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We are the largest Ecosystem in China offering opportunities to young people from Higher Education, Language, and Cultural Immersion, Internships, Early Careers to Entrepreneurship. Having such an expanded outreach positions us to leverage opportunities and serve our clients better. Our greater purpose is to democratize opportunities for the youth. Our bouquet of services is suitable for Teenagers, University students, Young Graduates, Job Seekers, and Founders. Want to Partner us? Get in Touch→

Premium Guranteed Internships in China

Democratizing Job Opportunities in China

Offering University Admission Services

Helping Entrepreneurs Startup in China

Internship Programs Revolutionized

Speed up youre career prospects and profile with our Professional China Intership as well as Chinese language study Programs. Every participant enjoys customized program content and not one size fits all. Check our program contents page for more.

Setting the Pace for Grooming Future Business Executives

As part of ensuring that interns get the best for their experience and investment, CIP combines very relevant and up to date support services to distinguish our interns from the crowd. We achieve this by combining 360 Degree Personal Development, Skill Sharpening and  Career Design which is more than just an internship. CIP provides Unique services that prepare you for the challenges ahead with the following unique components – Get Value for Money

  • On the Job Mentoring by an Expert in your field
  • Personalized Career Coaching from Experts who work in the Silicon Valley and Wall Street.  This is not a group lecture; it is a private one-on-one segment where you will discuss your career goals, action plans, Personal branding and Job search strategies. You will walk away with Personalised, actionable and Comprehensive strategies that you can follow for the rest of your career.
  • Insurance coverage up to $100k. We reduce the stress by providing an international health insurance to cover your stay in China.
  • What Employers want: The Ideal China Exposure: You will be part of our Business Events &  SeminarsNetworking Activities, Cultural Trips, Chinese language lessons and the fun. In addition to the skill acquisition, these are relevant to get you on top of issues relating to China. Multinational Organizations hire Graduates who in addition to previous experience, understand the Chinese Business Ethics, negotiation strategies and Market Information.
  • Performance Appraisal:  It is out of the comfort zone. You will be allocated a program evaluator whose role is to ensure your performance is up to standard. We counsel underperformance and encourage hard work
  • Exit Briefing: What happens after the internship? We do not leave you to figure out whats next. Our Program Team will help you lay out step by step strategy to adopt after the internship
  • Portfolio Creation: You may wonder what it is. It is a service that gets you hooked on to making sure your job application materials, Journals, strategies, and plans are in place. These portfolios are essentials for growth.
  • Most Affordable Program in China: Our Program prices reflect the number of components included. We have most comprehensive yet competitive pricing (All Internship Programs in China + CIP = Professional Internship)

You get all these and more on the CIP platform


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Internship placement has grown from so many stages and has become a whole industry on its own. But on a sad note, placement agencies continue to do same things over and over again. Given the fact that employers are facing the pressure to internationalize, they have also changed their requirements for hiring this means that when the goal post changes, the direction of the ball should also change for a possible goal. At China Internship Placement, we carry out surveys, researches twice every year in order to update program contents and keep participants ahead of competition. We have introduced several program contents and much flexibility to allow customizing of our programs.

We invest into ensuring the WOW EXPERIENCE!!, count on us to deliver the best life enhancing Internship and Study Abroad Programs in China.


The 21st century interns should not only be trained to excel in the job market rather, be equipped with skills to survive real challenges of our time. Entrepreneurship skills are of essence and all young graduates need it. China Internship Placements has completely revolutionized Internship Placements and Study Abroad Opportunities, we have included opportunities to:

  • Get coached and mentored: Participants to really know what it takes to lead an organization and not just a bunch of job descriptions.
  • Get trained: Participants to acquire International Entrepreneurship Experiences
  • Be Groomed: Participants are prepared to fit as Business Executives
  • Get Negotiation skills and how to bargain for partnerships and Joint ventures
  • Get details and importance of cross cultural awareness and negotiation skills.

Modern Mandarin Study Abroad Programs

We have newly defined study abroad programs to also include the training meant for our Interns. Studying Chinese language in China should not just come with a silver bullet approach. We combine:

  • Chinese language study
  • Job shadowing
  • Volunteering
  • Corporate mentoring and Professional Grooming
What we are: China Internship Placements Limited is a 4G Study Abroad provider with solid service provisions.
     Gather                    Groom                     Grow                        Go        
We achieve this with the GEM principle:
Entrepreneurship + Internship + Mentoring + Grooming = 21st Century Young Graduate
   We show you something extraordinary: The Mind blowing experience
The decision to study abroad is a tough one to make, but we present opportunities with the requisite staff strength to make it happen. There something extraordinary that happens when you finally decide Study or Intern abroad in China and we present such opportunities. It is a life changing opportunity and you must grab it. We have witnessed a complete transformation of our alumni through their success stories. Why not get transformed to be an International Business Executive? Try Chin Internship Placements limited.

  We understand you better!
We are strict to making sure that we understand you better that’s why we have selected only staff who have been on study abroad missions and understand what it takes and what matters during study abroad missions. They are able to anticipate what you need and provide it right on time. We combine professional customer service and robust systems to serve you better.

  We have you in mind.
Starting from our program design, marketing and you application, you are always our top priority in our decisions. We consider this as an opportunity to serve and present future leaders with the request skills to Change the world. Through out our orientation segments, we prepare your mind to fit perfectly. Our placements are solid and all other arrangements are to give you proper sit in China. We do not flaw the accommodations and settling packages. Because you deserve the best, we have 24/7 staff support just for you and our Support staff ration to Participant is 1:2

  We will transform you.
You are really excellent such that you have been able to get this far with your career and aspirations. We are willing to speed and seal the process that’s why we present several opportunities during our program. We intend to make you feel current and updated with how to face current global issues. We position you to take advantages of your time. That is what we are and that’s what we are committed to.
We continue to support your decisions months and years after finishing our program what matters is joining the CIP Opportunity Network and you will be introduced to other very brilliant students who are willing to challenge you for the future.
Because we want to transform you, we also present very challenging situations to toughen you for life through.

  We will position you.
We want you to be placed at an advantageous position to view the world in which everything is possible. We expose you to boost your confidence because we believe that it is only when your confidence is boosted that you will be able to take advantages and opportunities. We want to see you step into higher grounds this is what motivates us and we are committed to it.

  We’re trusted.
We have worked with several high schools and Universities in past churning over 2000 students over the period of 10 years. Our reviews tell it all with almost no negative review online we owe it a responsible to keep you satisfied. Our CEO is dedicated to making sure that all complaints are addressed to him and he faces it head on. We do not shirk responsibilities as that’s not why we are here.

  Safety and Value Guarantee
We are committed to making sure that you are at the front of issues and you are protected enough to give out your best. If anything happens in the process of going through our transformative Internship and study abroad programs, we make sure you are properly take care of.

  We are here forever: Solid going concern
We have been here for the past 10 years and we will be here forever. We have an adequate capital base to remain in business all along. We are committed to making the world a better place and we will continue to innovate and survive.

  We give you more
We make sure the prices you pay reward you for the rest of your life. If you discount our prices into the future and the benefits you continue to get from us over the next 10 to 20 years, you will notice that our products are under priced. We do not cut the relationship after the program is ended we continue to update you with opportunities.

Wondering how the Mentoring Process Works?

Watch the details of what happens during a mentoring Segment. It’s a personal conversation between you and the Coach. They are selected to fit your industry and are best resources for helping you get ahead of your peers. Marilyn was mentored by a coach who works with Disney and Sony.