2.2 RMB (start fare ~ 10RMB)
  • 20-min taxi ride across town : 25 RMB
  • City bus : 2 RMB
  • 3-hour bicycle rental : 8 RMB (plus 100RMB deposit, returned)
  • Ferry crossing : 2 RMB


Any traveler on a budget will love taking trains in China. Trains are numerous and increasingly high speed rail services connect large regional cities. Domestic flights are also usually inexpensive. There is some seasonal variation and prices rise during national holidays like Chinese New Year.

  • 1 night in a mid-range hotel : 350 RMB
  • High speed train, Guangzhou to Wuhan (3 hours): 490 RMB
  • Slow train, Guangzhou to Wuhan (10 hours) : 120 RMB
  • Flight, Guangzhou to Beijing (2 hours) : 800 RMB
  • Flight, Guangzhou to Bangkok (3 hours) : 1300 RMB


To give you an idea of how teachers at English First in China spends his or her salary, here is a sample monthly budget:

  • Gross Income (Salary) : Up to 13,500 RMB
  • Rent : 3000 RMB
  • Utilities (electricity, gas, water) : 200 RMB
  • Phone & Internet : 300 RMB
  • Food : 1500 RMB
  • Insurance : 295 RMB
  • Remaining Disposable Income : 8,205 RMB

Why is there a high demand for teachers in China?

After the Opening up policy in the late 90s, there was massive job boom for those with strong English proficiency. With time, especially in the larger cities, Parents made it a priority in making sure their Children speak good English. As usual, English is the primary second language in China although Other are currently learning Spanish, German and French. In Government Operated schools English language is introduced into the curriculum as early as 3rd grade and sometimes even 1st Grade. After formal class hours, parents also hire teachers to tutor their wards at home privately.

Private companies have also opened English Learning centers and schools in busy areas to meet this demand.  In addition to Public Schools, there are very competitive and attractive English Teaching roles for Foreigners.

Will Arrival and Support Services be provided

You can count on the Employing School to sort you out when it comes to arrival services. We will pick you from the airport, send you to your designated accommodation, there will be orientation around how to use the city,

You will also get an arrival package which ensures you are settled quickly. Your contract will details all these details

Do I need Insurance in order to Teach?

Yes you will need an insurance in order to teach in China. Your employing School will provide the needed insurance as part of the contract but where they cannot, you will need to purchase your own insurance.

Tell Me more about Teaching Jobs in Beijing

Teach English in Beijing and immerse yourself in the traditions of ancient China while also being a part of the exciting changes of a city on the cutting edge of modern culture. The capital of The People’s Republic of China with a population of over 11 million, Beijing is the cultural, political and educational center of China and the number one choice for people around the world looking to teach English in China. Teaching jobs in Beijing remain some of the most sought after thanks to an abundance of culture and history together with a truly modern city with a vibrant arts, fashion and entertainment scene.

Beijing is known throughout the world for its many places of interest, some of the most popular being Tian An Men Square, the largest public square in the world, The Forbidden City, home to past emperors dating back over 500 years, the Summer Palace, Beijing Opera shows, the Ming Tombs and of course the Great Wall of China which snakes past the city just 50km away.

Tell Me more about Teaching in Shanghai

To teach English in Shanghai is to live in the epicenter of modern day China and to be a part of the animate growth and dynamic energy of a city racing to the future. The demand for learning English is as strong as ever and Shanghai is the place to be for high paying teaching jobs and the chance to build valuable experience while having the time of your life.

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Shanghai is truly an international metropolis in every sense of the word. The most vibrant and progressive city in China, Shanghai is the economic and cultural center, blending an incredible mix of Eastern and Western culture. On one side of the mighty Yangtze River flowing through Shanghai is the Pu Dong district, rural farm land just 20 years ago, it is now the financial and commercial hub with skyscrapers stretching ever higher. Along the western bank of the river, the iconic Bund is a reminder of Shanghai’s colonial past featuring grand European architecture.

Tell Me more about Teaching in Guangzhou

Teach English in Guangzhou and experience life on the move in China’s third largest city. With a population of over 12 million Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province, a prosperous metropolis full of life. Located in the south east of China with a history stretching back over 2200 years, Guangzhou is a port city with Hong Kong and Macau within easy reach and Vietnam just 800 km to the south west.

Guangzhou is well known throughout China for its abundance of restaurants and huge selection of dishes, the food here is what westerns typically think of when they talk about Chinese food. In fact, Guangzhou has the most amount of restaurants and tea shops per capita in China, so if you teach English in Guangzhou you certainly won’t go hungry.

Guangzhou enjoys a sub-tropical climate with an average year round temperature of a balmy 22 degrees. The city is also well known for its ceramic, ivory carving and embroidery industries not to mention hosting the annual China Import and Export Fair since 1957 which attracts traders from across the globe.

Are there other requirements for full time Teaching?

There are requirements for various levels of teaching. The common ones are listed below. We will evaluate your skills and profile to match to an befitting opportunity

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • A TEFL Certification (TEFL sponsorship available)
  • The ability to obtain a clear background check
  • The ability to live abroad for at least one year
  • Applicants must be citizens from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa to meet China’s visa regulations.

What makes China a unique destination for Teaching?

China is one of the most diverse countries in the world in both culture and scenery. You can literally be lying on a tropical beach one day, riding through the desert on a camel the next, and climbing snow-capped mountains the day after that. Every province has its own unique landmarks, speciality foods and traditions. Read up on our program location and make sure you plan lots of travel on the weekends to make the most of your time here!
You will also have the opportunity to learn about the rapid growth of China’s Economy as well as spot opportunities for your future career

What type of Schools am I likely to teach ?


  • Don’t usually require a fee for students to attend.
  • Little to no foreigners working there
  • English is a fairly new subject


  • Require a yearly or semester fee
  • Teaching English is a priority
  • Other foreigners work at the school
  • Many private schools are boarding


  • Focus on intensive English tuition
  • Classes take place after school and on weekends
  • Classes are smaller and organised based on ability, not age


  • Require a yearly or semester fee
  • Other foreigners work at the school
  • Many are boarding schools
  • Use a foreign curriculum and promote international education


Most of the teaching jobs are related to the following categories

  • Kids & Teens ESL Jobs

  • Adults ESL Jobs

  • Education Management Jobs

  • Jobs in China

  • TEFL Jobs

  • TEFL Job Openings

  • ESL Jobs

  • TESOL Jobs

What is the salary for teaching in China?

Depending on your qualification, duration and program selected, you will be paid between $1000 to $3500 per month. The content of the contract varies from one School to another and also different cities have different requirements and salaries. Graduates with Bachelor Degree and 2 years working experience can easily make around $2500 upwards

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