Vlogger & Blogger Grant

The Vlogger and Blogger Grant are for students who are looking for creative ways to finance their internship. We are happy to know you are prepared for the Journey of discovering yourself abroad in China through an Internship Abroad and Chinese Language Program on the CIP International Programs. Are you an amateur blogger or even a video blogger (vlogger) preparing for 2018 China internship or Chinese Language adventure with CIP? If so, our blogger/vlogger grant will be an ideal package to get you keeping official records of your experience and reducing the cost burden. Our Program is looking for official CIP Participant bloggers and vloggers to share their experience on our International Program blog.

How Does It Work?

Grant recipients must commit to writing one blog post or recording one vlog per week to set deadlines during your term abroad. The blog or vlog contributions will begin in the “preparation stage” the week before you leave home. A list of suggested blog/vlog topics will be available to trigger your creativity but you are encouraged to submit your own ideas as well. Blog posts should be between 900 – 1,200 words. Vlog entries should be 3-4 minutes long. Blog/vlog content must be appropriate in nature. 

The Offer


Depending on the number of Articles and videos, each student on our team of storytellers will receive a grant of up to $700.

To be eligible for a CIP blog or vlog grant, you must:

  • have been accepted to intern or study abroad on a CIP program
  • have a previous history as a blogger or vlogger and be able to submit a copy of your blog/vlog to the grant committee for review
  • submit the application form and sample blog/vlog entry

Vlogger Application:

  • Applicants must submit an original video shot, compiled and edited by you to demonstrate competent skills in video making. We do not expect professional quality! Home enthusiasts and amateurs are most welcome, but of course you must at minimum have decent skills and the type of personality to be a Vlogger.


Vlogger Requirements:

  • The CIP Intern Vlogger will be required to submit at least one original 3-4 minute long video per month.
  • Videos can fall under one of the following categories.
    • Intern/ work/ business/ office/ school life in China
    • Daily life in China. Culture, how living in China is different from your hometown.
    • Documenting your travel or visits to tourist locations/ other cities

Blogger Application:

  • Applicants must submit two original sample pieces of writing to demonstrate their writing skills and style. These can be previous writings you have done for your own blog, school paper, assignment, or written specifically for this grant application. The style of writing should be suitable for a blog, i.e. engaging, can be casual and not academic or too formal. More formal writing is of course expected and appropriate for posts/articles related to professional development, career and internship work experiences in China.


Blogger Requirements:

  • CIP Intern Blogger will be required to submit at least 2 blog post/article of 900-1200 words per month. The article should be engaging and leave readers interested to know more, or pique their interest in China and Chinese culture.
  • Bloggers will start with at least 2 articles before arrival in China.
  • Target readers are foreigners interested in China for work or internship. Therefore any content should be interesting, useful and informative to readers in this context.
  • 2-3 original photos taken by you should be included with each article.

Before writing an article you should submit your desired topic idea for quick approval first. Suggested topics are below: (You are free to come up with your own ideas and titles as well).

  • Daily life in China vs life in small town USA
  • Office life in Shanghai/ Beijing
  • What to expect as a foreigner in China
  • 10 things I love about Beijing/ Shanghai
  • 7 Things I can do in China but not in my home country!
  • 10 cultural differences between China and US/UK/Europeans
  • What real Chinese food is like
  • What it’s like to work in a Chinese environment
  • How to prepare for your internship
  • My favourite Chinese street food
  • 5 misperceptions I had about China
  • 8 Surprising things about China
  • The Ups and Downs of being a foreigner in China
  • 5 Major differences between East and West
  • Why you should intern in China (post or near end of internship)
  • Why you will love China!
  • Fun/Fascinating Facts about China/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Shanghai
  • What I gained from career coaching
  • How my China internship changed my life/ my perspective/ outlook

Vlogger Video Sample

Benefits of Being a CIP Blogger/ Vlogger

Besides helping finance their adventures, bloggers and vloggers will love the experience for a bunch of different reasons:


For young graduates, Personal branding and a strong online presence is key to landing a perfect Job. Employers will search you up on the internet when you submit a profile for employment. Blogging your experience will enhance your reputation. Documenting your internship in china


Sharing your best study abroad stories in blog format means you won’t forget all of the little details. When you prepare to talk about your time abroad in future job interviews (or simply want to reminisce), it’s all there waiting


Journalism, English, photography, digital media or marketing majors will find this position particularly valuable.


It makes you take a step back and really appreciate the whole experience. Good and bad. It gives you a chance to laugh at yourself when you mess up and congratulate yourself when you get something right.


Creating weekly content has helped past bloggers and vloggers become more observant of their surroundings and the people they interacted with while abroad, ultimately creating more vivid memories.


Posts are promoted and shared through CIP’s social media platforms and, of course, with our World blog audience. This gives your story exposure that’s professionally Valuable


Becoming the official CIP blogger or vlogger means being a recognizable face around CIP. This adds extra layer of experience distinguishing you from other interns


Social media expertise is a valuable skill on almost all career paths these days. By producing regular material, CIP bloggers and vloggers will have plenty of content to push out through their own social media networks, get used to working to deadlines and up their game in writing and video editing skills.


The blog and vlog content becomes a share-able study abroad scrapbook. Your Family could follow Keenly


Being an official CIP blogger or vlogger is a point of pride on a resume. Not only did you study abroad, but you were selected to act as a public voice for the course of a semester or summer overseas.

Blogger / Vlogger Grant Application Form

Fill out the form with all relevant details and also follow the details below. If the forms do not see the forms at your left, please reload the page.

  • If your article or video samples are not published online, feel free to attach that to the Grant Team via [email protected]
  • For Video submissions, feel free to publish them on your Youtube Channel and send links over to us
  • Follow up with your Program Adviser to be sure we got your application