China Internship Placements

Our systems and procedures create a supportive and professional program experience.  We have competent staff who work hard to make sure our participants get the best out of their programs.  As staff at CIP, we stay motivated to make You satisfied.
We seriously value our culture, our processes, and our participants.  We’d rather not be in business at all than to incur displeasures from participants.  When you do join our program, you’ll notice that this isn’t like others.  We pride ourselves on giving you a transformative experience.

Our motto, “Study & Internships with Value,” reminds us that Study & Internship Placements are not just a business, but rather an opportunity to integrate and… Young people, who are the future.

Our staff eat and drink these values as breakfast every morning:

● Here to solve problems and make the world better

● Customer-centered

● Move from the comfort zone

● We are humans first

● Work with what you’ve got

● Take the high road: We do what’s right, and we accept the consequences. There’s no room here for lying, cheating, stealing, or compromising our values. We’d rather fail with character than succeed with shame.

● Every client is a family, either a niece or a nephew

● Stay flexible: As companies grow, they tend to get bogged down with infrastructure and policies.  We resist that tendency by sticking with lightweight, nimble practices that sometimes seem counter-intuitive but allow our company to change course quickly.

● Be consistently reliable: We’re realistic about our individual workloads and we make sure make sure our fellow Forties can depend on us to deliver consistently and punctually.  If we say we’re going to do something, we get it done.

Every client is a shareholder and we admit that their program fees keep CIP running.  Corporate culture is of the essence to us.  We employ a very scientific approach to placement and customizing every experience. The CIP Opportunity is bent on rewarding participants.