China Internship combined with Chinese Language

Study Chinese in Beijing

As part of consolidating the immersion of our Internship Program participants, CIP provides a professionally structured Chinese Language Study. These programs are administered in collaboration with our Partner Language Intuitions purposely for our China Internship Program participants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. These are customized Chinese Study Classes to fit our Internship Program schedules so it does not interfere with the smooth running of the Experience enhancing segment of our Internship Program.

CIP’s The China Internship Program is to aid achievement of two missions in just one project. Participants who join our China Internship Program stand the advantage of gaining Internship and Work necessary to get ahead of the job market while mastering the art of doing business in China and learning to communicate in Mandarin. These programs are fashioned in such a way to favor Internship and work time table.

No one has exceeded the level of learning Chinese language even those with HSK 6 the highest level of Chinese language proficiency still learns to keep updated with lexis and structure. We therefore strongly recommend this part of the program to all and sundry who would like to join our China Internship program.

At CIP, we do not tolerate Square pegs in round holes so we do not mix people with different language proficiency. Our language team made up of experts from Beijing Language and Cultural University tests participants and suggests materials relevant for their consumption before classes start.


  • Our Standard Chinese Lessons for Internship Participants is fashioned to give extensive skills and knowledge in Speaking Mandarin.
  • It goes beyond just basic conversations and delves into business communication in Chinese.
  • Depending on the duration of the program, participants are able to start fluent conversation in Chinese language after 3 months.
  • These language skills are relevant for Socialization and business networking in China.
  • Get assessed and fit into the right class of individuals with same level of profficiency.
  • Having Chinese language skills is enough to boost employability in multinational companies.

Chinese lessons are organized in groups and one on one basis which participants are supposed to choose which option fits their demand. It is also possible to combine these two options at a drastically reduced rate. We also allow that participants could study language Intensively at 30-40 hours a week and later start with the internship. Contact our program directors for the way forward.

Language Partner Program
Aside all these structured lessons, China Internship Placements (CIP) organizes the language Partner Program Series which pairs our Internship Program participants with native Chinese Young Graduates who have either studied Teaching Chinese Language as a Second International language or have graduated in related disciplines. These language partners could be lifelong friends who could assist in practicing the language skills even after the program is ended.
Research indicates that language skills diminish as there is no opportunity to practice and build vocabulary base. Some of our past participants fell victims in the past and for the past 3 years, changes have been made to reduce the incidence. Language partners engage our participants with Chinese language study even after the program is ended.

Our Blog and Forum and Youtube Resources
We have devoted substantial amount of resources to the development of Internship blog and forum. Our blog has a dedicated segment for daily Chinese lessons released in video and written formats. These lessons are segmented into Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced for our participants to keep up with various skills. We are dedicated and we will keep up giving super value.
In case you are interested to know more about our Chinese Language programs, navigate to our Intensive Chinese Language page and University Chinese Language Program to read more.