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Considering Chinese Courses in Beijing? Here comes a comprehensive guide. If you’re going to study Chinese, then what better place to come to then China itself. One city that could draw your attention for following Chinese courses is Beijing, for good reason, it’s a beautiful city. I would love to help you turn this idea into a plan by finding Chinese courses in Beijing and planning the entire trip around it, so let’s dive into it.

Why would you want to learn Chinese?

When you think about learning a second language Chinese might not be the first option to come to mind. You might want to learn Spanish, French or Italian. Yet, there are a couple of good reasons why you would want to learn Chinese and I’ll share them with you.

Chinese will become important for business

  • China’s economy is booming
  • You will need to communicate with Chinese companies and people
  • Speaking Chinese will give you an extra edge on the job market
  • Other economic rising countries speak Chinese: Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia

The entire world speaks Chinese

  • 14% Of the global population speaks Chinese
  • You will meet a lot of Chinese people in your lifetime
  • China itself has a rich culture and history that you can explore when you speak Chinese
  • Chinese literature and Chinese movies. [1][2]

Brain training

  • Learning a second language keeps your brain active
  • Another awesome reason You shouldn’t stop learning as an adult
  • Chinese is not an easy language to learn.[3]

Why you should learn Chinese in Beijing

Now you know that Chinese must your number one choice when you’re planning to learn a second language, but why would you travel all the way to Beijing for this? Why is it an amazing idea to go learning Chinese in Beijing? You should definitely read this if you’re still doubting whether to learn Chinese in Beijing or shanghai.

You will learn Chinese a lot faster

  • You are constantly surrounded by the Chinese language
  • You are forced to practice Chinese each day
  • Beijing speaks the closest to official Mandarin without a dialect[4]

China is very affordable to live

  • A subway ticket in Beijing is only 30 cents
  • Your money will stretch very far when living in China[5]

You’ll be able to experience the Chinese culture

  • You will be able to experience the culture first-handed
  • You will understand the language better
  • It will broaden your horizon

Beijing is a beautiful city

  • Beijing is a modern city
  • It’s not dirty and cramped
  • There is plenty if history and culture
  • Beautiful scenery and great food.[6][7]

Hopefully, you’ve now seen that when you’re still doubting whether to learn Chinese in Beijing or study mandarine in Shanghai, that you should definitely choose to learn Chinese in Beijing instead of choosing to learn Chinese in shanghai

Chinese courses in Beijing with students in class

Types of Chinese Language Courses in Beijing

There are different types of Chinese language courses that you can follow at different kind of learning systems in Beijing, we’ll talk about the different learning institutions in the next paragraph. Right here we’ll talk about the different Chinese language courses.

Summer Chinese language programs in Beijing

The first kind of language course is one of the Summer Chinese language programs in Beijing. These Summer Chinese language programs in Beijing are Chinese language courses that will last one summer and that allow you to learn as much Chinese as possible in one summer. These programs will provide you with a great basic understanding of Chinese in only a couple of weeks. Both universities and regular Chinese language schools will offer this sort of program where you can go learning Chinese in Beijing

Summer Camp for Teens (study Chinese in Beijing)

If you are still in high school then you might want to join a summer camp for teens where you can go learning Chinese in Beijing. This can be a great blast as you’ll be able to learn Chinese but also have a lot of fun at the camp. You might feel out of place when you’re following a regular language course or you’re at an university as a high school student, or perhaps you don’t have the qualifications yet it takes for you to enroll in a university program. In all these cases a summer camp for teens where you can learn Chinese offers the solution. Luckily there are a lot of these summer camps available in and near Beijing.

Semester Abroad in Beijing

When you want to spend a little more time studying Chinese but you’re not prepared to interrupt your education completely then you can opt for a semester abroad. For one semester you can move to Beijing and follow Chinese language lessons at one of the Chinese universities so you can be learning Chinese in Beijing.

A Year Abroad Studying Chinese in Beijing

Perhaps you want to learn how to speak Chinese fluently, well then you’re going to need a little more time than just a couple of weeks. A year abroad will be the least that you need, so be prepared to be learning Chinese in Beijing for at least a year. There are plenty of Chinese universities in Beijing that will allow you to sign up for a year abroad while following Chinese courses each day. It’s like your studying for an entire year, only you’re learning Chinese in Beijing instead of learning something else in your home country.

Chinese Course in Beijing for the Family

If you’re a parent and you would love to travel to China for studying Chinese with your children, or you’re a teenager and you think it would be amazing to study Chinese in China with the entire family then you should look for family programs. These family programs will allow you to travel to Beijing with the entire family and all follow courses in Chinese that were made for your age. In this way the entire family can have an educative holiday while also having the possibility to explore beautiful China.

How to choose out of all the Chinese courses in Beijing

I’m certain that I’ve convinced you that you need to learn Chinese in Beijing, so now it’s time to take action. You need to start planning your trip.

Find a Language School in Beijing

The very first part is finding a place for following your Chinese courses in Beijing. There are plenty of language schools in Beijing that offer group courses. Via this website, you’ll be able to find the best language schools in Beijing, as there are so many to choose from. A good language school is more than just its price. You also want to check the reviews it has on the internet, so you can check whether they offer quality education in Chinese. You might also want to check what kind of education they offer, if it is only traditional education or whether they have digital options as well. [8][9]

Join a University Language Program,

Another option would be to sign up with a university so you can learn Chinese in University Beijing.  You don’t have to become a full-time student. Many universities offer shorter courses for international students, or summer school courses for example. The benefit of this would be that education is always of high quality, but you will probably be busy with your Chinese courses in Beijing full-time, which can be both a pro and a con. If you want to become completely fluent in Mandarin then you also have the option to sign up for a university and study for one or more semesters. On average it takes a student two years of courses in Beijing before you are completely fluent. If this interests you and you’re interested in the various universities that offer Chinese courses in Beijing then you want to take a look over here.

Shortly I’ll mention the different universities that are present in Beijing and where you can look for Chinese courses. So take a closer look at all of them to find the best university in Beijing to study mandarin

You should take a good look at all these universities to find the best university in Beijing to study mandarin for you and so that you can learn Chinese in Beijing university

business internship

Get a Private Tutor

Finally, there is the option of getting a private tutor, although most private tutors work only as a complement to your other Chinese courses in Beijing, as they don’t supply their own material. Obviously, hiring a private tutor won’t be cheap, but it won’t be as expensive as you think it is either. You’ll be able to find a private tutor for a price between $15 and $20 per hours. The benefit of working with a private tutor is that you’ll get a lot more personal attention and you’ll be able to learn the language a lot faster in this way, as you’ll get extra help with problems you’re experiencing. If you are indeed looking for a private tutor, then be sure to check out our Language Services.

Sign up for your course

Now that you know where you want to go it’s time to get your application ready. You have to gather all the data that you need to fill in and submit the application for the university course or the regular language course that you need to follow.

After filling in the application you will need to send along all the required documents like proof of your education level and your identification. Make sure you arrange this in time so that you are certain that your application will be valid.

Now you need to wait for the institution to contact you so that you know for sure that you will be accepted into the course you want to follow.

Organizing the rest of the trip

Aside from finding Chinese courses in Beijing, you’ll also need to plan the rest of the trip, which means you need a means of transportation but also accommodation. For the transportation part, I’m assuming that you’ll be able to buy a plane ticket and fly to Beijing. When you’re going to study Chinese at a university then they’ll be able to arrange accommodation for you as well. When you are actually studying in Beijing for a long period of time then you can get a room on campus, which is both affordable and practical.

When you’re only staying for a short period, then you can always look at hotels or Airbnbs, which can be affordable when you’re only staying for a short period.

You might even be able to arrange to stay with a host family, which would also be beneficial to your Chinese language development, as you’ll be able to practice all the time. On top of this, it’s cheaper and you’ll be fully immersed in the Chinese culture. For these reasons, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Language Agencies and Schools

If you want to make studying Chinese even easier for you then you would do right to contact a language agency and a chinese language school Beijing. There are a couple of reasons why it is a good idea to work with a language agency.

Complete Support During your Study in Beijing

First, a language agency will arrange everything for you and thus take a lot of work out of your hands. This means that you’ll have peace of mind and you won’t have to worry about all the other things that you would otherwise need to arrange if you are planning to follow a Chinese class Beijing at a Beijing Mandarin school.

Readily Arranged Chinese Courses

On top of this, you won’t have to deal with the language barrier which is present when you Want to arrange your Chinese class in Beijing. It can be hard to arrange accommodation when you don’t speak Chinese yet as there are plenty of Chinese people who don’t speak English or who speak English poorly.

Extra Language Immersion Services

Often, language agencies will be able to offer you extra immersion services that will allow you to enjoy your stay while you’re studying Chinese in Beijing even more. You might be able to follow an internship while you spend the rest of your time at the Beijing Mandarin school.

Customized Program & Chinese Learning Experience

Finally, language agencies will often give you the option to customize your entire course. This way you can study Chinese in Beijing exactly the way you want to and the way that it makes you happy. Perhaps you don’t want to follow full time classes intensive Chinese language in Beijing but you want a day off, a language agency might be able to arrange this for you.

Of course there are also drawbacks when it comes to contacting a language agency for setting up your classes for intensive Chinese language in Beijing. One that is quite obvious is that it may bring extra costs, as the agency itself also needs to make money. If you want to make your plan to learn Chinese in China as cheap as possible then it might be better to arrange it yourself.

If you do decide that you want to contact a language agency or a chinese language school Beijing to learn Chines in China then you should definitely take a look at the following two resources.

Resources for finding Language Programs in Beijing

When you’ve arranged all these, it’s time to get hyped about traveling to China and following your Chinese courses in Beijing. I can assure you that it will be the experience of a lifetime that will only benefit you in the future, thus you shouldn’t steer away from this idea but grab it with both hands. Yes, it will cost some money, but in the end, it will all be worth it. One thing you shouldn’t forget, apart from all the benefits this will have for your career and personal development, is that it mostly has to be fun.

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