China Study & Intern Packages

Study and Internship Packages

China Internship Placements provides the safest Internship and study Abroad programs in China. As part of our hallmark we conduct independent survey and analysis of our programs to identify inherent risks associated with all processes and components. For the past 10 years that we have been in existence, CIP has maintained a clean sheet of accidents as none of our participants in the past have been exposed to any risk. We are proud to state that we are the safest study and internship abroad opportunity providers in China.
Security checks are superimposed into various components such as:

24/7 Staff support
The main administrative section of CIP is solidly responsible for our participants and we do not shirk that responsibility. We dedicate constant support for our clients delivering value and quality service. We understand how it feels on missions of this sort and we have comprehensive standards and policies that our customer service staffs adhere in delivering quality.

Housing Security and Safety
We make thorough assessment of the location of accommodation arrangements before giving the nod. Whichever arrangement we finally endorse, is believed to have passed our standards and requirements.

Guided Tour
Our guided tours are accompanied by first aid medications and experts applying them on participants that might need them. We also take extra precautions during our tour programs. Incase a participant would like to embark on a trip personally, we advice them to go with our partner organizations which we recommend based on their adherence to safety standards.

China Internship Placements provides all study and Internship Abroad participants with insurance coverage. Our Insurance card includes medical expense while in china and travel insurance coverage for our field and cultural trips.
Our Insurance is designed to supplement personal insurance by providing additional coverage for the costs of accidents and disease suffered while on our China Programs. Our Insurance benefit is designed as an additional or supplemental coverage only.