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Any questions?

Before applying for our programs, we realize many applicants have questions which may need to be answered, in order to clear their minds before beginning the application process.  We have arranged the questions into categories to add to the ease of this process.  In case you do not find the information you are needing answered, please visit our Contact Us page with your questions and we will respond briefly.

What Does C.I.P Offer That Is Different Than Other Programs?

– Our programs represent the face of modern internship programs, designed from very innovative research and development.
– We provide performance appraisals on all interns every single month and corrective actions are implemented to make sure the participant develops over time.
– Our interns handle real projects with clearly established deadlines.
– Past CIP interns have carved a solid reputation and earned respect from the HR Managers with our Partnering Companies.  This is largely why these companies are now willing to offer stipends to current and applying interns.  This is not the case through many other programs out there.
We position our participants to take advantage of global opportunities and not only the job market.  We do this through…
– Professional coaching and mentoring: where participants really get to know what it takes to lead an organization through shadowing and receiving personal and specific feedback and ideas from Business Executives.
– Entrepreneurial Training: to acquire International Entrepreneurship Experiences, know-how needed to start up a business in China, and how to lead an internationalization agenda for an organization into the Chinese market.
– Grooming participants to get them prepared to fit as International Business Executives.
– Negotiation-skills training and how to bargain for partnerships and joint ventures.
– Receiving details and important skills of cross cultural awareness and negotiation skills.

What do I get from your program?

All participants receive :
– The opportunity to learn the Chinese policy atmosphere in their respective industries
– Chance to launch career in a professional manner
– Available help in case they want to start businesses in China
– Sharpened skills to aid in future job acquisition
– Access to a hub of international opportunities

We do not often hear about CIP, why is that?

China Internship Placements (CIP) started officially about 8 years ago and our marketing strategy has been offline.  We recruit interns only through Career Centers and other agencies which do not warrant online presence.  We go straight to universities to poach Young Graduates with excellent skills.

We later noticed that demand for our interns has been on the rise and we have several Internship positions we are not able to fill.  We have therefore decided to take on an aggressive online campaign but we are selective on the kind of websites we present our profiles to.

How could I launch my career in China with your Internship Program?

Launching your career in China could be made easier through an internship with CIP.  With a solidly established network of Partner Organzations and connections, we are able to recommend past participants to present job opportunities.  We are able to negotiate 2 years of employment for some of our participants with partnering agencies/companies.

We also network our participants with the business community by getting them to join high profile events to meet business people and expats, as well as entrepreneurs.

Is the internship open to all nationalities?

This program is open to applicants of all nationalities, race and religion.  However, visa application requirements may vary for applicants from some countries.

Who is inelligible to apply?

All applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in a degree program.  We are also looking for you to exhibit a strong academic record, and an interest in foreign travel and culture.  Professionalism, commitment and hard work are also very important to us . Fluent English is essential; if you speak some Chinese and would like to practice your language skills we can find you a company where this is possible.

What happens when I arrive at the airport in China?

All participants are instructed to arrive between 9am – 9pm on your program start date and members of staff from our Meet and Greet Team will be waiting for you at the arrival gate.
They will lead you to your apartment and help you settle for arrival dinner and the start of your program.

Do I need Insurance?

We usually provide insurance for the necessary health needs of participants during their time with us in China, but this does not cover lost luggage, etc.

What is the dressing code for Interns in China?

We always advice participants to look more corporate and professional in appearance than not, as first impressions are very important to the Chinese.  Some organizations also specify dress codes, while others provide uniforms.  Unless the job is a technical one which requires wearing of special cloths into factory floors.

How do I prepare for China?

CIP Customer Service department will give you comprehensive training on working in China once you arrive.  This includes an introduction to Chinese business etiquette and culture, which will help you feel more comfortable working in a foreign environment.
In addition, once you join the program and before you travel to China, we will send you a pre-departure pack with advice on how to prepare yourself for your time in China.

What type of visa is required?

Every organization have their own demand for the kind of visa that is required.  Some opt strictly for a work visa, others prefer business visa.  This depends on advice from their HR and Legal departments.
In May 2015, the Chinese government have also allowed that Student visa (X1 and X2) be used for internships upon approval from the appropriate office.

Who issues the invitation letters?

China Internship Placements (CIP) LLC has been authorized by the Chinese Government to issue visa invitation letters for the Work visa, Business Visa, as well as the Student and Tourist Visa.
Some of our partner organizations also issue these letters, so whichever way, applicants are guaranteed a visa.

How do I apply for Visa?

We will issue you a correct invitation letter with a 90% likelihood of securing you a visa.  These invitation letters should be taken to the Chinese Embassy in the applicants’ country of residence for visa to be issued

We guide applicants in the filling of forms as well as all procedures required.  We also coach applicants for visa interviews.  Our Visa department is updated with changes in visa regulations and has been at this for the past 8 years.

How do you select your Partner Organizations?

We have always been getting offers from organizations willing to hire our clients and we also approach some of them to present them with offers.  We subject them to strict regulations and sign contracts with them even before bringing them on board.  They are supposed to have a legal business and must have been in business for a while.
They should submit their “Employer Liability Statement” for review to make sure it is safe for our participants.
They must be well-structured with departments and must demonstrate that they are able to deliver our standards.

What is the nature of your partner organizations?

CIP’s partner organizations vary in terms of size, orientations and industry.  We have Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Multinational Organizations which are Chinese-owned but have foreign subsidiaries, or companies owned by Foreigners, but are located in China.  We also have medium-sized organizations as well as start-ups.  These companies are spread all over several industries and we keep them satisfied year after year.

Is Chinese language a requirement?

No!!  A Chinese language skill has never been a requirement and will never be, we make sure that interns have department-heads and supervisors who can speak English.  Because these companies have foreign clients, their official mode of communication has always been English.

In cases where participants would like to speed their Chinese language mastery skills, we put them into purely Chinese language environment where they quickly learn very technical business language terms without haven to enroll in a language school.  BUT this is done expressly at the consent of the applicant.

What is the general culture of your host companies?

Our partner organizations are Multinational in nature and have expats working with them, hence their corporate culture is what you should expect just as you have in western companies.  There is mutual respect and reward for hard work.

Won’t the Chinese language classes interfere with my Internship?

Your classes are time-flexible, so that your venues for learning can be varied according to your convenience/need.

I want an internship in an industry that is not listed, is that possible?

We are always developing relationships with new companies.  Please let us know your preferred sector and we will endeavour to facilitate a placement in your area of interest.

Can I get a permanent Job after the internship?

Given our extensive connections and resources, we are able to recommend participants for jobs.  We have had several organizations offering job positions after the internship.  What we do is to make sure your supervisor identifies a special skill which is relevant for his department and we will lobby for you.  So hard work pays off.

How do I get to my company after arriving in China?

A member of staff from CIP who acts as your Program Coordinator will take you to your company on the first day of your internship where you will be introduced to your supervisor and HR Manager.

I cannot speak Chinese, will that affect my ability to fit into an organization?

Chinese language skills have never been a requirement and will never be.  Some of your Chinese colleagues will be able to speak English.  We ensure that you have an English-speaking supervisor who can act as your mentor and provide structure and support throughout your work experience.

Meanwhile, we offer language classes as part of the program components to equip you with Mandarin Skills.  These classes are administered on a private, one-on-one basis or small group setting.

Will I be paid?

Due to the hard work and dedication of our past clients, Our Host Companies offer Stipends for all participants.  So if you join our program, you will be paid.

We also insist that you are paid by our Partner companies, and in that way, the companies know it does not come for free and will utilize your effort efficiently.  These stipends are enough to cover some of your living expenses (typically food and day-to-day taxi/bus/subway transportation).

Who decides on the Job descriptions?

Once you join our program formally, we match you to organizations on ou databse and positions that related your expectations established during the interview.  Our expert Human Resource Team will review participant expectations, previous experiences if any, and area of study.  They then collaborate with Host Organizations to design job descriptions.  But the intern has a 100% say whether to accept or reject the company.  SO it is a collaborative effort.

Which company will I intern?

CIP arranges internships for both multi-national firms and Chinese companies in many industry sectors.  We match you with a company relevant to your study or previous professional experience.  All applicants should discuss their areas of interest or expertise with the CIP Placement team, who will help with the matching process.

We continually work to assess the suitability of our partner companies to ensure that they provide meaningful and valuable internships for you.

There are over 800 companies which participants can choose from (if the company also chooses them in return of course).

Are refunds available?

We do offer refunds and our contracts do not bind so tight.
  • We offer 100% refund of processing fee is CIP fails to get you an internship. If applicants after receiving offers decide to terminate the program, there is NO Refund
  • For those who paid the program Fee in Full (this clause does not apply to processing fees) We refund program fees if, for no good reason, CIP decides to terminate the program.  We also refund program fees minus any expenses made, if participants ask for a refund at least 12 weeks to joining our program.
  • After arrival in China we do not offer refunds. Except for instaces like accommodation upgrade

Why demand a deposit when I have not been offered a position?

Unlike other service providers, we will inform you of the company at which you will intern once you have paid just the pocessing fee of $300 (rather than the commonly required  full-fee/price for your internship). This is for a number of reasons:

CIP has worked hard to build up business relationships with our partner companies over many years.  This relationship is built on the trust that we will efficiently and reliably provide interns on a regular basis.  If we assign you to a company and then you do not join the program, this damages our business relations.

Many companies do not want to advertise for interns publicly, and prefer to rely on us to provide interns.  If we make public which companies are looking for interns, they may receive unwanted applications.

Once you have paid just the deposit in full, we are happy to give you all the information you will need about your company around six to 10 weeks (please note this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons).  We willonly begin the placement process when the processing fee is paid and that assues us that applicants ae ready for the experience.  Additionally, we work closely with the companies and interns during the internships to make sure that you get the most out of your time in China.

  • After paying the Processing fee, we will match you to as many offers and pesent you the best, such that you will decide what company to work with. You will also speak with the HR of company which you selected via phone or skype. This is a good opportunity to confirm your offer and ask questions
  • After that, if you are happy with the opporunity, you will sign a contract and get an official offer letter
  • It is at this stage that you will be required to pay the total progra fee. At this stage, you know where you will intern, which company is hosting you (you would have also talked wih them)

I want to know about the Premium Program.

he Premium program package has some valuable additions to the Standard Package.  Basically, if you take the Standard Internship program and add on a few awesome components, you will have the Premium Package.

Those additional components are: Entrepeneurial Training (see 1st link below for more details), Travel and Tour to historical sites (w/cultural activities included + Know China Tour (see 2nd lnk below), A translation of your CV/Resume into Chinese for a job search/application in China, Aggressive help from us at the end of your internship in helping to distribute your CV and find you a permanenet job position, if so desired, in China.

Who decides which company I have to intern with?

You decide which company you decide to intern with.  We do the work of making the connections with those companies willing/desiring to take on interns while involving you in the steps along the way, and allowing you in the selection of which companies to focus on, and which job descriptions you are interested in.  Basically though, our participants reserve a 100% decision.  We also assist with paperwork, details, and information which will help participants make good decisions.

What are the durations of your programs?

Our programs are available all year round starting from 1 month to 12 months long.   We always recommend that interns opt for longer duration programs like 3 months and above.   The longer the duration, the better the chance to get good organizations, as they prefer putting training time and investment into someone who is gonna be around for more than a few weeks or months.

How long will it take to secure an offer?

Due to the complex nature of our HR policies through our partner companies, there are clearly established procedures to have placements done.  We are able to secure placements between 3 to 4 weeks, or sometimes even earlier.  Within this duration, we are able to produce as many positions and companies as possible with job descriptions for participants to select from.

What is the duration of the entire process?

It will usually take us 8 weeks to arrange very good internship programs.  Upon an emergency, note we are able to make internship placements, however, be aware that this will likely lower the numbers of good placement options we can find for your internship, due to the lack of time to wait for enough good openings to be offered by the partnering companies to take you on as an intern with them.

What are the processes involved?

Kindly visit our Application Process page for more details and explanations.

What are the program components?

We have several components and we will advice that you visit our program guide page to get a complete view of program components and other perspectives.

Why should I pay fees?

China Internship Placements (CIP) is a Placement Service Provider, our aim is a positive transformation of Young graduates.  We maintain staff to keep this mission possible and also to ensure our programs are properly delivered.  Of course in order to remain operating this requires us to pay rent for our offices, necessary equipment: computers, updated systems, transportation to meet with executives, H.R., etc from the required partnering companies we are networked with, and much more.

Aside from all this, our fees are used to provide services for you, such as:

    – Placement Correspondence and Mailing
    – Your Accommodation/Housing (large amount of fees goes here)
    – Language Classes
    – Visa Services
    – Activities
    – Welcome Package, Networking, etc

Including all the services outlined on our program content page

China is usually a new home for most of our prospective interns, and CIP is dedicated to making sure that your stay is comfortable in order that you may concentrate all your energies on your program and international experience/adventure!

What are the Application Deadlines?

Our Internship programs are available all year-round and participants are allowed to join anytime.  We normally like to allow at least 8 weeks prior to your program start date to organize your internship placement.  In addition, places in some sectors can be limited, therefore we recommend that you apply as early as possible to allow us time to find the most suitable company for you.

How do I apply?

Applicants should complete forms on the Apply Now Page and send their CVs/ Resumes to [email protected] .  Our Program Coordinating department will then initiate the process.

How much will I generally spend while in China?

The cost of living in China varies depending on how you choose to spend your money – residents earn very diverse levels of income and as a result the city offers a huge amount of choice in everything from restaurants to transport.
It is possible to live comfortably on a budget of as little as 30RMB ($4/£3/€3) per day by eating at snack stalls, taking the bus and limiting your time in bars, but if you eat at Western-style restaurants, take many taxis and spend more time out and about, you could spend up to 300RMB ($40/£30/€34) per day. As a rule of thumb we recommend a budget of 50RMB ($7/£5/€6) per day.

Where do I live?

Your accommodation is included within the program fee.  We place everyone in modern, comfortable, serviced apartments in the centre of Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen.  We ensure that all the apartments are clean, pleasant spaces to live in with TV, internet access, a lounge, a kitchen and air conditioning.
You will have your own private bedroom and share living facilities with one or two other interns of the same gender.
For most of the year we accommodate all of our participants in the same building, but over peak season (programs in July and August) we may use more than one provider.  Most program participants will be in the same accommodation as the other participants in their particular program.  This allows everyone to have the same standard of accommodation and to socialize with each other more easily.

What happens when I encounter problems while in China?

In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem while on your program, your first point of contact will be the CIP Coordinating office in that city.
Your coordinator should hear this first and if they are not available you will have all our contacts including the Head-of-Operations and Client Services are just a dial away.  We will settle it.

Can I learn Chinese while In China?

Yes. CIP provides Chinese lessons up to twice a week for beginners.  This will give you a great opportunity to learn new language skills while in China and will help you get around the city and communicate with locals.
If you can already speak Chinese and would like to brush up on your skills, Our Language Department can help you organize your own lessons.

Are there scholarships to help fund my internship?

We understand that covering the cost of these programs can sometimes be difficult.  To help you with this, we’ve done some research into possible sources of funding assistance.
We have created see a list of available resources that you could use to help fund your trip.

Are there programs free?

There is a fee for our programs and these payments are used to provide services that should make your life comfortable in China. Some of these sevices are Accommodation, Airport pickup, Settlement package, social activities, tips insurance etc. You can open the programs Price and Dates page on our website for more information. Visit our What’s Included page for more information about what would be included in the program price.

Can I contact past Alumni?

Yes!!  We seek permission from our past alumni so that prospective applicants could contact them.  Please request this at Contact Us Page.  And make sure you make clear the purpose in the message column.

How safe are your programs?

Our programs are probably the safest out there because:
– We provide insurance for applicants to cover their health needs upon arrival up to $100,000
– We conduct risk assessment on all facets of our program every 6 months and appropriate changes are made
– We have emergency and evacuation strategies for interns in cases of disaster and that means when there is a naturl disaster, the insuance company will fly you home at no cost
– We are available 24/7 to help in any situation

Is it possible to extend the program while in China?

Yes !  You are allowed to extend the program while in China, simply inform us if this is your desire.

I am a Chinese National studying abroad, can I apply ?

This program is also open to Chinese nationals living abroad.

What are the networking activities administered?

We partner professional event management organizations to include our participants in Corporate Meetings, Seminars and Cocktail parties highly patronized by Business Executives and Expats.  At these meetings, our interns attend to meet and exchange contacts with these vital individuals.  It has worked for several interns in the past and still remains relevant.

How are my parents/ sponsors involved in the process?

We get in touch with sponsors or parents through the referral of our applicants.  They are informed of all critical processes involved.  We also get in touch with them giving weekly reports on interns.

We have compiled our most frequently asked questions and address them here for your convenience.  If you have more questions, dont hesitate to email us via [email protected] and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

What course levels are available?

Courses are available for all levels of Mandarin Chinese study, from beginner to advanced level.  Prior to beginning your courses, China Internship Placement (CIP) will enroll you in a placement test to gauge your level of Mandarin, to make sure you are placed in the correct class for the duration of your program. Schools tier their classes within levels i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels are further split into further sub-levels e.g. Basic Beginner, Intermediate Beginner, Advanced Beginner, etc, this is to ensure that every student is placed into the correct class at a level that best suits his individual’s requirements.  Each school has a slightly different practice of categorizing students into the correct levels, so please see our “Schools” section and check out each individual school for exact details.

Where can I find a campus map of my university?

As soon as you arrive in Beijing we will provide you with a map of the campus and give you an orientation of the neighborhood you will be staying in, as well as well as the university, so that you don’t feel lost the first day of school.

Where and when do I get my course textbooks?

All of the CIP mandarin programs include course textbooks in the tuition. dThe textbooks will be given out to the students on the first day of class.

What is the class size?

Classes generally sit in no more than 20 students. dAverage class size is roughly 10-15 students per class.

What's an average day like?

Students are usually placed in one of two 4-hour sessions with short breaks between classes that run daily Monday-Friday: either a morning session (8am-12pm) or an afternoon session (1pm-5pm). Outside of class there is no substitute for putting in the hard hours to reinforce what has been learnt during class hours.  Homework generally consists of character repetition and learning.  Generally 2 hours of out-of-class homework and revision is recommended in order to keep up with the pace of class and make good progress during your period of study.

What am I going to learn?

This is really up to you, the student.  Learning Mandarin is a time-intensive process.  There is no substitute for putting in the hard work of practicing character writing and learning new words, so each individual student’s progress is highly correlated to how much time is put in outside of the classroom to practice what is taught during class time.
As a general guide, over the course of a semester of study, we would expect the average student to learn and master roughly 800 new characters (roughly 100-200 characters per calendar month of study)
To put this into perspective:

  • Knowing 200 characters will be enough to survive at a basic level on a day to day basis – introduce yourself, give directions to a taxi driver, order basic food and drink
  • Knowing 800 characters will allow you to hold basic conversations in Chinese, talk about the weather, your likes and dislikes, perform day to day tasks such as doing your shopping and almost effortlessly getting around town
  • Knowing 1500 characters will allow you to be able to read a newspaper without fully understanding all the characters, but allowing you to get a good grip on the context of the articles
  • Knowing 2500 – 3500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese high-school graduate. You will be able to fully read and understand newspapers and television programs, and be able to hold detailed conversation on a variety of topics
  • Knowing 4500 – 5500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese University graduate. At this level you could be expected to operate fluently within any situation, both professional and private, translate high-level documents and engage in conversations at all levels and for all intents and purposes operate as a well-educated “local”
  • Knowing 20,000 – 30,000 characters puts you within a very small group of linguistic academic experts who command a very rare knowledge of all obscure vocabulary and subtleties contained within the Mandarin Chinese language. Not many people, foreign or local, ever reach this level – but there’s no harm in trying!

Can I receive university / college credit for work completed on my program?

The universities that program participants attend are internationally accredited; therefore most international universities accept credits received from these schools.  Many of our students in the past have received credit for their coursework completed here.  CIP assists students in obtaining any information and documentation required supporting their request for course credit.  Still, the final decision to offer academic credit is up to your university. As every university is different, we encourage you to check with your own university in regards to your accreditation requirements.

What is the grading system in the university program for the Mandarin Language course?

Short-term programs that are 3 Months or less only have one Final exam.  Longer-term programs for semester and one year programs consist of one mid-term and one final exam.  The weighting of each is 50%, each while some professors consider class participation as part of the final grade, so make sure you go to class and participate!

Which documents will be supplied upon completion of my program?

China Internship Placement (CIP) will provide students with a certificate of completion at the end of their program.  For university program participants, each university will issue an additional certificate as well.

Can I arrive before my course starts?

CIP recommends that students arrive on one of the specified arrival dates for each program, which are selected so that you have a couple days to settle into your accommodation, make new friends, and explore the local area!  However, if you need to arrive before or after your program’s official start date, or extend your stay after the official end of your program, this can be arranged for a small additional fee.

Which lesson and topics does my course cover?

The classes focus on all parts of the Chinese language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  There is also an emphasis on Chinese skills that allow students to take advantage of the local environment and be able to communicate in daily life.  In class, students generally go over vocabulary, practice reading texts, learn grammar points and sentence patterns, do conversation exercises with other students, do some language drills, and many other activities that allow a rapid acquisition of the Mandarin language.

How many hours a week will I study?

The Mandarin classes at most universities and schools run from Monday through Friday for a total of 20 hours of university time per week.  Classes are taught in 40-50 minutes periods with short breaks provided in between.  Students in the CIP Intensive program have an additional 10 hour 1-on-1 tutoring classes per week with an experienced, private tutor.

What are the lecturers and teachers like?

The professors are very experienced in teaching Chinese to foreigners and are considered experts in their field.

Will I be given homework?

Yes – it’s generally best to spend 2-3 hours per day studying and completing homework.  This is a tough program because we want you to learn Mandarin.  A great way to study and keep on top of things is to sign up for our Intensive program and have the 1-on-1 tutoring sessions focus on the homework set for you in class.

How do I know what level to start at?

Every student will take a placement test after registration to determine which class and level is most appropriate to begin their studies.  This placement is given to all students, whether you are a complete beginner or have studied Chinese in the past.

How long does it take to become fluent in Chinese?

Most universities structure their courses to accommodate every level of student, from beginner to advanced.  If you follow the courses from complete beginner level to the end of the advanced level, it should take you approximately 3 years.  This includes study during summer and holiday breaks. However, everyone is different.  Some learn faster than others, and since you take a placement test at the beginning of each semester, it is possible to skip a level if you have progressed faster than expected.  Therefore, completing all the courses is possible in less than 3 years.  Another thing to consider is that it is not necessary to be completely fluent or to have taken all the courses to be able to live and work in China.  Students finishing the beginner level should already be able to use Mandarin in daily life and hold simple conversations.

What is the advantage of private tutoring?

The Intensive program offers 1-on-1 tutoring, which most students find very helpful in advancing their Mandarin studies.  Not everyone is good at learning in a classroom environment, so this really depends on your learning style.  We find that students who have difficulty with speaking and listening benefit the most from the individual tutoring.  Also, the tutoring sessions are arranged to fit your schedule, making the extra study time easy and convenient.  Many students choose to arrange their sessions in the afternoon after class, and typically students choose the location as well.   You can even have your tutoring sessions at home, it’s that convenient!
These are a few questions we had prepared according to unique categories.  We might not address all your questions, so feel free to address us via our contact us page and we will gladly provide as vivid of explanations as possible.

Who is able to study and apply for the language program?

Anyone over the age of 14 is free to apply from any nationality, regardless of your fluency in mandarin.

Who will be teaching me?

We will introduce you to the best Mandarin teachers in your chosen city in china.

When can i start?

The sooner the better, we have language programs year round.  However, be aware, the visa process may vary depending on which country you are applying from.

When will i hear back from you guys after I’ve applied?

You will generally hear back from us in 24 hours of your application!  We do have a high volume of applicants, but be patient we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

Where in China can I do a language program?

We offer Language Programs all across China.  Most of our applicants choose Beijing and Shanghai.  But we also offer Mandarin Study Program in cities such as Nanjing, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.  Please note, we do not offer in either of the specially administrated regions (Hong Kong and Macao).

Where will I stay during my program?

We will arrange accommodation for participants of the program in the city they choose to intern at.  We have a couple types of accommodation to choose from, all of which are clean, modern-style.  These come in your choice of home stays to single or shared apartment-style accommodation with other interns.

After I have sent my application, where do we go from there?

Within 48 hours you will hear our response and we will give you further information regarding the language program.

What language will the class be taught in?

They will be taught in 65% mandarin and 35% in English or the Native Language of the applicant!  But fear not, the programs are taught at the beginner level and so communication is not an issue if that is your concern.  We have people from all over the world in these classes not just English, but also French, Italian, Korean, Japanese and many more.

What are the size of the classes?

Between 5 to 10.  But no more than 12 in each class.

What are the hours like?

3 classes (an hour each) a day, 5 days a week.

What if i am struggling, or want to learn more quickly?

You may also opt for private 1-on-1 lessons (after your classes) to best suite your individual pace and style of learning.

Why learn mandarin?

China is emerging as the world’s leader in the years to come.  China owns the worlds fastest growing economy and the emerging markets in China are endless.  Those seeking to do business or improve their employability to employers are starting to learn mandarin. Being able to speak English and Mandarin means statistically you can communicate with half of the world population!

Why chose CIP internship?

Good question!  Why would you need a firm to do a task you can organize yourself?  Well to put it simply, it is possible for you to apply yourselves but the difficulty for those who do not understand how China works will struggle if they tried.  The process can be intimidating for those who do not understand the language or culture or policies here.  What if you encounter a problem, who do you contact?  What if you get lost, who will guide you?  We not only organize your program down to every last detail, but we also provide a source of networking and support for any stumbling blocks that you encounter during your stay.

How do i apply?

Send us an application on our Intensive Language Apply Page!

How long will it take for me to hear back from you?

Due to our high number of applicants it may take us up to 24 hours to reply to your questions but we do reply to every email.  Our office hours are between 9am – 6pm Beijing time (GMT +8).

How long will it take to learn mandarin?

For speaking level we generally recommend that you learn from 6 to 12 months, this however depends on your dedication to learning mandarin, some students are able to learn basic speaking, reading and writing in just 3 months!

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

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Can I request a certain city or region to pursue my High School Program in China?

The best practice is to explain your expectations to and what you want to our Program Advisers who will then help locate a city and Program Location which is ideal for you. However,  our programs allow regional preferences. These preferences are taken into consideration during the application. The family home stay is at the heart of any exchange, so finding the right family is our first priority and should be yours. It is important all participants go into any high school in China Program with an open mind about what their family may be like, where they live, whether or not they have children, etc.

How do we get passports and visas?

If you already have a passport, make sure that it will not expire prior to your return date. Usually, your passport must be valid for six months after your program ends. If you need a new passport or need to renew your existing one, please visit the right department in your country to do so.

How often should we expect to hear from CIP?

Plan to log in to your CIP account regularly as you prepare for your departure. Important information and resources are there for your use. Watch for regular communication via email in the four months preceding your departure. Closer to the departure date, the communication is very frequent.

When filling out an application it is vital that you enter email addresses for yourself and your parents or guardians. CIP communicates very important information by way of email, including: visa information, host family details, pre-departure orientation dates, etc. If you apply up to a year before departure, there may be some lapses before regular communication is again established. Don’t worry! You can contact CIP by phone or email any time. We hope that your CIP User account will answer most of your concerns, and we will continually update it with new information. Just keep in touch.

Can I speak with a past participant and their parents?

CIP maintains a list of alumni students  who are enthusiastic about talking to potential students and their families. Request to talk to a former participant by email.

What is a language immersion program?

Have you ever heard someone say “I can understand Chinese fine, I just can’t speak or write it?” A language immersion program is usually designed to ensure that you can both speak and understand a foreign language. By forcing you to use whatever level of foreign language skills that you might possess, a language immersion program will surround you with a foreign language. You will use that language for everything, from discussing literature to finding the restroom. By fully committing to a language immersion program you may be tired at the end of the day, but by the end of the program you will be much more proficient than when you started.

I’m interested in travel. Will I be able to travel during my CIP High School Year in Cina?

Backpacking through a country may be enticing if you are only interested in tourism. But to understand a community you must spend time in it. Living and studying alongside the people in your host country will maximize the richness of your international experience. CIP’s High School Abroad program provides the chance to get to know a country, its people, and challenges, in a way that is otherwise difficult to come by. We do allow independent travel. Please keep in mind that even if a program allows it, you must have a travel release form signed by your local coordinator, natural parents, and CIP Staff. Additionally, under no circumstances are students permitted to miss school to travel.

Will the grades that I receive abroad affect my high school grade point average?

Foreign grading systems are quite different, so evaluating them on the American grading scale is often difficult. The student’s GPA should not be affected by the courses taken abroad. It is important you involve your U.S. high school throughout the pre-departure process. We will also coordinate with your institution to make sure that all documents are provided help the program qualify for college credit submission.

Can I take the SATs or AP exams while on your High School Program in China?

Many of the college entrance exams that are given in the U.S. or else where are available abroad at designated test centers. Please visit the College Board website for information on taking these exams overseas and to find exam locations and dates. Please be aware that CIP will not schedule these exams for you and that the SAT/AP exam test centers may not be in your host town/city. Transportation and accommodation for testing is the responsibility of the participant. It is important to inform your local coordinator well in advance, since it may take some time to arrange travel permission.

Will I be covered by insurance while participating in a CIP High School Abroad Program?

Students are covered by CIP international travel insurance in addition to any coverage provided by the primary insurance provider. The  policy covers any unforeseen or unexpected accidents or illnesses while in CHina. If students require medical attention, they will often have to pay up-front for any costs and then we assist in submitting a claim.

How will my son/daughter get money while abroad?

All participants should check with their bank to see what their policy is in regards to withdrawing funds and using bank issued debit/credit cards abroad. In many countries, the preferred means of payment is still cash so having access to it is very important. We discourage participants from using either traveler’s checks or personal checks while in China. CIP can act as the intermediary for relaying cash to applicants through our International Bank transfers, Paypal and Master Card. Participants could also gain access to international Money Transfers such as western union and money gram. Once sent, our Program Coordinators will assist your child collect them.

How can I change the date of my return flights?

Every program has an end date, and the tickets should be purchased for that date. Our fare class is for students, so the availability of seats is limited on each date. Ticket dates are changeable for a fee, but this must be done well in advance of travel. Students must return on the same airline, with the same itinerary as originally booked. All changes are the responsibility of the student and his/her family directly with the airline. We are nevertheless always willing to extend program durations if participants could handle flight changes.

When will we find out the host family information?

You and your family will have a chance to see your host family’s informational sheet and to communicate with them by phone or email prior to departure. The exact date of this placement is impossible to predict because so many factors go into making a good placement. If you have been accepted into a program, you will have a host family placement in time to obtain a visa and travel.

Is there any financial aid for programs?

CIP has a limited number of merit-based partial scholarships for high school semester/academic year-long programs. The application for this scholarship must be turned in no later than the scholarship application deadline. Visit our Scholarship Page for more details.

How will I ensure that my child is safe overseas? What if I have a specific concern?

CIP is dedicated to providing all participants and parents with comprehensive support throughout the duration of the program. CIP’s Support Team maintains close communication with Program Coordinators on the ground as well as supervising resident Tutor and regularly receives updates on student adjustment throughout the year. While the local coordinator is your first source of assistance locally, the Support Team is always available as a resource for participants and parents. They are trained and experienced in managing conflict, assisting with cultural adjustment issues, and providing support for emergency situations. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and will be more than happy to answer questions, provide assistance, or discuss student concerns. The CIP Support Team is available 24/7 via phone and is also available by email or Skype.

What do you do at China Internship Placements?

We are a consultancy firm which specialize in getting Internship placements for those interested in interning in China.

What type of Internships do you guys offer?

Check on website, we offer a wide range from legal to architecture, from finance to engineering, we offer a wide variety of internships across our 600 partner companies.

When can i start?

The sooner the better, but we have programs all year around. The sooner you plan the quicker you can start. The only stumbling blocks for some applicants is the visa process.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

Why should i apply through China Internship placements?

China internship placements deals with every little detail of your stay from visa, pick up, sim card and your accommodation. For those who do not understand or find China a scary environment, we are here to make sure your experience is maximized.

Why learn mandarin?

China is emerging as the world’s leader in the years to come, china owns the worlds fastest growing economy and the emerging markets in China are endless. Those seeking to do business or improve their employability to employers are starting to learn mandarin. Being able to speak English and Mandarin means statistically you can communicate with half of the world population!

How long will it take to learn mandarin?

For speaking level we generally recommend that you learn from 6 to 12 months, this however depends on your dedication to learning mandarin, some learn basic speaking, reading and writing in 3 months!

How long will it take for me to hear back from you?

Due to our high number of applicants it may take us up to 24 hours to reply to your questions but we do reply to every email. Our office ours are between 9am – 6pm Beijing time (GMT +8).

How much experience do i need to do apply?

You do not need any to apply! The reason you’re applying is to gain experience right? But a strong interest and basic knowledge in your chosen field before you apply is essential.

Where do we go from here?

Within 48 hours you will here our response and we will give you further information regarding the language program.

Where do i apply?

Go to our our intensive language header and click apply!

Where in China can i do an internship?

We offer internships all across china. Most of our applicants choose Beijing and Shanghai. But we also offer Internships in cities such as ShenZhen and Guangzhou. Please not we do not offer in either of the specially administrated regions (Hong Kong and Macao). We do not offer internships in Taiwan either.

How much do I get paid for the Internship?

This very much depends on three factors:

  1. The company in which you work at, some companies pay very generously and others pay less. This depends on the type of internship it is (for example, Law, Architecture or Consultancy).
  2. The duration of your Internship also determines salary.One or two month internship placements may affect the amount companies are willing to pay you. Those who do three, six or even twelve months are likely to paid more.
  3. Your experience is also a very important factor, the more experience you have the more you are likely to get paid by the company you intern at.

How long can i intern for?

Generally internships range from 1 to 12 months. Most interns chose three, six or twelve months we can adjust the duration for you depending on your preference.

Are Internships paid?

Yes and No. Most internships are paid but not all are paid, this depends on what sector you decide to intern at (For example, Law or Architecture)