Health Safety & Insurance

 Carefully designed to protect All Participants

Since we started operation, year on year basis we endeavor to provide Safest Study Abroad Programs in a very friendly atmosphere in China. We assure our participants to relax as we deal with all risk related issues and their duty is just to concentrate and bring out the best in them and get absorbed. We demonstrate this through designing quality, effective and reliable safety procedures, standards and policies on all of our Internship Abroad Programs in China. We do this through the analysis of our Study Abroad Program, Facets of our operations and all processes. From Website design, application, placement process through to arrival, program delivery and thereafter, we make sure participants are safe and returns to their parents even more enhanced than they appear.

For the past 8 years, We achieved 100% Accident-free Programs:
The secret is tough safety Measures. All Participants are ever happy


Safety Protocols & Risk Management

Our Internship and study abroad programs are designed to protect our participants. No matter what city your program is hosted in China, we apply same standards. We Annually review our safety protocols to ensure you return home safely. Our International Insurance and  Evacuation measures are intact with periodic staff training.

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Our Safest Study Abroad, Gap Year and High School Programs are most preferred by most parents because we remain transparent about our processes and we also coordinated with parents in delivering safety.

First of all, we inculcate the health status of participants into the program design process and we therefore, encourage participants to disclose as detailed health issues as possible.

We deploy the best team to assist Participants with pre-departure orientations, creating awareness about the weather as well as other safety tips prior to arrival.

After arrival, we allocated staff support with a 24/7 contact to make sure that our Study Abroad participants are safe for the program. We create a 24/7 alarm system and emergency contact which allow participants to call for help or send text messages in times of serious help.

We also provide arrival packages for participants to settle as quickly as possible. These packages include mobile phones and SIM cards which are relevant for communication and contact. Our Insurance cards could also be used to access health services in case they fall sick or have some complications.

CIP have thorough emergency processes for monitoring and site assessments in order to ensure the highest standards of safety and we invest into this by having experts do all that for us. We also spend a lot of resources to educate our support staff to make sure they are abreast with latest Standards.

China Internship Placements Limited is headquartered in Beijing and a huge office in Shanghai so we have our core staff spread into Northern and Southern China in addition to our City office supervision, there is more than adequate eyes on our interns We are therefore closer to our interns than ever.

We also have a serious connection with the Chinese Public Safety Bureau and have latest updates from them regarding intelligence details that foreigners needed to be aware of.

Belong to Professional Associations

CIP Belongs to NAFSA, FORUMEA and other international study Abroad institutions who always make sure we are committed to safety standards and the industry’s annual reviews

Emergency Evacuation Policy

We have detailed emergency evacuation policies and standards in place to make sure that our participants are immediately and safely taken from their residence or place of work in cases of natural disasters or epidemics. We have separate standards for all circumstances. We also have in place 24/7 check-up and update systems to check on participants to ascertain how they are doing.


CIP provides all participants with an insurance coverage. The Insurance Card includes medical expense and travel insurance coverage fulfilled through a partnership with our Corporate Insurance partners and health institutions. This comes at no extra cost as it is included in the package cost.
Our Insurance plan is intended to complement private insurance by providing additional coverage for accidents and routine sicknesses while students are traveling with our program in China. Our travel insurance Medical Expense Benefit is only designed as an additional or supplemental coverage and does not include coverage for routine physical or dental examinations.



Loss of:  
Accidental Death
Loss of Both Hands
Loss of Both Feet
Loss of Entire Sight of Both Eyes
Loss of One Hand and One Foot
Loss of One Hand
Loss of One Foot
Loss of Entire Sight of One Eye
Loss of Speech
Loss of Hearing (both ears)
Loss of Thumb and Index Finger of the Same Hand




Internship Insurance Internship Insurance


Everything you need to know about our Insurance Coverage for Study Abroad and Internship Programs in one easy-to-read brochure. Get the CIP INSURANCE Brochure now.


Our resources section is a service that will assist you when creating your training materials for your participants. The resources here address relevant topics in educating your participants on safety, conduct, health, and of course, insurance. Of course, more topics will follow shortly. We truly look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and questions so we can continually improve our support to you.

Sexual Consent Resources

The resources on this page are intended for your use as a sponsor organization in educating your participants on the importance of understanding consent. The message needs to be clear: Do not engage in any sexual activity without explicit consent from all involved. Below you will find videos, a short quiz, and links to support organizations that you may find useful to use in your education and enrollment processes.

Cup of Tea

  • Drinking tea as a metaphor for sex. Basic effective message.
  • Our university influencers say students like this video and appreciate the message

Who Are You?

  • NZ bystander video addresses all the people that could have stopped sexual abuse from happening.
  • No dialogue and very long but received well by our test candidates as an important message

Can I Wear Your Hat?

  • Borrowing a hat as a metaphor for sex. Basic effective message.
  • Not professionally done but our test subjects say it is simple and easy to understand with a humorous ending
  • Most importantly it addresses both coercion and alcohol

Laci Green, Enthusiastic Consent

  • Very blunt/edgy conversation on sexual consent and coercion by a 26 year old female
  • Laci Green is very well recognized by US universities, MTV, TIME, Discovery

Mental Health Resources

The resources on this page are intended for your use as a sponsor organization in educating your participants on the importance of understanding what Mental Health diseases are and how to recognize them.

The top 5 mental health diseases that young students are suffering from are:

Generalized Anxiety
Bi-polar disorder
Situational Anxiety
Eating disorders
Mental Health Diseases are usually excluded from insurance coverage unless you have added the Mental Health Benefit to your insurance policy. Please inform your students accordingly. Below you will find videos, quizzes / tests, and helpful links that you may find useful to use in your education and enrollment processes

What Are Anxiety Disorders?

  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses, affecting 19 million children and adults in the U.S., reports the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA).

10 Most Common Anxiety Symptoms

  • This video explains the 10 most common symptoms and offers an explanation and advice how and why these symptoms occur in the body.

Laci Green, Enthusiastic Consent

  • Very blunt/edgy conversation on sexual consent and coercion by a 26 year old female
  • Laci Green is very well recognized by US universities, MTV, TIME, Discovery

6 Must Know Signs of Depression!

  • Depression is extremely important to notice as soon as possible.

The Symptoms of Depression

What is Bipolar Disorder?

  • Kati Morton: What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder – A short Introduction

7 Must Know Facts About Anorexia

  • 7 MUST KNOW Facts about ANOREXIA – Eating disorder & Treatment w/Kati Morton

My Anorexia Story