Visa Documentation

All study and internship program participants get visa consultation at no extra fee. At China Internship Placements, we know how hectic study abroad and international internship missions could get when it comes to visa procurement. We therefore, take care of this mission. For the past 10 years that we have been in business, our visa department made of experts know exactly what is required and what invitation letter is considered valid and worth it.China continues to change its visa regulations and we are on top of issues. Our visa letters have 87.5% of success.The Visa Process
After final payment is made by participants, Our Placement Department sends a clearance form to the Visa department.

  • Applicants should send the scanned page of their passports
  • The Visa letters get issued within 48 hours bearing the name of the applicant as stated in the passport.
  • Other required documents will also be issued together with the visa letter
  • Applicants must pick up visa application forms from their local embassies and or
  • Book appointment for submission
  • Applicants will then Fill out the required spaces of a duplicated copy, scan and send to us for editing and necessary correction
  • Corrected form sent back to applicant
  • Applicants fill out the final version and submit to embassy.

During the process, in case there is any problem, our nearest office will get in touch and assist in the process.

We assist with recommending most appropriate flight but we are not responsible for the decision as we are not able to control the activities of the recommended flights. These flights give discounts to our participants so don’t hesitate to contact us for reference.

We provide Health insurance right here to only take care of applicants who fall sick in the process of being on our program.

We remind applicants to get online and join THE ARRIVAL FORUM to network, get acquainted or social network.