How to Apply for Internship in China

International students can secure Work Abroad Experience by applying into our China Internship Program. As part of our standard practices, we subject every prospective Intern who wants to take their industrial placement in China through our China Internship Program through a detailed process.  The primary purpose of this procedure is to be able to identify career goals of our applicants and match them to that of our host companies.  This way, Interns can secure befitting placements tailored to their expectations. We encourage our prospective Interns to be patient and to go through the process adequately to get the best possible value.  We’ve made our Internship Application process very flexible and less time.

Internship Programs in China


Eligibility for our China Internship Program

Doubt if you are eligible for this program?  There are various packages and optional components to suit the needs of all.  Whether you are:

  • A young graduate at any level in University (Professional China Graduate Internship)
  • Looking to revamp working skills and make a come-back into the job market after years of unemployment (International Paid Internships in   China)
  • Younger than working age but wanting to acquaint with a possible future career (Internship Enhancement Programs)
  • Senior graduate (Executive Internship For International Students)
  • Apprentices who have vocational skills (China Apprentice Internships)
  • Don’t know exactly where you fit, but wanting expansion in general working skills and ethics (Professional Internship Placement)

China is one of the best environments to experience and enhance your career & China Internship Placements (CIP) is the right channel to make this happen!

Our Apply Now page has a special form allowing individuals to request a callback or information.  Kindly fill it out with the right information, and one of our Sales Executives will respond accordingly within a matter of hours.

Internship In China – How to Plan or Select Your Internships Program in China
The Intern in China program is professionally arranged to give participants an enhanced work experience in an internationally charged environment.  Our China internship opportunity also presents a very dynamic and legal way of earning some income, while at the same time getting international work experience that strengthens your C.V. for greater future career opportunities.

How do I find Internships in China?

This is a smooth process and if you are beginning to search for opportunities we have all the resources here to assist you in making a decision. Check out these vital Resources:

  • Application ProcedureCheck our Internship Sectors, & Industries with their profiles
  • Application ProcedureHost companies
  • Application ProcedureHot Internship Vacancies and as well browse through our China internship vacancy database
  • Application ProcedureWatch our Alumni Videos and Testimonials
  • Application ProcedureRead through our blogs which contain volumes of information.

China Internship Placement Process

These processes are very vital and relevant for a professional arrangement of your internship.  They have been crafted and studied over time and hence are very consistent.  Aside from these procedures, we also have express and fast-track services for Applicants who have no time to spare.  For example, those who have only a week or two (be aware though that this will likely affect the number and variety of Internship Placement options we can offer you from our Partner companies).

Review The Resources Outlined Above
As listed above, all prospective Interns should review the volumes of resources we offer in order to be aware of the program details.  We occassionally hold webinars and information-sessions online and individuals may feel free to register and log in.  We also encourage that you request a callback and our customer service representative will contact you via any means you prefer.

Select the Right Industry and Job Description (We can help you find the best choice)
We have a detailed database of internship jobs in China and associated opportunities.  Just take time to browse through our Hot Internship page if you desire to view current openings.
Our application for China Internship inquiries are usually submitted online on our Apply Now page.  Prospective interns can instead choose to download their application forms, fill them out, attach their CV or Resume and send them all to: [email protected]
Our Program Advisers will respond within 24 hours about your next step.
Whichever way the application is submitted, a service representative will be allocated to make sure all arrangements are properly done in the subsequent steps.
Internship Application Assessment
Haven’t received your application?  It is duly reviewed by an in-house HR expert and referred to one of our department-specialists from the applicant’s chosen field and locality.  This individual has in-depth knowledge about the job market.  Recommendations and suggestions are then forwarded to the placement department regarding a suitable program for each intern.  Decisions are made via regular communication with applicants, the information provided during their Skype interview with us, as well as their application and CV/Resume content.  
During the filling out of the forms online, we recommend that applicants use our Free Chat software located at the right lower corner of the page to make all inquiries.  Internship CVs must be professionally edited before submission.  Don’t worry, we help all applicants applying for our Chinese Internship Programs access our free services in editing their resumes to meet industry standards before proceeding.  All Resumes that we receive are duly edited and professionally arranged before being sent to host companies for their consideration.
  * Note: It is expected and highly desired by us here at CIP as well the companies here in China whom we partner with that applicants show a high level of commitment and motivation in learning about China and it’s culture.
Scheduling Interviews
Having reviewed the application materials our customer service department will communicate the results to applicants within a matter of days along with their recommended programs.  We also make available our interview orientation documents which help guide the applicant in what we expect and how they can prepare for their interview.  All applicants who make it to the interview phase are 50% likely to Intern Abroad in China through our internship program.  This interview usually lasts between 30 to 40 minutes where the applicant’s knowledge, background, and motivation are thoroughly assessed together with the expectations.
Download our interview guide compiled by our Human Resource gurus.  There is no need to panic or fear prior to the interview.
Note: because our programs are also highly customized, we advise that participants prior to the interview take a close look at our prices and as well use the program price calculator to customize their programs.
Communication of Interview outcome
A few days after the interview is concluded the outcome is communicated with samples of offers from our Host Companies.  This will include job descriptions, company profile of internship host Companies as well as location.  This will be accompanied by an official invitation to participate in our program.
Internship Offers
We require that in order to proceed, applicants make a deposit payment to proceed to the next level.  After the deposit is received, participants are given as many offers as possible, beginning with 3 within 3-4 weeks of us marketing their Profile (CIP created) and CV to our Partnering companies on their behalf.  We also help participants select options by outlining opportunities associated with the offer.  When necessary, we make available our experts to communicate with applicants who are struggling regarding their selection.  If at this stage any client is not willing to proceed with our program, a full refund of their Paypal deposit is made.  (Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page if greater clarity is desired)
Acceptance and confirmation of offer
Once a particular offer is accepted by the prospective intern, we sign a contract with the Host Company and perform all the necessary due diligence with them on behalf of our participant.  At this stage, the deposit is still enough for us to make all necessary arrangements like accommodation, language classes, tour programs etc, but it is highly recommended that participants begin making payments toward their investment.  This also helps us and the Partnering Company to know that the applicant is truly interested and taking the partnership seriously/maturely on their end.
After all is set, participants must make final payment and again the time frame is determined by the applicant and our sales executives.  CIP has a very relaxed refund policy and we mean very relaxed when compared with many other service providers.  This is for the sake of our applicants, to make sure they feel comfortable and secure with us.  All of us working here at CIM have either moved to China because of the many available opportunities it provides at this time in history, or are native to China but have traveled abroad for school, work, etc in the past.  Because of this, we know the difficulties and anxieties which naturally accompany coming to a new place, being unfamiliar with foreign systems, as well as which companies/people are trustworthy and reputable.  This is why here at CIM, we strive to give you not only a quality experience and product, but make the process it as stress-free and easy as we are able, in order to be sure you are getting what is promised and that you feel secure in making a financial commitment and investment in your future.  
Bingo!!! You Are Welcome!!
As soon as the above procedure is satisfied, visa letters are issued, then a pre-departure briefing is scheduled and we will be looking forward to having you here with us in China soon!  Kindly check our Travel Resource page to get acquainted with preparations before, during, and upon arrival.
Our able customer service personnel are online via Skype (ID: chinainternshipplacements) or web page chat to address issues and queries regarding the process.  Feel free to request a callback.
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