CIP’s Program Visa Application

After securing your internship in China, the next most important component is your Visa. Using the right visa for your internship is very important and we do not settle for the easy option. We are also aware that you have future ambitions in China, so we do not put you into any legal brawl with the immigration officials. All study and internship program participants get visa consultation at no extra fee.  We worry about the details while you concentrate on preparing to intern in China. For the past 10 years that we have been in business, our visa department made of experts know exactly what documents are ideal for your internship Visa. China continues to change its visa regulations and we are on top of issues. Our visa letters have 98.88% of success.

What Type is Visa Is ideal For Your Program?

The most important question to ask before applying to an internship program in China is “what visa the internship provider will offer you“. There are many programs out there offering the wrong type of visa to Interns who wish to intern in China. There are chances you will be caught. Always note the Business Visa (M and F Types) and Tourist Visa are NEVER an option, do not accept these visas for an internship in China. Most Platforms choose to use these kind of visas because it does not cost them anything. Always insist to be given a Student Visa (Category X). It will cost the agency some money to secure the right documents for the X visa. Your Program Fee needs to be used properly for your safety. You will be paying program fees and these fees need to be invested properly.

What to look out for (red flags)

There are possible red flags to getting you know what the Program provider will provide you

  • If they will send your visa documents through email – The right internship visa requires original documents which means they have to be delivered through the registered mail (DHL or FedEx) rather than an email for you to print out. This is an indication they are offering you an illegal visa.
  • Your Program Coordinator tells you the Host Company will provide you Visa invitation document – Note that Companies CANNOT provide an internship visa for you. With this arrangement, you are rather being arranged for a Business Visa and this is a big red flag
  • They send you an invitation letter through email including a scanned Copy of an ID card of a Chinese Citizen:- This is an indication you are getting a tourist visa and you should reject it outright.


Always Insist on the Right Visa

Don’t compromise on the kind of Visa you are being offered for an internship in China as it may get you into trouble. Your experience is vital as well as your records in China. These requirements are vital and we don’t take it for granted. Though it costs money to provide these visas, we believe we need to invest program fees properly to guarantee the comfort of our interns

What Documents are Required for an Internship Visa

Your internship visa needs to be sponsored by an educational institution. This means all documents will come from them because the government of China has legally vested these powers into them. On arrival, you should visit to the Public SafBureauxaeux to complete your registration and officially qualify to intern in China.

While in your home country, you will need the ORIGINAL copies of the following documents

  • Copy of Certification from Ministry of Education (it comes with a red stamp ). This document allows the Institution to issue visa and has all their records
  • Invitation letter from the Educational institution
  • Certificate of incorporation (not required in all countries. Chinese Embassies located in western Countries will not require this)

The Visa Process

After final payment is made by participants, Our Placement Department sends a clearance form to the Visa department.

  • Applicants should send the scanned page of their passports to the Placement Department or Their Program Coordinators
  • The Visa Documents will be issued within 48 hours bearing the Name of the applicant and Passport Number as stated in the passport.
  • Other required documents will also be issued together with the visa letter
  • The visa documents will be delivered through DHL registered mail and this will take (4-5 normal days). We do this because you are required to submit originals to the embassy
  • Applicants will then download Visa Application Forms from their local embassy Website
  • Book appointment for submission
  • Applicants will then Fill out the required spaces of a duplicated copy, scan and send to us for editing and necessary correction
  • Corrected form sent back to applicant
  • Applicants fill out the final version and submit to Embassy on the Appointment date.

During the process, Our Visa department is available to assist you with any further details.

We assist with recommending most appropriate flight but we are not responsible for the decision as we are not able to control the activities of the recommended flights.

We provide Health insurance right here to only take care of applicants who fall sick in the process of being on our program. It covers you up to $100,000 and includes Minor ailments to bone fracture accident and emergency admissions. READ MORE ABOUT OUR INSURANCE


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