Campus Ambassador Grant

Are you active on campus? Bold enough and full of Business Development Ideas, you will be capitalizing on your talent to intern in China for FREE.  Our Internship Programs are Hot! The Program Combination is tight and it sells in just 5 minutes of introduction. Lets trade skills, if you believe in the skill sharing economy. CIP has become one of the largest China Internship Programs with the deepest connection than any other platform. We are committed to assisting Young Graduates and Students through the career path in a most professional way. We are also committed to inspiring young people to be owners of their own destiny. Thats why we boldly combine Internships with Mentoring and Coaching because that’s the magic combination.

If you are interested n promoting CIP’s International Internship in China as well as Study Abroad Programs, we want you. We are recruiting Campus Ambassadors to spread this news to as many young graduates and students as possible. We invite societies, Clubs, and Individuals to join the network. We Provide all support to enable you to excel as a brand ambassador.

Benefits of Being A CIP Campus Ambassador

We reward every bit of calorie burnt by our Ambassadors while working with us. We also provide all the necessary support to make sure they deliver.

  • Intern in China for free after satisfactory Performance. These KPIs will be communicated before you assume office
  • Learn Free Mandarin online
  • Get commissions for any referrals made
  • We train our ambassadors to acquire detailed online marketing and business development skills
  • We also make supplementary rewards to connections that we get from partnership
  • We support ambassadors to set up local satellite offices in their cities
  • We also hire those interested in working fulltime in the Study abroad and international internship industry to work at our Office in China
  • Ambassadors get direct admission into CIP Opportunity Network as a beneficiary

We are excited to have you on board

Apply to be an ambassador on our Connect with us page, send an email to [email protected].

Apply Now to be a Campus Ambassador!

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