Language Special Pack

Intensive Chinese Language

CIP’s Language Program comes with very special components intended to add more intensity to the language and speed the process of immersion and language proficiency. It has been our target to make Mandarin Study very attractive and easy. We do this by adding materials and more opportunities for our participants to practice Chinese language given real life situations.

Our language programs have the following extra packages.

Books and other learning accessories
CIP partners Chinese Literature Libraries to acquire best of the best Chinese Language study materials for our participants. This is included in the program fee at no extra cost. Participants are assessed before class starts so as to ascertain their language proficiency level. Based on this assessment, participants are classified into the right class setting to be at par with class mates. Remember? No squared Pegs in round holes. Materials are prescribed and purchased by China Internship Placements Limited.

Language Partner Program
As the best Chinese Language Study Program provider, CIP have in place the Language Partner Program to speed the speaking, writing and listening skills of participants. We are known industry wide of introducing interesting program components through research. We were the first to introduce this system. The language partners are native Chinese studying Teaching Chinese Language and Second International language in very famous Chinese Universities. We recruit these students as tutors to our Summer Intensive Chinese Language Program as well as Intensive and University program participants. They arrange extra language study hours with our participants, take them on a city tour to know major places and practice Chinese language given real life situations.
These language partners also stay in touch even after the program is ended and participants return to their home countries.
We have noticed that Language skills acquired during language study programs is usually lost without practice. These are possible reasons why we started the Language Partner Program. Language partners stay in touch with participants even after the program so as to keep helping our Alumni studying new vocabularies and practicing the old ones. These lessons are usually done over skype.

Cultural targeted trip and Dinner
Chinese language is best studied in a real life situation and we do not compromise the intricacies of ensuring mastery. CIP’s Language department arranges dinner and trips targeted at specific language vocabulary area. In some instances participants are taken to restaurants to order food for a group of people and they are supposed to practice the vocabularies surrounding Ordering oneself around restaurants and names of Chinese food. On other instances, trips are organized to shopping malls so that participants interact with shop attendants in buying a suitable cloth and here, they practice vocabularies about Sizes, colour, length, and suitability.

Library Registration
We register all language participants to Chinese literature libraries to access quality online and hard copy materials on Chinese language study, comprehension and composition. We give orientations about how to use these resources efficiently. There are also audio lessons to be downloaded.
All these come at no extra cost. Join our Chinese Language Programs now and enhance your Chinese language proficiency with lots more.