Application requirements

China Internship Placements reviews all application materials with the interest of being able to make the best placement for our applicants. Our Chief Review Officer said “It is our mission to unlock potentials in these young ones because everyone is a genius and what matters is being given the right task and they will excel”. We have internally established proper procedures tried and tested over time which works. We never miss the target no squared pegs in round hole and we mean it.

Our Partner organizations have outsourced their Internship recruitment role to us which means they trust our Resources and capabilities of placing quality Interns and we never want to mar this reputation. We have therefore invested in gathering Experts who are good at digging the best out of our applicants.

In case you do not meet our requirements or is unsure, feel free to contact CIP directly through our customer service department or use the chat application at the right bottom of the page.

Summer Internship Programs


Application Form

You will need to submit an online application. This application will be immediately sent through to our Regional Management Team who will process the information and review your details to decide if we would like to progress you to the next stage of your application procedure.
You can find further information about our procedure and timeline on our Application Timeline page.
If you would like any advice or tips regarding how to complete our application form then please visit our What We Look For page.


As part of your online application you will be asked to provide a copy of your resume/CV. We recommend that you tailor the content of your resume/CV to your specific application.
We also require that all documents are uploaded in English, and do not typically exceed two pages maximum in length. The resume/CV is a very important part to your application so we do recommend taking the time to review details carefully for spelling and grammar errors.
If you are offered a place onto one of our programs we will provide you with guidance on how to improve and restructure your CV through our CV Workshop materials.

Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is a mandatory component of your application, allowing our team to understand more about your background and previous experience, while also building a profile of your placement preferences that will allow our teams in China to arrange a suitable placement for you.
The interview is normally around 20-30 minutes long and will be conducted through your nearest Regional Office. For more specific information regarding what to expect during our telephone interviews, and how to prepare, please visit our Telephone Interview page.
For more information we recommend that interns review the following pages:

  • Application Timeline – A detailed explanation of our entire application procedure
  • Telephone Interview – Information regarding what to expect during our telephone interview
  • What We Look For – Helpful information and advice about our preferred candidates


Successful applicants for our program must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Speak English fluently
  • Be either currently enrolled or have graduated from university
  • Have an interest and passion for interning abroad and learning about new cultures
  • Qualify for all applicable visa and embassy regulations for their desired location