What is it?

China Internship Placements had launched the best contest ever made to bring young talented people to live a life-changing experience in China during 2 months for free

As we all know, China is one of the world’s oldest and richest continuous cultures with over 5 000 years old. Plus, the economic growth (second biggest economy in the world) and the development of the country allowed China to play a major role in world affairs. Either it is an Internship or a Learning Chinese Experience in China, it will give you the opportunity to immerse into this unique culture at the same time you develop your professional and personal skills.

This contest is for those in any part of the world who are passionate about vlogging and blogging and would like to be part of a global generation that embraces diversity and challenges.



Do you know how powerful the words can be? We believe that blogging is a great way to share your experiences and inspire others to achieve their own dreams. That’s why we want you to help us with our mission: create a global generation that embraces diversity and challenges. To apply to this contest, you must write 3 different articles about something related to your city, country or/and culture. Each article should have no more than 1 000 words. Show us how amazing is the place where you come from and we’ll give you the change to experience a unique country – China.

During the program, the bloggers’ winners must write for China Internship Placements one article per week about their experience in China. 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Nowadays, video it’s one of the most used ways to share with others the world as you see it. To apply to this contest, you must send a 1-minute video showing us why we should choose you to this opportunity. We don’t want you to sit in front of a camera and explain why through a couple of sentences. What we want is you to use your creativity and talent in a way that impresses us enough to give you this lifetime experience.

During the program, the vloggers’ winners must prepare one video every 2 weeks for China Internship Placements about their experience in China.

The Prize

The 3 lucky winners will have an opportunity to live a life-changing experience joining our Internship or Learning Mandarin Programs in China

1º Place

Program’s Placement | Homestay // Accommodation | Chinese Classes | Visa Documentation
Health Insurance and Safety | Cultural and Social Activities and Trips | Business Seminar & Networking

2º Place

50% discount in our Programs

3º Place

25% discount in our Programs

Note: The 1º place prize is valid for a 2 months program. Flights, food expenses, and Mentoring & Coaching are not included in any of them.



Participants will have to submit their application with the following information: First Name / Last Name / Nationality / Program /City Program/ Email Adress / Phone number / Which Grant: Blogger or Vlogger / Term / Year / URL with current blog or channel (if applicable) / Upload video or articles / Motivation Letter /  One picture of you / Topics you would like to cover

You can find the submission form at the end of this page.

Until January 17th

The Social Game

This stage participants will have to collect likes from their families, friends, and relatives. We’ll post all the videos and texts on China Internship Placements Facebook page and the first 20 % with more likes will proceed to the next stage.

Minimum: 100 likes

From January 19th until February 19th


Evaluation and selection from those who won the Facebook Game. The contest committee will evaluate 1. the motivation letter; 2. Three articles referring to different matters of your city/culture/country (for bloggers) or one video showing why should we choose you (for vloggers).

Criteria: Quality | Creativity | Storyline

February 19th until February 28th


First of all, you’ll get the good news! After we sign a contract and give you a document where you can find everything you need about what you’ll have to do and how it will work from that moment on.

Meanwhile, we start to take care of logistics, placement and so on.

3 winners

Results will be released at the beginning of March

Get ready for an experience that will completely boost your career and life!

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