We believe that establishing connections and communication is the start of every meaningful relationship. We therefore conduct Interviews on all applicants to ascertain their expectations. We use combination of open and close questions as well as conversations to dig out as much information as possible which guides us in program planning.

There is no straight bullet approach to planning Internship Programs as all applicants have different profile and hence should be handled differently. This is why we conduct interviews to ascertain needs of applicants.

We will recommend that applicants prepare adequately to express themselves properly. It is good to analyze ones’ personal backgrounds and characteristics (strength and weakness) before appearing for the interview. Refer to our Expectations page as a guide to preparations.

The interview lasts usually over a maximum duration of 30 to 40 minutes where interviewees are subjected to interview

It is essential to also prepare and know exactly what you want from the internship program and being able to name at least 3 internship positions or sectors will help the process.

You and Your Knowledge Base

  • Who are you?
  • What are your previous experiences?
  • What different do you have to offer that no ordinary Intern has?
  • Why China? when you could stay in your country for an internship? because it is cheaper and convenient.
  • What makes you believe in yourself?
  • Abstract thinkings like: Why do you think 1+1 =2?
  • what insights could you share on your industry
  • How can CIP assist you reach your career goals?
  • Share any insight about a part of Chinese Culture you know

Set Your Preferences and Expectations – Your Program

  • What are your future career goals?
  • List your sectors according to preference (3 options)
  • How related are they to you future aspirations?
  • What other factors would you like us to consider?
  • What do you expect to achieve after your internship?

The Working Environment

  • what is your choice of organization?
  • what kind of environment would you prefer? disruptive or stable
  • Do you want to work in china in the future?

If you have worked on some projects that you think makes you a good candidate for our partner organizations, dont hesitate to email them to your Program Adviser before the interview. In case you also manage blogs or websites where you write about your preferences or previous internships, you mays alsop tender these sites. It enhances your ability to grab a good placement