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8 Critical Learning Outcomes from Our China Internship & Mandarin Programs

Our Alumni get employed 3x faster compared with other graduates - 2018 Research. China has become the single most important destination for career development and Exposure for young people - And CIP is the most preferred Program Provider.

Internship Testimonial - Roxy - UK

"CIP's Internship Program was instrumental in getting me hired as an Analyst at HSBC. My understanding of the Chinese market helped to meaningfully engage my employer during the interview. Also, the Career Mentor provided by CIP was very resourceful in helping me apply to Job opportunities I never knew existed I will surely recommend CIP". Roxanna Ghanadian (Queen Mary University), Financial Analyst HSBC, UK

You Will Walk Away with these 8 Outcomes

Our Programs are designed on critical outcomes and Pillars that emphasize quality and value. A holistic program model maximizes student learning and professional development. CIP has identified 8 Pillars and outcomes our Participants realize after joining our program. These are targeted programs allowing us to focus on quality internship placements, study abroad with employability outcomes and complete transformation. These Outcomes distinguishes us

Quality does not happen by chance; it happens through a deliberate attempt to bring value to participants.

#1. Relevant Transferable Technical Skills

Develop a set of skills (adaptability, ability to problem-solve) to manage the new challenges of daily life in a different culture. Develop a greater sense of responsibility for oneself.


These are the essential skills. Employers look for in every graduate before engaging them. It is the fundamental heartbeat of every successful career. Though Graduates can define them, our internships help them to practice and master every part.

Expected Outcome:

You will achieve the following at the end of the program

  • Improved Reasoning Skills
  • Increased Sense of Professional Ethics
  • Courage to take on Projects as part of a team
  • A developed sense of Creativity, leadership and Problem Solving
  • A heightened sense of confidence and willingness to work with others

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

How our program components help you achieve the outcomes above

You will accomplish the following at the end of the program

  • On the job Mentoring: As an intern, we will place you into International Companies that cherish your inputs and will motivate you to succeed. You will are allocated to a Supervisor in your office, and they will mentor and coach you to develop the required skills. These are experts in your field whom you can look up to
  • Setting Targets for Interns and evaluate these targets to increase a sense of commitment and accountability
  • Working as Part of a more massive project helps interns learn to be part of teams and also work with others. However, importantly, you will learn to lead and accomplish greater outcomes
  • Project Based approach also helps you develop Personal and professional skills
  • Interns will work Fulltime just as regular staff members

Acquired Capabilities:

As an intern, you will be finishing the program with these set of skills

  • Professional Communication
  • Creativity
  • Initiative taking
  • Leadership skills
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Research

#2. Readiness for the Job Market

Career readiness is not about getting a good profile, and there are more important details to it. CIP provides this extra assistance to help you remain entirely ready for the Job market. We will match you to a Personal Career Coach who has had so much experience recruiting for Fortune 500 Companies and worked with Silicon Valley and Wall Street. You will learn the best practices and also design a Career Plan which you will implement for the rest of your life.

Expected Outcome:

  • Clearly defined career goals and Actionable Plans to achieving them
  • Ability to differentiate between a Career and Job
  • Increased awareness of Harnessing the power of a successful career to live a purposeful life
  • Answering the Question “Whats next?”
  • Understand the essence of personal Branding and best practices
  • Get the following concepts right – You will select three most pressing topics
    • Mock Interview Training
    • Personal Branding
    • The Art of Networking
    • Job Search Strategy
    • Salary Negotiation
    • Writing a High Impact Resume
  • For long-term interns, you will be able to understand how to launch a career in China

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Career Coaching: You will be working with a professional Personal Coach who will take the time to evaluate your Career plans and also review very important issues, best practices, etc
  • Your coach will also take you through processes required for applying for jobs that you do not know exist
  • You will attend Career Events and job expos to speak with Chinese Employers and understand what is expected of you – in-case you are interested in working in China
  • Diaries kept – As an intern, keeping a diary of all occurrences, events, job role accomplishments are very essential. We will teach you to record these vital details so you can refer to them in the future for job interviews
  • On-the-job Mentoring also plays a vital role in helping you get career prepared. Your Supervisor will share some important tips
  • Attending networking events and speaking with top expats

Acquired Capabilities:

  • Portfolio Construction and Learning reflection
    • Learning reflection and interaction with Program Directors
    • Comparing Goals with outcomes
    • Designing Next steps after the internship –
    • Re-designed CVs
    • Cover letters
  • Career Decision skills and Review
  • Job Application skills
  • Personal Branding and Self Awareness

#3 China Business Related Knowledge

As an Intern on the CIP Program, You will Gain an understanding, through both the internship placement and Training, of China’s work culture and the specific professional context of the organization and its mission, challenges, and constraints. Understand Strategies and market entry related opportunities.

Expected Outcome:

  • Gain a Deeper understanding of Chinese Business Ethics and Practices
  • Increased ability to meaningfully communicate with Chinese in a cultural context
  • Understand Business negotiation strategies with Chinese
  • Understanding how to connect Chinese Culture and Your Background to conduct business agenda effectively
  • You will be able to adapt to Chinese Working and Business Environment
  • Gain Understanding of Fundamental Concepts in Chinese Culture and how they affect relationships
    • Guangxi
    • Concept of Face
    • Respect for Hierarchy and Authority
  • Understanding Legal Implications of doing business in China – intellectual property, Taxes, Visa issues, etc

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Business Seminars: These are organized to get our interns to understand the best practices of breaking into the Chinese Industry, industry growth reviews, etc
  • Case studies: You will get copies of vital case studies about corporations and how they handled their market entry strategies, those that failed and how, etc
  • Networking Events
  • CIP Sponsored research: As an intern, you will also join networking events to connect with real people in business who are willing to answer your questions
  • Program Orientations: To prepare you for the Chinese cultural work environment which is very new to them. Some of the vital details discussed in the process
  • Blogs and Article from experts: We provide significant blog pieces to help our interns read and have records of these important details

Acquired Capabilities:

These skills enhance an intern’s conversation about global dynamics especially when it comes to entering the Chinese market. It also makes it easier for you to lead market entry strategies.

  • Writing Business Plans about Entering China as a business
  • Ability to Analyze Chinese demographics
  • Understand the basics of Chinese Legal System
  • Skills around doing business in China
  • Negotiation Strategies

#4. Mastering the Chinese Culture & Language

Demonstrate knowledge of the host country’s culture through course content specific to the individual program’s curriculum and academic focus. Develop an awareness of cultural difference and an understanding of culture’s role in shaping beliefs, practices, and perceptions. Internship Programs in non-English-speaking countries: Demonstrate increased proficiency in language skills of the host country through coursework, homestay or student residence, and interactions with locals.

Expected Outcome:

  • Expressing a comfortable level of Understanding Chinese history
  • Increased awareness of general culture
  • Showcase ability to work with Chinese within a different context
  • Improved ability to evaluate issues and solutions within the context of
  • Ability to speak Basic Mandarin and Connect with locals.
  • Drastic Increase in Mandarin skills for students studying Only Chinese Language
  • 12 months programs:- Speak Mandarin at Conversational level

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Chinese Language Classes
  • Cultural activities
  • Typical historical Site visits to connect with Chinese history. Forbidden City (to learn about the ancient rulers of China) Great Wall ( Ancient Architecture) etc.
  • Watching movies: Some movies tell the entire story of Ancient Chinese Culture

Acquired Capabilities:

  • Mandarin Skills
  • Cultural Empathy
  • A journey into Ancient China
  • Regional and Domestic influence of China
  • Geographical Patterns

#5. Reflection, Renewed Perspective & Self Discovery

As you explore professional, cultural, business and social aspects of China, you will develop new perspectives on your own culture and an ability to think critically about one’s your current values, beliefs, and goals. You will also be able to evaluate the impact of the program on your skills and define your next lines of action in life.

Expected Outcome:

  • Increased sense of self-accountability
  • Ability to review personal goals, make amends and progress
  • Ability to think critically about one’s your current values, beliefs, and goals.
  • Ability to reason as a global executive with emphasis on worldwide belief and value systems that define culture

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Career Coaching and Mentoring:- Aside from designing a personalized career experience, you will also be equipped with life evaluation thought the process and how it all works
  • Reflection segments with our Program Coordinators:- You will have periodic learning and assessment sections where you will assess progress made through administered questionnaires and conversations. This painstaking process equips you with thinking processes that cause a significant change
  • Reflecting on Chinese leadership changes and philosophies and results yielded
  • Identifying evaluating your current goals, principles, and values and making amends

Acquired Capabilities:

  • Critical reasoning skills
  • Leading change through reasoning and team consultation
  • Putting up policies and organizational agenda to fit other cultural environments by questioning.
  • Personal Growth and prioritizing
  • Courage, Independence and A Strong sense of purpose

#6. Build Social Capital and Business Network in China

As an Intern on our China Internship Program, one of your learning outcomes is to acquire an expanded social network. CIP will guide you through a series of Social activities, networking events, and seminars to build a robust set of social resource for global connection.

Expected Outcome:

  • Improved professional networking skills
  • Understanding how the “Guangxi” factor works for good in China
  • Being able to identify contacts that can positively impact your goals (Business and Personal). Understanding the right approach to connecting with such resources

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Networking Events:- We organize professional networking events to enable participants to meet Chinese Business Community
  • Business Lectures and Seminar:- These events are held to assist participants to learn about the art of connecting with people and the best practices.
  • Orientation:- On the first few days of arrival, we organize orientations to take interns through some of the most important details
  • Understanding the process of networking in China, presenting Business Cards, etc

Acquired Capabilities:

  • Establishing rapport
  • Taking initiatives
  • Courage and self-discipline to approach professionals and seek help
  • Team Building
  • Business Development and Global Reach

#7. Entrepreneurial Skills with Chinese Characteristics

China now boasts of being the best destination for start-ups. It is therefore essential that as a CIP Intern, you gain some critical skills for starting up in China. Entrepreneurial skills are necessary for Young Graduates and University students. Ability to think, create and solve social issues have become most-sort after skills by employers.

Expected Outcome:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the entrepreneurial journey
  • Understand the problem-solving process and engineering
  • Appreciate the best areas to invest in China
  • Understanding how to raise funds and build start-up teams

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Entrepreneurial Lectures with emphasis on China
  • Understanding the innovation process
  • Seminars and meetups with Western Entrepreneurs in China
  • Interns join brainstorming sessions

Acquired Capabilities:

  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Business Management skills
  • Teamwork
  • Brainstorming
  • Professional Resilience
  • Innovation

#8. Selling your China Experience to Employers

With our records, students who have been through our program can secure jobs 3x faster than an average graduate. It is also good to note that one of the Advantages of studying or interning in China is to improve your profile. It is therefore essential to be able to sell the China experience as an integral part of your learning and training process. –Employers Value it

Expected Outcome:

  • Prepared to document your experience
  • Readiness to speak about your experience and how that impacts your efficiency and decision-making process
  • Master Interview skills

Experience Transformation and Training Process:

  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Exit Briefing segments and evaluation with our Program Directors
  • Portfolio Creation Process is a stage where participants are shown to include the experience on their CV properly
  • Interview Review and Training:- helps you understand how to send out the right signals

Acquired Capabilities

  • Resume and CV editing
  • Interview Skills
  • Professional Branding and Presentation

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