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Gain brief understanding of the caliber of companies we offer our China Internship Platform

A Host Company Reviews CIP

Aside matching interns to the right organizations, CIP provides training and consulting services to ensure the organizations are ready to receive interns. Our Career Experts also help implement Leadership continuity and succession planning for our partner organizations. Its a lot more than just an internship

CIP Internship Host Companies

China Internship Placements over the past decade has built solid relationship with several organizations.We play very critical role in assisting with recruiting quality Human resources to fill out positions within the organization. We work closely with career centers and top universities in making sure Interns have a sound background. In the process, we have built a solid network of Partner companies over 600 corporate organizations and belong to the widest network of HR Managers. The implication is that we are able to make placements into any Career Sector to serve all Internship Applicants no matter their orientation. From our Host company bouquet of over 600, we are able to make placements according to participants’ anticipation. In order to make the program satisfying, we do not restrict participants to one particular company after all; Variety is the spice of life.


At CIP, we conduct extensive research into the kind of opportunities we make available to our interns. We consider Job market demands and reports coming from Reputable Research houses to keep providing relevant and exciting Internships. Our new set of additions for 2018 and beyond are:

  • BlockChain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Fintech
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Combined Digital Marketing (PR, Events, Branding, Content, Media and Research)

CIP is once again leading the Internship Industry with an expanded service delivery to prepare our Interns for the demands of the Job Market. We guarantee Value for Money Apply Now to be Considered for these opportunities

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Nature of Organizations We Offer

Multinational Companies

State Owned Enterprises

Mid Cap Companies

Start Ups / VCs

How are the Companies Selected ?


Has a mentoring and motivating environment worth developing talents for international exposure.


Has to offer very solid Job Descriptions which are deemed to be of standard


Well established company with properly laid work procedures and policies. Must have a procedure manual ( Operations Manual)

 The Organization should have a clear statement of safety and Liability towards its workers

 The company should have a friendly working environment favorable to International Young Graduates


Where are these Companies Located?

We carefully refine participants through series of procedures before making placement. It Starts with an Appointment with our Placement Directors after applications are submitted. Offers will be generated from various companies and our Team will you towards a decision making. On the typical day of arrival, our Meet and Greet Team will you at the airport and help our settle into your Accommodation and the Intern Community. The next is a big welcome dinner and Orientation. On your first day of Work, we will go with you to the office and introduce you to the HR and Your Supervisor.

Our Host Companies

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