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Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing and Shanghai

For over a decade, Our Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing and Shanghai have immersed, educated and inspired Teens and k-12 participants to understand Chinese Culture and Love mandarin. Our full Chinese Camp and Teen immersion summer camps are most preferred and fully subscribed each year! Participants return home revitalized, happy and with improved Mandarin Skills

We combine the most comprehensive components and proud to be one of the Best Summer Camp in China every teenager should participate at least once in their lifetime. The content and field trips are not only fun and educational but also encourage creative thinking, Cultural Empathy, Full Chinese Immersion and foster positive networking and real social connections. CIP’s Summer camps in China have very positive influence and Campers adore and appreciate learning Chinese Language while traveling to the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Playing Typical Chinese Games, Football, Calligraphy, Paper Cutting and above all sharing dumplings with friends.

We also organize Corporate Visits to huge organizations in Beijing and Shanghai to inspire their career endeavors.  We also properly organize Field Trips to historical sites and touristic spots of interest in the city. You find this comprehensive package with the CIP Chinese Summer Camp

Enroll in our Summer Camp in Beijing and Shanghai to be fully immersed in Chinese language and culture. With a 24/7 supervision and support and our US$100k Insurance Support, teenage participants enjoy their summer while Parents are rest assured they are safe

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Life Style - Get Immersed in Chinese Culture

Summer Camp China with Immersion for Teens
Chinese Summer Camp Kunfu Classes

Real Immersion for Teenagers in China with the Best Summer Camp

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Summer Camp in China Program Highlight

The Summer Camp China Program helps improve Mandarin Skills by combining Innovative methods to learning. Participants return home with improved Chinese Language skills, a Better understanding of China and revitalized. We provided over 300 students over the years into the Chinese Language Program. Experience the Chinese culture and great immersion in Beijing

Mandarin Lessons taught by Trained Tutors

Our fill immersion Chinese summer camp in China features intensive Chinese Language classes. Our tutors are qualified teachers drawn from top universities. We use creative approaches to teaching and learning including games, memory drills, movies, songs and role plays.

Corporate Visits /

Our Chinese Language Summer Camp, participants get the opportunity to visit top organizations and interact with Business executives. This feature has proven to inspire participants to pursue their dreams.

Teen Chinese Immersion Camp

Mandarin Immersion Summer camp is never complete without cultural activities. Participants are exposed to history of China and typical Chinese cultural practices and Values. We provide Cooking classes, lessons on ethics, paper cutting, calligraphy, tai-chi, kung-fu etc.

Vibrant Community with Trips

We combine learning with files trips and tour. Teens on this program will travel to historical places such as the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven etc, During these trips, participants get the opportunity to practice Chinese Language in a practical way. These trips are supervised by our Staff members

China Summer Camp Program Qualification

Opened to Teenagers between the ages of 13 to 18 Years. High School Participants between the ages of 16 and 18 can be enrolled into internships as an add-on service. Adult Camp for Participants above 18

Types of Summer Camps

There are 2 main China Summer Camp courses for Teenagers on the CIP Program Platform. Students May either select be part of CIP Branded Programs or Join our Partner College or University Program. Check out the descriptions below

CIP Branded Camp

CIP Branded Summer Camp in China are designed and taught by Language tutors certified to Mandarin to Foreigners with Immersion and trips. These Programs are for all participants from age  14 & above. There are adult Camps

University Camp

These are Summer Camp Programs organized with our partner Universities in Beijing and Shanghai. The Entire Program is Managed by the university and Available to participants turning 18 or already 18 years till 50 Years

Summer Camp China - Application Process


Review & Apply

Get Accepted & Enroll

Select & Secure an Offer

Visa, Arrival & Delight

China Summer Camp Program Components

Chinese Language Classes
Leaning Materials, books & Library Registeration
Accommodation –Select Campus Dormitory or homestay
Visa Documentation and Assistance
Meals provided throughout the program
Insurance coverage up to US$100k of health Expenditure – Underwritten by the Global Benefit Group- an American incorporated and reputable Insurance firm
Cultural Activities, Trips and Cultural Immersion
Networking Events & Corporate Site visits
Airport pickup and drop-off
24/7 Support and Police Registrationgrams
Weekend Volunteering
Internship – only for teenagers above 16 years and can demonstrate ability to think independently and communicate properly

Teen Programs in Various Cities

Our Summer Camp in China is hosted in 2 of China’s most advanced cities with great opportunities for exposure, cultural immersion and excitement.

Chinese Summer Camps in Shanghai

Teen Immersion Programs in Shanghai

High school Camps in Shanghai

Shanghai Summer Camp

Study Tour in Shanghai

Root Seeking Summer Camp China

Chinese Summer Camps in Beijing

Beijing Summer Camp

Study Tour in Beijing

High school Camps in Beijing

Teen Immersion Programs in Beijing

Root Seeking Summer Camp in Beijing and Shanghai


Regardless of program, all accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations guaranteeing safety, security and peace of mind. Let CIP handle arranging your accommodation before you arrive, ensuring on arrival your new place is ready for you to make it home.

Choose an accommodation option that suits you. Three main options are available, with special requests handled on a case-by-case basis. For more on CIP accommodations and for more photos, visit our Accommodation Page


Live with local resident Chinese families under the same roof. Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture, while networking with Chinese families that are eager to welcome you to China.


Shared apartments are a great opportunity to get immersed into the local culture. Share accommodation with a young Chinese counterpart, while having a level of privacy.


Want complete privacy? Need more space? Everything from retrofitted studio apartments to spacious apartments are available – according to your budget and needs.

Summer Camp with Homestay Accommodation

Homestay Camp

We have homestay accommodation for participants who are interested in picking experiencing real Chinese home culture and exposure. Available to participants between the ages of 14 to 18 years. It includes all packages and components like meals, activities, Chinese classes etc

  • Selection Criteria

With over a decade of providing bespoke services for teenagers and cultural immersion, we have a set of homestays with a solid track record of hosting our participants. These are well-established families with great social track records. We also vet the homes to be sure there is adequate provision for teenagers to thrive. Most homestays have kids of the same age as our participant.

  • Safety of homes

All though the homestays are safe, we have an extra level of supervision and our Staff. Participants are busy during the day with activities and we check on them in the evenings before they sleep. Times that they are not at the camp, we are in constant touch with participants and homestays to solve issues that may crop up


  • Parental Access

We also provide an opportunity for parents to have access to their kids at the appropriate times of the day. This is done to ease parents and to assure them Campers are safe

Corporate Trips- Unique to our program

Summer Camp China with Corporate Visits

We arrange visits to reputable companies for participants to meet senior level executives. There are also famous trips to technology parks and innovation centers. This inspires participants to pursue their career path and remain steady in pursuit of fulfillment. We visit companies such as Google, Schneider, Motorola, Nokia, Alibaba, JD, etc

High School Participants get the opportunity to visit Start-ups and learn about how these companies are managed, industries that thrive as well as opportunities.

For Parents

China Summer Camp Information for Parents

We understand that sending your child abroad without you isn’t easy. That’s why our Summer Camp is designed not only to give your child the adventure of a lifetime in a supportive environment but also to put your mind at ease. So, what makes our Summer Camp special?

  • Round-the-clock support:Our friendly, experienced team is always on hand to answer questions, resolve problems, and ensure everyone’s safety. An adult is always present day and night.
  • 24/7 emergency number:All parents will receive our 24/7 emergency phone number before the camp begins, so you can reach us in case of an emergency.
  • Weekly update: Our team will send you a weekly message with pictures of what the group has been doing to make sure you don’t miss out on all the fun!
  • Communication: Wi-Fi is provided in the accommodation and school, so you’ll have no trouble keeping in close contact with your child during their stay.
  • Culture shock/homesickness: Our personal experience of dealing with culture shock and homesickness helps us provide our students with the support they need to overcome them and enjoy their experience.
  • Meals & transportation: Meals and transportation are included throughout the duration of the program, so you can rest assured your child is in safe hands and won’t be left to fend for themselves!
  • Accommodation: We house our Summer Camp participants in a centrally located, modern youth hostel. Accommodation is equipped with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a restaurant and a common area to make your child’s stay comfortable.
  • Learning Chinese: Our award-winning teaching method makes Chinese far more accessible to western learners, and our dedicated teachers ensure your child learns in the best way for them. Research shows the older we get the harder it is to learn a language, so what better time to start?

Guided Trips, Networking Events, and Full Immersion

Guided Trips, Networking Events, and Full Immersion

We arrange varying Professional Business and Networking Events for our students to participate in.  These events are organized by our partner Big International Event Management Firms, who bring together Expats, Diplomats, Successful Foreign Entrepreneurs in China and The Chinese Business Community.  This presents a golden opportunity for our participants to socialize and meet industry experts.  Participants could also meet Business Incubator Organizers that guide startup plans till they see reality.  China Internship Placements also organizes a couple of activities such as fun and cultural activities where participants learn intricate Chinese cultural practices, such as: Kungfu classes, Yoga, KTV, Calligraphy Practice, Painting, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Chinese Cuisine Lessons.  Navigate to our Cultural Activities page for full details.

Guided trips and excursions are used to brief participants about Chinese History and the trajectory of Chinese development.  Our Summer Camp China is more than just Language Learning.  Some of these trips are organized to the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Summer Palace etc.  At China Internship placements, there exist numerous opportunities to study the Chinese language in China, combined with out-of-class activities to make lessons come alive for participants.  Have a brief look at our Business Seminars page and Cultural Activities page for details.

Chinese Language Curriculum

China Summer Camp for High School Students- Main Curriculum 

  • 200 characters will be enough to survive at a basic level on a day to day basis – introduce yourself, give directions to a taxi driver, order basic food and drink
  • 800 characters will allow you to hold basic conversations in Chinese, talk about the weather, your likes and dislikes, perform day to day tasks such as doing your shopping and almost effortlessly getting around town
  •  1500 characters will allow you to be able to read a newspaper without fully understanding all the characters but allowing you to get a good grip on the context of the articles
  • 2500 – 3500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese high-school graduate. You will be able to fully read and understand newspapers and television programs, and be able to hold a detailed conversation on a variety of topics
  • 4500 – 5500 characters puts you at roughly the same level as a local Chinese University graduate. At this level, you could be expected to operate fluently within any situation, both professional and private, translate high-level documents and engage in conversations at all levels and for all intents and purposes operate as a well-educated “local”
  •  20,000 – 30,000 characters puts you within a very small group of linguistic academic experts who command a very rare knowledge of all obscure vocabulary and subtleties contained within the Mandarin Chinese language. Not many people, foreign or local, ever reach this level – but there’s no harm in trying

CIP Safety Commitment

Chinese Summer Camp – Our Safety and Support Commitment

First and foremost, China Internship Placements is committed to the safety of all participants right from application till the end of the Summer Camp China Program in China and beyond. We keep to our support pledge with the intention of making sure that all stakeholders are given the needed guidance to realize the best out of the program. This commitment has been scribbled and inscribed into standards that guide all facets of our operations. We make sure that no individual incurs physical, mental, psychological injury or stress in the process of taking part of in our China Programs. Our services are induced to guarantee satisfaction. All our products are therefore safe for participants including our Top Quality Gap Year Program.
Our approach to safety is as follows . First, CIP does regular through auditing of all safety processes incorporated in all programs. Also, we make available all information to help participants make good decisions of whether to participate or not. This information are released during the first contact with the client and also updated to our Health and Safety Standards page. We also conduct pre departure briefing segments. CIP conduct through orientation for participants within 24 hours of arrival to reduce possible risks. Our Gap Year Staff are kept on the field most of the times to make sure participants are safe and follow our safety plans. They keep a close eye on them and report to our Programs Manager who holds executive position ate BOD of directors’ level. They also keep 24/7 contact with all participants to provide emergency support.

Summer Camp Weekly Schedule









09:00-10:00 Chinese Language Class: Speaking and Reading: Role Playing Calligraphy Class Chinese Language: Identifying and writing Chinese Characters Kunfu Class Chinese Language: Speaking Practice-

interacting with the locals

School Trip to the Great Wall of China / summer Palace / Xitang / The bund / Nanjing Lou / Forbidden City Activities and networking with other campers
10:00-12:00 Chinese Traditional Games Presentation and Group Work
12:00-13:00 Lunch with Other Campers Lunch with Other Campers Lunch with Other Campers Lunch with Other Campers Lunch with Other Campers
13:00-15:00 Mandarin Lessons Mandarin Lessons Mandarin Lessons Corporate Visit Chinese class
15:30-18:30 Kung Fu class Lectures about China Chinese painting /Visit a local high school City Street and Market Tour
18:30 Dinner at Residence Traditional group dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner

Summer Camp Prices



2 Weeks $2699
3 weeks $3680
4 Weeks $4499
6 Weeks $5899

Application Deadline & Program Start Dates

Start Dates 

Application Deadline

June 7th May 2019
June 21st May 2019
July 5th Available until spots are filled
July 19th First Come First Served
August 2nd Available until spots are filled
August 16th First Come First Served

The program Schedule for trips may change but the confirmed schedule will be provided before arrival. These prices do not include the cost of your flight to China. Apply now to speak with our Program Consultants

CIP is Unique

Mentoring & coaching

Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff.

Transformative & Customized

Our Internship in China allocates you a seasoned career coach whose responsibility is to help brand your skills, refine them and equip you with techniques that 95% of your peers are yet to discover. Join our Guaranteed Internship handled by professional staff.

Safe & Immersive

All 20 of our Program Modules including Summer Internship Programs are designed to be safe, immersive and supportive. This reflects in our ability to gain trust and endorsement in the career industry.

Choice of Locations

China Internship Placements offers Paid Internships Program in China as well as Intensive Chinese Language programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.

Not Sure What Language Program Works? Lets Talk

Spend a Semester, A year or Summer studying Chinese Language in Beijing or Shanghai. Join participants from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the rest of the world to a deep cultural immersion and read to discover China like a local. Combine, Chinese lessons with Travel, Cultural immersion, and Fun. Apply Now for a FREE Consultation

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