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Content Marketing Manager- Intern Needed in Beijing

About Us!

We are a team of highly energetic young people with years of proud achievement(s). We are a one-stop platform for cultural immersion and internship programs in China. We collaborate with 56+ Top universities in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia including parts of Europe. We work with over 600 international organizations based in China who are willing to accept our Clients on Internship Programs.

Our culture is more Entrepreneurial-Based and we encourage new and innovative projects internally. We believe that traditional marketing is not enough to make a difference, that is why we allow our contents to stand out. The working environment encourages the employees to be creative, innovative, authentic, resilient, critical thinkers etc. The company also provides personal development opportunities to its employees.

The company needs an ambitious content marketing manager who would take advantage of this opportunity and develop contents that will be well understood by the large population of our clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.


  • Create 1-2 free resources each month to drive leads, subscribers, awareness, and/or other important metrics (examples include ebooks, whitepapers, infographics, guides, etc.).
  • Blog on an ongoing basis in support of your other projects and to attract site visitors through search, social, and our email subscribers.
  • Grow our subscriber base by providing them regular, helpful content that’s in-tune with their needs.
  • Collaborate with designers, product marketing, sales, and external influencers and industry experts to produce relevant content that meets the needs of both key stakeholders and our audience.
  • Convince others that your creative ideas are worth investing time and effort in. This role is at the core of the marketing team, and others will rely on your work every single day.



  • BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience.
  • Past experience producing content for the web specifically, as well as channel-specific knowledge (blog, SlideShare, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Past experience building audiences either online or offline.
  • In-depth knowledge of the HubSpot Content Optimization System to blog and produce smart CTAs according to visitor lifecycle stage.
  • A dual-minded approach: You’re highly creative and an excellent writer but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make decisions.

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Content Marketing Manager- Intern Needed

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