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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Chinese in china

Wondering why it is essential to study Mandarin?

Perhaps your plan is to come to China for a month, or six months at most.  Interning at a large company in a first tier city shouldn’t be impossible without Chinese skills, as long as you can speak English fluently—right? You are perhaps also considering to ignore learning Mandarin Chinese in China.

You might want to rethink that and here’s why:

#1. Most Spoken Language

Chinese (Mandarin, specifically), is the most spoken language in the world with over 1030 million speakers. It has already surpassed English, and will only continue to grow as more and more schools are now offering Chinese as a foreign language in K-12.

#2. The Lingua Franca of Asia

As China has replaced the US as the main trading partner in most of East and Southeast Asia, Chinese (Mandarin, specifically) has become the most commonly spoken language in Asia. It has replaced English as the lingua franca (common language) in business, trade, and tourism.

Now, you’ll notice that in Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia, Mandarin has become the most popular foreign language.  By learning Chinese, you will be able to communicate with other Asians more effectively than by sticking to English.

The world Economic Forum has listed the top 10 Economies by 2030 and China is #1. That mean so much for all future leaders 

#3. Improved Job Prospects

Just as completing an internship in China improves your resume, so does learning a new language.  Learning Chinese is now not only relevant to those wanting to do business in China or work in China as was the case ten years ago, but has become a requirement in many of our home countries as well.

Why? Not only has China become an important part of the global economy, but Chinese tourists are everywhere! Most Chinese tourists prefer speaking their own language, and so Mandarin has become a sought after language skill in service industries including Finance, Marketing, Consulting and other relevant areas.

Learning Chinese language also increases your ability to secure Job in China. This may sound over ambitious but very true? Check out the average salary growth within the Chinese Job market for expats.

#4. Understand Chinese Culture

If you want to get along with your Chinese colleagues better, understand the business culture, or you just love Chinese culture and want to learn more; learning Chinese is imperative!  Not just because you’ll communicate better with Chinese people and learn from them, but also because the language has many words and expressions that give better insight to what’s really being communicated than if you exchanged the same amount of information in English or another language.

#5. Brain Boost

It’s been proved that learning new languages boosts your brain power, making you smarter. It is also why bilingual and multi-linguals are considered more intelligent than monolinguals.

#6. Challenge Yourself

Some would argue that Chinese is the most difficult to learn language in the world (thats not true for a fact), but everyone agrees that it is in the top five. It’s difficult because of the tones and the thousands of characters you need to remember in order to read a newspaper but also there are several tactics to it which makes it easier.

Learning Chinese requires time, effort, and dedication.  Therefore, when you succeed in learning Chinese, you have not only challenged yourself and won, but your success will impress others as well.

#7. Confidence Boost

As mentioned above, learning a new language is an improvement in itself. Learning Chinese language, because of its difficulty, is a huge improvement and you can give yourself a pat on the back! No matter how much Chinese you’ve learned, you deserve to be proud of yourself, which will raise your overall confidence!

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