Additional Services

Teaching and Volunteering Jobs

On the promise of delivering valuable contents worth the value of money, our participants could add the following programs to their contents at no extra cost. Although it will cost us resources to arrange this, it is delivered as a pro bono to all our clients.

Teach in China
This program is arranged for participants who have extra time and wish to make some extra income or sharpen their teaching skills. We have partnered several Basic Schools and English Training Centres who are ready to accept our interns with very good oral and written English. On average, our participants earn between $30 and $40 per hour.

Volunteer in China
China Internship Placements offer volunteering as part of normal program as a way of giving back to society but we could integrate participants who want to put extra hours into community service into our main volunteering department. Volunteering options available are Child care, disability care, caring for the old, teaching in migrant schools etc.