All You Need to Know About Us

China Internship Placement started in 2005.  At first, we served only a few universities and High schools under cooperation with agencies in various countries.  With dedication and the quest for growth, we managed to evolve over a decade and are now bigger than ever!  Our standards and processes have been carefully planned and tested over time and proved to be consistent.  We use research and observations to compile what we strongly believe to be the best Internship and study Abroad programs in China!  All our services have been through thorough examinations to remove the risk-proned areas, in this way we are able to best guarantee the safety of our participants.  We are currently leading the forefront of the new face of internships!  We combine Internships, Entrepreneurial, and Professional Mentoring components to groom our participants to be globally aware Business Executives.  CIP is officially licensed by the Government of China to provide immersion and cultural exchange for our participants, so when it comes to legitimacy, our clients are duly covered.  Also, we are a subsidiary of the Chinese Language and Cultural Exchange Center (CLEC) .

China Internship Placements - Company Overview

China Internship Placements Limited (CIP) is a combined effort and an extension of the Human Resource Department of 500 huge firms as well as smaller and average-sized enterprises in China.  The ambition of these firms is to recruit the best ‘Young Talents’ out there, for the purpose of fueling massive corporate changes and Human Resource demands.  CIP acts as a consultant in stocking ‘fresh talents’ and we are proud to be impacting positively together with our able Interns in the growth and progress of these companies.

We belong to the largest and strongest Chinese HR Manager’s networks, made up of over 3000 Multi-national Organizations.  Amongst some of the companies which we partner with are Forbe’s top 10 and Fortune 500 Companies, as well as many other very successful medium-sized organizations.  This means greater variety for our participants!

Over the past few decades, the Internship Industry has been picking up massive signals of interest, producing very good outcomes.  China is no doubt the hottest destination for Internship Placement Programs.  The reason is simply because China has become a very efficient nation in the world to do business with and opportunity-seeking organizations are taking advantage of this.  This is partly accountable for the boom in demand of skilled labor in China.  The Host Companies in this ever-growing field continue to demand more from the intermediaries, hence the increasing pressure on CIP to recruit the ‘Best of Talents’ and nothing less.  Host Companies are increasingly demanding intelligent minds and Human Resources, as we see them raise the bar year after year.  To indicate their seriousness, official Human Resource plans are crafted by Human Resource Managers and they are solidly part of our recruitment process.  The signal here is that Companies in China are not only interested in the intern’s services, but are also ready to retain those interns who excel.

The continually-aware Participants are wanting to join Internship and Study Abroad Programs that are professionally arranged, with the prospect of enhancing their experiences as well as boosting the value of their Resume, in order to best stand out in the job market.

It is our responsibility to merge these two expectations and we have been investing ourselves into this task greatly over the years.

Chinese language and cultural immersions are becoming a vital experience being sought after world-wide and we have properly blended our programs to that effect.  Besides Internships, we have Chinese Language Study (Mandarin) which comes in such varieties as University (single semester or a year) Programs, as well as One-on-One and Group Programs.  We also have other programs such as our High School Program, Gap year, or our Volunteering Travel and Tour option.  We blend this to provide customized programs as well.

Whichever option is selected we make sure that participants get the premium value through:

● Undergoing Professional Business Grooming

● Intensive Entrepreneurship Training

● Executive Internships and Mentoring

What we offer differently than most internship programs is the preparation of our participants for not only the job market but also the World.  We would like young people to venture into opportunities in all parts of the world rather than restricting themselves to only one corner!  Also, we show commitment by investing into the design of our programs through regular research and development.

Our approach and Philosophy

At China Internship Placements (CIP) we believe that our participants are ambitious and clever individuals who want real value and not just something mediocre. We combine market surveys and other research options to determine the trend of global expectations associated with job roles in order to most effectively arrange these programs. Every individual is unique in terms of demand, so we do not adopt a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to designing our programs, rather we work via a project-to-project basis. Every case is evaluated based on projected success. We partner with many language Institutions, High Schools, and Universities to render Chinese Language, High School Programs and all other programs available. We exist to provide support to our past participants even after the program ends! Our CIP Opportunity Network gives participants the opportunity to connect with a Community of experts who make available opportunities all over the world. This Network also has funds that support Alumni of their particular Entrepreneurial Endeavour.


To be the largest Internship Placement and Study Abroad House in China and the rest of the world, engaging young people in special cultural Immersion Programs while generating responsible citizens.


Provide opportunities for Young Professionals all over the world to travel, learn, immerse and grow their experiences. To professionally recruit brilliant minds and arrange experience-enhancing internships for our Partner organizations as well as for young graduates respectively, while continuing to provide other peripheral services that will enhance complete cultural immersion and networking.


To keep our enviable record, we have deployed the following values into our genes:
● Openness and Trust;
● Timeliness and Speed;
● Efficiency Open Mindedness;
● Go-For-It Attitude;
● Professionalism;
● Commitment to Meaningful Partnerships;
● Creating Cultural Integrations/Making the World an Amazing and Harmonious Village.