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Space and Luxury Experience Design Intern – Beijing and Shanghai

(other roles also available – Project managers, Graphic Designers, etc)

Established in 1998, our partner company has played a leading role in domestic and international marketing and creative industry with HQ in Beijing, office in Shanghai and Paris. They are a special service provider which provides event, exhibition, roadshow and store creative design, production and integrated marketing services in a one-stop way to clients that mainly are
luxury brands and high-end cosmetic brands.
The group company provides new technology display and interactive solutions — successful cases with hologram, projection, linkage screen, interactive wall, VR and other new technology display methods integrated into creative design has been numerous, bringing customers more interactive experience, more integration between art and technology.


Their Profile

  1. We won 17th IAI International Advertising Award – Excellent Award for Agency / Case / Public Relations – for “VACHERON CONSTANTIN Overseas Product Launch” event. What’s more, we have researched and developed successfully the following:
  2. The world’s first new product display holographic display case that can automatically change physical commodity (Sulwhasoo).
  3. The domestically first watch 3D projection (MIDO and Vacheron Constantin).
  4. The domestically first to use transparent LED counter in commercial counter (La Roche-Posay).
  5. The domestically first touch-projection interactive wall (Vichy and OSM).
  6. The domestically first hologram window display with water flowing background (Chow Tai Fook)

The company is planning to research & develop certain new technology patents per quarter to provide our client’s more creative, professional and holistic services.

The Group clients we serve include: Richmont, Kering, Swatch, L’Oreal, Amore;

The Brands you will be working with Include:

  • Luxury watch brands: Vacheron Constantin, IWC, TAG Heuer, MIDO etc,
  • Luxury brands: Cartier and Bvlgari etc,
  • High-end cosmetic brands: Lancome, Sulwhasoo etc, in total more than 30 globally well-known brands.


Job Description:

  1. Clearly, understand the brief, understand client’s requirements.
  2. Collect creative reference materials and picture materials, come up with creative concept and ideas, and make a creative draft to achieve a creative goal.
  3. According to client’s requirements, come up with specific design concept and ideas, gradually grow to be able to complete creative and design tasks independently.
  4. According to project’s requirements, make 3D material and scene set-up design and make a rendering.


  1. Be able to use design software skillfully.
  2. Be able to make hand drawing is an asset.
  3. Have certain understanding of luxury brands, middle-high end cosmetic brands.
  4. Excellent understanding, communication, and learning capability.
  5. Pay attention to details, patient and careful.
  6. And besides space design interns, we also welcome graphic design interns.


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