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It Breaks Our Heart to see Over 9000 students Each Year walk away from Internships and Study Abroad Opportunites Due to Cost

China Internship LLC is specialized in providing internship and Study abroad opportunities in China. We are strategically positioned to operate in China and have deep connections and insight into the job market, just like a professional Ghostwriter Masterarbeit has a deep understanding of the academic landscape. . With over a decade of providing professional career solutions and study abroad opportunities, we noticed that cost has been number one factor why most applicants cannot make it to China. Let’s look at the figures, Out of 10,800 Applications we receive per year, only 9.8% are able to afford it even with discounts. We also understand that school expenses are significantly expensive, so adding the cost of international internship and study could be burdensome.

International Internships and Study Abroad experiences are essential to every young graduate and it breaks our heart to see 0ver 9,000 applicants walk away each year. We started with only 1 scholarship per year but with dedication and lots of support from our sponsors, CIP is able to sponsor 10 students every year to China costing $50,000 ($5000  per beneficiary). We hope to strengthen this initiative with proceeds from our profits and Government as well as Corporate Sponsors. We are committed to sponsoring 100 beneficiaries per year from 2020 onwards.

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To apply for a CIP China Internship Scholarship, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Preference is given to those who can proof, the combined income of their family is below $26,000
  • Be an already-admitted or degree-seeking undergraduate student
  • Fresh Graduates could also apply
  • Have not previously received this scholarship
  • Be willing to travel to China
  • Should have applied to CIP Internship or  Chinese Language Program, interviewed and accepted
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 and above
  • All Nationalities are eligible to apply
  • Should be following us on major social media for quick updates and publishing of the submitted content.


The application guidelines are as follows:

  • Essays must be received by The Deadlines Stated Below
  • Only single entry! Double applications will be disqualified
  • Applications should be emailed to [email protected]  in Word format, no link to Google Docs or PDFs.
  • Applicants should include their name, address and phone number.
  • The applicant should state where they are currently attending or be planning to attend school in the body of their submission email.
  • No additional information should be included.
  • Once the application deadline has passed, the essays will be reviewed and judged based on the following criteria:
    • Responsiveness to the question
    • Grammar and style
    • Thoughtfulness and originality
    • The persuasiveness of the arguments presented

Further Details

  • Essay Topic –
    • How should internship and Study Abroad Programs be Designed in order to prepare young people for the Journey ahead?
  • Attach All Documents to [email protected]
  • Program Start Times Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring
  • Sectors: All Sectors
  • Duration is Limited to 2/3 Months and we reserve the right to decide what duration to offer you

What is Covered?

The Scholarship does not cover your flight, food, and Insurance. Announced Winners must show proof of adequate insurance before they will be admited

Internship Components

  • Internship Placement
  • Visa Documentation & Support
  • Accommodation
  • Mandarin Classes
  • Networking & Social Activities
  • Airport Pickup
  • 24/7 Staff support

Mandarin Components

  • Summer Intensive Language Study
  • Accommodation
  • Visa Documentation
  • Trips to historical sites
  • Networking Activities & Social Activities
  • 24/7 support
  • Welcome Package & Airport Pickup

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University Quota: We are able to allocate quota to universities and career centers. These are special arrangements with universities who wish to work with us. When quotas, are allocated, universities are allowed to administer the scheme. Terms will be decided in alignment with the CIP Opportunity Fund. Universities can Contact Raymond via [email protected]

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