China Internship Placements Limited has agreed on standards with Our Partner Organizations which every intern should meet to be considered for the various positions. We continue to be their official source of interns because we have been able to meet these criteria over the years. CIP interns make the difference wherever they go. Check our special reports page for more reviews from the HR of our partner organizations.

We have an envious track of achievement. The trust, the quality and program components has brought us this far. We have one the most popular Internship programs in China recently. It is because, we do not place squared pegs in round holes.

We dare to continue in good faith that’s why we do not compromise quality. Despite that our participant bases is diversified with different country of origin, we always find a common grounds to get the best out of them.

The reason we excel in the field is the fact that we place emphasis on the following qualities:

  • Brilliant and Effective communication
  • Problem-solving/Creativity
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Teamwork skills
  • Diversity sensitivity
  • Planning and organizing
  • Leadership and management
  • Open Mindedness, Passion and Interest in cultural immersion
  • Strong personality and Good Mannerisms
  • Innovation and willingness to work hard
  • Adapting and responding to change
  • Relating and networking drive and motivation


Personal qualities that employers want

An insight picked during our last survey proved that some personal qualities matters most:

  • Adaptability and flexibility: Nearly half of employers who take our internship participants in a recent survey gave a high rating to “openness to new ideas, concepts and willingness to think as professionals.” They also prefer interns who can work as part of a team collaborating to achieve targets, changing gears when required by multitasking or adapting working hours.
  • Professionalism and work ethic: Our host companies seek productive interns with positive work ethics who are committed to challenges until they are met. They prefer accepting interns that exhibit highest level of professionalism in going about their duties. Ethics is obvious and cannot be downplayed.
  • Positive attitude, drive and energy: The least of interns to be picked are those who show depressing outlooks and express emotional immaturity. We encourage out Interns to show exhibit the highest level of zeal, vitality, vim and vigor going about their duties.

Those who show these attributes stand 60 percent possibility of being maintained and given a permanent job.

We are confident in our program and the benefits associated with it. No Individual is considered unqualified for our program because everyone has something new and exceptional to offer our partner organization. It is a matter of where they are placed.

It takes an expert to dig out the best in you!! Trust us with your future and you will never regret.

These points provide an opportunity for applicants to assess themselves and prepare documents to show that they are on top of issues. During interviews our Staff look out for these qualities. Just prepare and exhibit it!! CVs/ Resumes should be made to fit these features. In case you needed help doing this contact our career and guidance team for free resume editing.

CIP believes in our interns as quality Young graduates who could contribute efficiently to progress of all manner of organization.


Website Review before starting the Application process

China Internship Placements has placed more than 2000 interns over the 10 years of our existence. Read our blogs of our alumni documenting their thrilling moments in China, experience the passion, the thrill and suspense as they report their experiences.

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