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China Internship Placements (CIP) has numerous volunteering projects in China with varied combinations garnished with numerous components and contents. Our volunteer projects are scattered all over China with meaningful rewards.

China has a very rich culture and history preserved over centuries, these antecedents have been jealously guarded since 221BC and even much earlier when the Emperor of Qing Dynasty was recognized as the controller of all under the heaven which means the whole world. From then till now, China has undergone several transformations and experiences that laid certain foundations worth learning about. The Chinese language is becoming very much essential to learn due to the dominance role of Chinese business community worldwide. This presents opportunities for vacancies by Companies in China looking to go abroad and also others looking to enter china.

Volunteer in China

China as an envious developing country also has some social challenges worth drawing all hands to eradicate. From aging population to the abundance of migrant children and to women empowerment, Healthcare volunteering, Orphanage and street Children possess numerous opportunities to accomplish volunteering missions in China.

We combine the cultural aspect, language, Cultural Travel and Tour, Business classes, Internships and other meaningful program contents to ensure that participants get deepest satisfaction while they spend their precious time volunteering in China. Our aim at the end of the day to ensure cultural immersion and deeper intercultural understandings to foster responsible global citizens. There are diverse combinations of volunteering our participants could make. Our China Volunteering Programs are inbuilt with flexibility.

Possible combination of Our Volunteer Programs

  • Volunteer + Internships
  • Volunteer + Teaching
  • Volunteer + Chinese Language Study
  • Gap Year Volunteering


Our volunteering programs are organized for 1 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months and also a year volunteer programs are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen Aside these major programs, there are summer Volunteer, Winter Volunteer programs.


China Internship Placements’ Volunteer Programs and Projects are strategically located in cities that present daily encounters that present opportunities to practice Chinese language and to get immersed into the Chinese culture.

Program highlights

    • – Volunteering Opportunity and Placement
    • – Accommodation
    • – Additional Services at No extra cost
    • – Insurance
    – 24/7 contact

Why volunteer with China Internship Placements

    • There are several reasons that CIP’s volunteering programs stand out of the lot. Refer to why Volunteer with CIP page for more insights.
    • – Rich Volunteering Content
    • – Daily monitoring and evaluation
    • – Our Program is Certified by the Chinese Government and recognized as legitimate
    – Safe and Reliable Volunteering Programs in China


CIP Volunteer in China Program presents a variety of opportunity and projects that participants work on. Visit our Volunteering project page for more details and brief description of each of them
    • – Teaching Migrant Schools
    • – Caring For the Aged
    • – Women Empowerment Projects
    • – Environmental Conservation
    • – Caring For Pandas
    • – Medical Health
    • – NGO Support
    • – Community-Based Projects
    • – Sports
    • – Teaching
    • – Wild Life and Animal Care

Volunteering projects

CIP Volunteering Programs has a lot of variety of affordable volunteer abroad projects scattered all over China. Our programs provide Volunteering in most sectors ensuring that participants get exactly what they want. Whether looking

Affordable Volunteer Prices

Registration Fee (refundable if you choose not to go*) – ongoing support from CIP staff, program marketing costs, information pack, administration costs, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.

Why Volunteer with CIP

There are several reasons why our volunteering programs in China stand out because of the following reasons. There are more options and opportunities. Our volunteering programs are so flexible and could be combined with

FAQ Volunteering

Before applying for our programs, we realized more applicants have questions which needed to be answered to clear their minds before they starting the application process. We have arranged the questions into categories to help the


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