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Buki’s Internship Internship in China 

Shanghai Internship Experience Series

Finally, Buki Jones wants to have a word with us, she’s from the UK where she studies at the University of Leicester. She joined our Shanghai Internship to follow Legal Internship – Intellectual Property internship. We have transcribed her Internship in China Program Testimonials and embedded the video below.

Hello, what is your name, age and where do you come from?

Hi, my name is Becky, I am 19 and I am from the UK. I have traveled to European countries before, but never somewhere as far as China, so far it has been marvelous. The difference in culture is very big yet so small, it’s amazing.

How far along in the internship course are you?

I’ve been here for almost four weeks and so far it has been both really fun and challenging, we do have to work hard, but we learn so much in the process. That is truly amazing and makes it all worth it.

And what was the interview process like, was it easy for you?

It was a very easy interview process. It was more of a conversation where you can just talk about what you want to talk about. We talked about what I would be excited about and why I want to come to China in the first place. This made me feel very comfortable and even more excited about coming to Shanghai with CIP.

And how did you find out about CIP?

I came across CIP when a friend from my course who is actually the student representative mentioned it to me… what can I say? She advertised it well and I immediately wanted to join the program myself. She spoke very enthusiastically of it, a lot, so that really convinced me.

Did you find the program to be expensive, and why did you decide to sign up with it anyway?

Yeah, I did feel the program is quite expensive. But then I really broke it down and wrote down what they would be providing for us, I felt like the price would be worth it. For instance, I felt like they put in [effort] to get an internship in China  for you that relates to what you really want to do. That is a lot of effort and it is amazing that they are willing to look after your personal wishes in such a manner. On top of this, they give you things like networking activities and days out with other interns – opportunities to make new friends and get a cultural experience. That’s very cool and in costs, it definitely adds up. So, in the end, I would conclude that the higher price was definitely worth it.

Buki's internship in China
Buki Interning at A Law Firm in Shanghai

And how was the process, did CIP help you with this?

They were so helpful before, during, and after China. An example of this was getting our visa processes, they took care of this really well and made it very easy to get a visa. For the trip to China I knew what I needed to bring with me, what I needed to buy and upon arrival we got a car which picked us up from the airport and brought us to our accommodation. They even provided someone to take us around and show us where we will be working and help us with things like getting sim cards. This service was really amazing, we wanted for nothing and everything was taken care of. It is amazing to have all these basic need things taken out of your hand so you can really focus on the internship Program.

What would you say to your past self who is unsure about joining the program? Do you think you made the right choice in joining?

I would say go for it. It’s been a life-changing experience, especially for someone who doesn’t travel a lot. But traveling really helps you grow as a person, I now know that. I never would have wanted to miss this opportunity. I gained so many valuable experiences, I would not have been the same person if I never traveled to China, so I would definitely tell my past self to go on the trip

Can you tell me a little bit about your best memory?

My best memory is probably getting lost in Shanghai. Even though I was lost, I found so many entertaining things to do on the way and it was just an interesting experience. Getting lost in a place really helps you see it in a different way, and that just made the getting lost part so much more fun. That said, the trip wasn’t just amazing because of the internship, living in Shanghai itself was an amazing adventure. During the internship in China, I  earned many professional skills and other relevant professional skills, but living in China has given me plenty of life skills that I will always carry with me.

Do you have an idea of how you want to continue your life after your return from this journey?

I’m not really sure yet, but I feel like probably at the end of this trip I might know. So I guess we’ll have to see what I feel like when I get back home, and then I will make a plan for the future. I have quite some time left here in Shanghai so I will still have a lot of time to think about it and figure out if I possibly want to come back to China. Who knows what will happen?

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