Application Timeline

As CIP would like to maintain the highest standard professionalism and fairness in the placement process, we make sure all applications whether online or through downloaded application forms go through same procedure. China Internship Placements’ applications system is not a black box as we know exactly what goes into each process so we fine-tune and appraise to make sure the best options are selected for clients. Usually, our sign in portal provides features that provide our China Interns with real time updates on their applications. We have dedicated staff that sends progress reports to applicants as well.


The processes outlined below is for information purposes for normal applications and that we have internally built mechanisms to speed application processes. During emergency, we are able to sacrifice but we strongly advice applicants to apply on time due to the advantages of starting early.

We advice our applicants to disclose as much information during application by contacting one of our Branches or Program Coordinators for help regarding issues.


Our step by step application process for our China Internships and Study Programs

Application process

China Internship Placements’ Application system is made to get the best out of the process towards making best placements in China for our participants. We advice that all applications to start the process as early as possible so as to go through this process gradually but in case of emergency, we could process submissions on an emergency certificate. Although it will cost us extra hours of work, we do not charge any extra fee.
Starting our application process early enough presents an opportunity for more variety of options.



You have read about our programs, Our real Study China Internship reviews, our blogs, you have contacted our alumni in case of doubt. However, if you still want to learn more or talk to us, fill out our call back request or contact CIP.



It is required that our applicants submit an application either through an online application or download our application forms fill it and send to [email protected]. Haven received this, it will be subjected to a panel review and consideration by our Application Review Experts. If they find the application worth it, they will proceed to the next level. At this stage, applicants could enquire about progress through our Program coordinators.
If you would like to have assistance through the filling of the forms like tips and the standards our partner organizations look for in applications visit our expectations and standards page.


Personal Profile/Resume/CV

In order to understand our applicants’ background, we require all their CV/ Resume be attached to application forms so our review staff could appraise them on merit. It also helps make suggestions about suitable Host companies as well as perfect programs to applicants. In case you needed a help constructing a CV/Resume, access our Free Service and Resources upload your details and a Career expert will be in touch with you and assist in drafting a professional one.


CVs should not be more than 2 pages and must be submitted in English. The resume/CV is as important to this application just as visa in a passport is a requisite to travel into China. It is a window through which Host Companies sees the experience of applicants. We do suggest taking the time to review details carefully so as to make it look as professional as possible. Remember that after drafting the CV/Resume, give it to several colleagues or experts to review and point out mistakes.


Professional branding is one of the courses we organize for participants who join our programs. See you in China to learn how to market yourself in the job Market.