Terms of Payment

Our affordable China Internship program in china is becoming most popular year by year because our Internship and study programs are reviewed and enhanced every 6 months. Our programs are meant stand the test of time rendering much higher returns than any other language study and Internship program in china. We try to make our programs as affordable as possible by continuing to help past internship participants till they decide to drop.

We strongly advice our participants to register for the program as early as possible so that more options are explored before decisions are made. We have the time and resources to keep engaging our clients till we are able to fix their internships and study placements.

Although it in the interest of our internship participants, it serves our interest too as we will have enough time to prepare visa letters and other arrangements.

Our affordable Internship programs in china have the sole appetizing components that settle the price. Aside the interesting service components that we have, we continue to serve our clients after the program by networking them to our CIP Opportunity network.

Application deadlines are on the various program pages and the must be strictly adhered to. Payment due dates are also duly negotiated between CIP and the participant. It is recommended that final payment is made before 8 weeks to the start of the program. This will allow visa processing before departure. We are aware of the emotional stress and the pressure that past participants went through due to delayed applications. Studying abroad is an interesting project and we should not do anything to mar this beautiful event.

Our payments are split into 2 parts

  • First of all, a deposit payment which gives us the nod to go ahead a make available all arrangements necessary. We demand this because we wanted our clients to show us commitment which will warrant us to spend as much as possible before the final payment is eventually made.
  • The second part is the final payment. We do not wish to give too much pressure for final payments as other programs. We also have not fixed any payment date but we dialogue to agree at the convenience of the client. One thing is that we require final payments to be made before visa letters are issued.

We try to make sure that there are options for the applicant to avoid any risk of loss of payments. Before the arrival of our participants, China Internship Placements makes sure all arrangements are properly done and by so doing, we incur several prepayments on the behalf of our client which means that it becomes difficult to refund full fee. Due to this, we have policies to avert all this.


We have therefore provided 2 systems as such:

Type I

This option requires that payment is made earlier than 3 months so that documentations are started as early as possible. We arrange placements and issue visa letters in advance. Once this is done, participants start processing their visas 8 weeks to beginning of the program which requires that the visa will be issued early enough. In this case, we make full refund of all program fess. We recommend this to persons whose country of origin has persistent visa issues.

Type II

This option requires that full payments are made at least 8 weeks to the start of the program which warrants that visa processing starts simultaneously with finalizing accommodation, internship, language classes etc.

Incase visa is refused, or anything else happens and the participant could not join pour program, we will make refunds but that is dependent on the expenses made by far. Decisions are made case by case basis.

At CIP, there is no hidden cost or risk to participants we disclose as much information as possible to help participants make decisions.

We recommend that you check our main price pages for details of the cost of our programs. Consider reviewing dates pages of our programs to know the upcoming deadlines and payment options page to make payment.


Refund policy

All or partial of China Internship Placements’ total program fee refund could be made under the following conditions:

  • The deposit fees of $250 if fully refundable if applicants decide to withdraw from the program prior to CIP making available the first offer. Application fee of US$250 is non-refundable if cancellation is effected by the Participant after CIP has generated first offer. In the case that China Internship Placements LLC itself is unable to make a preliminary placement, US$250, which is usually the program deposit will be refunded back to the applicant.
  • In the case that China Internship Placements LLC cancels a Participant’s whole arrangement at no fault of the Participant, then the full refund of the deposit and balance payments will be made.
  • Payment of the balance of the program fee will be due as arranged between our program Advisers and the participant.

Participants must adhere to the following rules for cancellation:

  • the Participant’s cancellation must be done in written form and sent to the appropriate program coordinator
  • If the cancellation request is made within two months of the Participant’s official commencement date China Internship Placements LLC will refund 70% of the program fee to compensate for our expenses incurred, initial arrangements and administrative charges.