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Anthony Kwami

Anthony Kwami

With a decade of immersion in the vibrant tapestry of China, Anthony Kwami is a seasoned navigator of the country's dynamic job market. As the founder of Oriental Career and Startup Castle, he has dedicated his career to empowering young professionals in their pursuit of international success. His endeavors have touched the lives of over 10,000 students, guiding them towards fulfilling and prosperous careers.Anthony's expertise extends beyond the realms of traditional employment. He champions innovation and entrepreneurship through his incubation program, aptly named Startup Castle. Here, he nurtures the dreams of budding founders, equipping them to seize market opportunities and realize their vision. Through a fusion of experience, insight, and an unyielding passion for guiding others, Anthony Kwami stands as a beacon of inspiration for those looking to thrive in the bustling landscape of China's job market. His wealth of knowledge is distilled within the pages of this comprehensive guide, offering readers a treasure trove of wisdom to navigate their own career adventures in the Middle Kingdom."

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