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Top 5 Reasons you should Intern in Shenzhen

You must intern in Shenzhen and here is why. Choosing the right destination for your internship abroad can make a big difference in the type of experience you going to have. You might be inclined to pick the most commonly referenced places, such as the United states, France, Italy or Spain, where you can get to see famous architecture and enjoy the extravagant lifestyle they offer. Although this is a good choice for many, having a unique story to tell from an experience that no one else has had before will make you stand out as an open-minded and adventurous person during your job interview.

One of the unique places where you can intern in China is Shenzhen.  There are many reasons why you should intern in China, such as its increasing number of emerging industries and businesses, high economy, and advancements in Tech. You will be able to get valuable experience while immersing yourself in the culture, build up new skills like learning a foreign language and visit beautiful sites that will definitely make you curious of the history behind them.

Once you have decided that China is the right place for you, you might wonder which city will give you the best experience. Choosing a city shouldn’t be based on what your friends have experienced before but rather what the city has to offer and what else you can gain aside from an internship experience.

Shenzhen is a quickly advancing city and has become a popular destination for an overseas internship. Here are five reasons why Shenzhen is the right place for you.

Shenzhen has a Fast Growing Economy

Shenzhen is one of mainland China’s richest and fastest-growing cities, with a larger per-capita income than that of Beijing and Guangzhou.  It is the epicenter of manufacturing and trade and has very good infrastructure and impressive architecture. It has awards for its city designs and currently holds some of the tallest buildings in the world. You can choose from many competitive industries to put you way ahead of your peers and make your resume more appealing to your future employee. If you’re looking for a place where you can quickly advance your skills and have a fun experience, Shenzhen is the perfect place for you as it has amazing theme parks and beaches you can visit. Intern in Shenzhen and you won’t regret it

New Innovation and Tech

Shenzhen is known as the technological hub of china new and impressive ideas always seem to come from the city. Many start-ups and large industries alike contribute to the quick growth and advancement in innovations.  You will often hear news about Shenzhen coming up with a new idea before the rest of china’s metropolitan area.  Plans to integrate robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and green energy have made it more appealing to entrepreneurs and brought forth many competitive start-ups.

The city centers usually host events that bring about creative minds open to sharing new ideas that are challenging and engaging.

Apart from doing many innovative projects with the city infrastructure, Shenzhen is taking the lead with its plans to implement 5G internet and has made major investments to advance its super apps that help us in our daily lives and the way we process information. Interning in Shenzhen will keep you updated with the fast-paced and ever-changing world. Intern in Shenzhen and be part of innovative projects

intern in Shenzhen and enjoy the metro ride

Easy to travel as an intern in Shenzhen

Although Shenzhen is the most crowded city in china, it’s highly developed transportation system makes it fairly easy to travel, and depending on what you use, it can be more convenient or cheaper.  Once you arrive in Shenzhen, make sure to get a travel card that you can use for the public buses, and the subway-not only will this make it less costly, but it more efficient and safer as many people rely on these modes of transportation. If you have plans to see the rest of China, you can use the bullet train that travels to other major regions.

Purchase products for the right price

As a place where trade is made frequently, Shenzhen has become the second most important financial center after Shanghai. It does not lack in many modern shopping malls and commercial centers that sell new and quality products, from the latest electronic gadget to the most fashionable clothes.  If you really know what you need to buy and looking for a particular item, there are specific markets you can go to, such as Huqiangbei electronics, which is entirely dedicated to selling the latest and cutting-edge software and hardware.

For convenience, use different subway lines that can lead straight into some of the major markets, which is good if you wish to spend a day of shopping while still getting time to tour the streets of Shenzhen.

Tasty Cuisines

In every region that you go to in China, you will find a variety of tasty cuisines with unique culinary practices that dominate that particular demographic. Some provinces prefer to use spicy foods while others include a range of different types of soups in their meals. Since Shenzhen is in the Southern part of China, you will find the famous Cantonese cuisine that is known for being fresh and less spicy compared to other areas. The meals here are either stir-fried or steamed and usually cooked very fresh to maintain their natural flavors.

Dim sum and Congee are the two most popular foods that not only locals enjoy but foreigners can easily develop a taste for. You will not miss out on to find common types of meals like Pizzas, noodles, and steaks that will give you familiar tastes If you are a person who’s just used to western types of foods.

If you have already made up your mind that Shenzhen is the right place for you, then make sure to plan the type of internship program you will do. You can apply now through our CIPInternship program on this page.

Apart from the fast-growing economy, innovations, and tasty foods, Shenzhen has a lot more to offer. Whenever you are tired of the noisy and busy streets, you can decide to visit the beach in the coastal areas, go sightseeing around its natural parks, or if you looking to learn the history, then you can visit Shenzhen museums that are filled with cultural enriched artifacts. Plus, the weather in Shenzhen is not as bad as in other metropolitan areas in china, and the weather in autumn is quite nice! Looking for an intern in Shenzhen? Click the banner below to learn how we can assist you. We have served over 6000 applicants in the past 6 years.

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